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Weebly – Add Domain Name

so in this video let’s talk about two things that a website needs, it needs
hosting so that is paying for service to host
your website files on their servers so that
you don’t have to put them on your personal computer and have the
whole wide world try to come into your machine for your
information which is not a good thing for security so we gave our files to a web site host
they put it on their big expensive servers that we can’t afford and then everybody all over the world
can type in our domain or our web address and access that
information so for every website you need a host and Weebly’s case they our host and it also needs a domain, and a domain is
like the address for your information so Target.com, mywebsite.com, myschool.edu those are all domain names, now there is only one each so they are all unique
so a lot of domain names have already been taken, so you kind of have to get a little
bit creative with it, so let’s talk about a
couple of domain names or domain extension that
you should be aware of so Target.com and CNN.com they both use dot com in dot com means commercial this is great if you are a store if you’re selling products or if
you’re a big company like CNN were people are
gonna come and try to find you and their first instinct is to write right dot com because its most popular
so dot com if you can get it is great now there are other domain
extensions that are for better use for other things let’s
look at those so we have dot net and that’s network and
that’s just because dot com again all those two means we’re
starting to be taken so if you can’t find it with dot com
then try dot net and if you can’t find it with dot net
then you have to get more creative with your domain name and their actual other
extensions that are being created now and you can actually create your own so there is dot info and there could be dot
record dot music, dot video whatever I’m and try to get a
domain the name that way with but these are the most
common, we also have something like bread crust that worked out work since
organization and this is good for charities or nonprofits or groups or clubs or what not then we
have dot edu in general you can’t get one in these
you have to come to be issued one of these because it indicates that your an
official educational institution but dot edu what that stands for then
dot gov obviously this is dot government so this
is gonna all the different government pages like
Colorado State. gov should have dot gov so be careful
and don’t type in like whitehouse.net or whitehouse. com because you’re not gonna get what you think you’re gonna get so
anyway navy.mil army.mil those are all dot military and
there’s other things like .co.uk or .co .au and that stands for country dot
Australia country dot United Kingdom so their a lot of
different domains and extensions in general you to work with com and net and org so if we go back to Weebly let’s
talk about how to get a domain now if you are ready own your domain you
can transfer that to Weebly and in order to do that you have
to click on domains actually that’s where you create a new
one sorry go to support and then you’re gonna scroll down
through the topics: and choose domain names and its gonna give
you tips like I’m in doing in this video on
how to create your own personal domain name Weebly does give you free sub-domain
it’ll be like Weebly dot your name dot com or you can create or you can add
when you purchase elsewhere so make sure you come here so like if you bought your
domain name through Go Daddy then you need to come here and it’s gonna
give you a tutorial video on how to transfer that domain from Go Daddy to
Weebly and it’s going to have all these
different screenshots and things you need to do and it seems
super complicated and what I would do is just get this
page up call Go Daddy and say hey, I have this domain name can you
transfer it to you a Weebly account and they’ve done this
thousands of times for thousands of different people so as long as you have this page up they
might ask you for some these numbers where asks you what it points to you and
you just need to give them those numbers so that we don’t have to go through the
headache of trying to do this yourself and even if you have a domain name through
another site like Word Press or Google or any of those places you can
transfer and it has helped parent on doing now if you don’t already have a domain
name, Weebly can give your domain name itself so if you go to domains type in what you
think you want to do so but they’re just trying to do my last
name Edington dot com well if it gives you an X means is
not available somebody already has that website I can try dot net somebody already has that and i can try
dot org but I don’t wanna do dot org because I’m not work an organization or
nonprofit so it looks like I’m going to have to get a little
bit creative with my dot com so I can try jessica edington I think that’s a little bit hard to
remember but it is available so that’s an option for me I can maybe try Jedington and that’s
available to me and I can do other things like Jessica hyphen Edington and it will do that as well and just know that if you try to type a
space it will automatically take that space out so for me my initials if I do jedington actually show Jedi so my nick name is professor Jedi so I’m gonna try that out and pray and
yes it’s actually there, so I will click
Continue and this is where your going to come in and its gonna tell you okay do you want
to do for $39.95 a year or you can save the more years you by so a lot of people buy them you know for a really long time because
they know this is the name of their physical business and they need this website for
that entire time so for me I’ll just do one year and then its gonna talk about how the
fact that if you buy a truly believe what you want to transfer back to go
daddy year another service you can definitely do and then it will ask you do you want to add a new payment
method or use the one that you’ve already created and then it will ask you do you want to do
private registration and what this does is people can look up
who owns your website and its gonna tell them your name and its
gonna tell when you purchased it won’t give them your credit card information
or any of that stuff and it will to them you bought it through Weebly or go daddy: or whatever so if you want to do private registration, if
you don’t want people to know who owns this web site then I highly recommend that you click
this and you do there one year private registration I don’t
care people know that I own this website so I’m gonna go ahead
uncheck that and I will purchase it now, and when I
un pause this video we’ll come back and see what happens after I purchased it so once I purchase a domain now its asking me
if I want to add a email to my domain, so this is
where I can do Jessica at professor jedi dot com so you have a branded email instead of
like Jessica at gmail dot com and this goes through the Google Apps and it’s $3.75 per user per month and you could also do alias’s like if you had Jessica at
professor jedi dot com info at professor jedi dot com or questions at professor jedi
dot com and you wanted all those emails to go to one
account then you could definitely do that as
well for me I don’t really care to have a branded email it’s not important for
me but that’s just because I’m an individual and
I just want my contact form to go to the email I already use if your business you might wanna
have something like infol at my website dot com or orders at my website dot com so it also gives
you a lot the different features I just don’t wanna pay for this because I
don’t see it being a benefit for me so I’m going to close the window now this
doesn’t mean that I can’t come back to this feature and you can always call the weekly
customer support and say hey when I first set
this up I didn’t think I need it now I think I do want it, can you help
me out and they’ll be really helpful in that regard, so go ahead and click
close and then it’s gonna refresh and then it’s gonna give me my form that
I need to fill out about that domain so who owns it what is your
address what not and again most people won’t see all this
information but it is something that I have to
submit for Ican it’s required anytime you have a website
that you get this information so make sure you fill all of this information
out, and it looks like there’s other things here like what email you want
to use and what not to make sure you fill
that out so once you get all of your information and you’re gonna
come to this choose a domain destination do you want to create a new site add it
to one to my existing sites forward to an external URL, or don’t
assign it to a destination so you can do this if you’re not sure
right now I haven’t created a site yes I can choose creating new site if I had already created a site I could
choose this option and then it’ll ask me which site I wanted
to assign it to so I can just go ahead and choose
create a new site for right now and then it should take me to place where I
can create a new site so again this is gonna go over a couple
things about introducing me to the interface
and it’s just doing this because this is a brand new site that I haven’t created
before so now we’re gonna move on to other
videos on how to edit your actual site

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