Welcome to the Google Cloud Platform YouTube Channel!
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Welcome to the Google Cloud Platform YouTube Channel!

SPEAKER: Welcome to the
Google Cloud Platform channel. Our goal is to share everything
we know about building and managing
applications with you, from developer tools
to data and analytics, from secure infrastructure
to artificial intelligence. Subscribe to stay up to
date with some great shows, such as “AI Adventures”
“Kubernetes Best Practices,” “This
Week in Cloud,” and “BeyondCorp in
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for Google Cloud Platform. We’ll see you in the cloud. [MUSIC PLAYING]


  • Jaime Carracedo Cosme

    I would like to train my deep learning program in GCP but I have some doubts:
    How can I open a notebook or script to run it? I usually program in tensorflow and sometimes in keras.
    I have 11GB of images in three folders (TRAIN, VAL, TEST). Can I import the data from google drive? If not, where should I upload my data?
    Once I have my data on the web, how can I read it from a GCP-Notebook?
    Looking forward to having your help.

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