Wendi McLendon-Covey on Hosting #RepeatAfterMe

– So, “Repeat After Me,” you’re doing such a great job
hosting it. – Thank you.
– Thank you so much for hosting that.
– Thank you. – I know that the clip
we’re gonna show is you’re in a different outfit
and your hair’s different, but you’re getting–we’ve asked
you to kind of keep the same outfit on
so we can interchange ’cause you never know which ones
we’re putting together, and we didn’t think anyone
would notice you’re wearing the same thing. But you’re getting a lot of
people asking you why you’re wearing
the same thing. – People have a lot
of strong feelings about my red jacket and metal fang
that I wear around my neck. – Uh-huh.
– And, yeah. We film things out of order. It didn’t make sense
to keep changing clothes because we didn’t know
which shows were gonna go with what guests and
blah-blah-blah, so, yes, I wear the same thing
all the time. – That’s really funny.
– If we get a season two, I’d like to change
my clothes. – Okay.
All right. Well. – And maybe sit in a more
comfortable stool. – Okay. – Well, let’s see if AB–
– Let’s see if we do it, yeah. – If people watch the show,
and if ABC picks it up, we’re dangling that–
you’ll see more outfits. And you’ll get a more
comfortable– – Right.
– Okay, so this is tonight’s episode, and is this
Ellen Pompeo? Is this what we’re watching?
Okay. This is tonight’s episode. – Now I need my foot spa. – You know what time it is? – What’s that?
– Foot spa. – Foot spa?
– It’s important for me to stay in tip-top shape, Patrick. – It’s important for me
to stay in tip-top shape. – You look like you’re
in incredible shape. – Put your hands in. You want to try it?
– You want to try it? – Sure. – Okay. Okay. Ellen? Ellen? Ellen? Okay, I did not
anticipate this. Have you ever been
to prison? – Have you ever
been to prison? – All right. – Yes. – And the audience is great
’cause we shoot it here and the audience stays and they
get to enjoy a whole lot of it. So the audience has been great
and people have been loving it, so hopefully ABC picks up
another season. You can catch the season finale
of “Repeat After Me” tonight at 8:30 on ABC.

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