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Website Hosting with Applegate Technologies

Thank you for visiting Applegate Technologies,
I am Thomas Applegate the founder! Applegate Technologies was originally founded
so I can show to the world the software and websites I have created. Through this I have decided to offer creative
minds the ability to also create and share their works of art. I see websites as more than just a brochure
or a landing page or an information item. I see websites as a piece of art expressing
the soul of the web designer. Just as artists view a canvas and see what
can be we view a blank text document and see what can be and we go forth and create something
out of nothing. The way people see these works of art is through
a website hosting service and that is what we provide to you a website hosting solution
that allows for creative individuals to create websites and develop software applications
to bring to market. We strive to enhance our customer’s ability
to create and manage their hosting accounts through the use of cPanel, CloudLinux, Cloudflare
and softaculous. We also provide you with a choice of scripting
languages such as PHP, Python and PERL. Rounding out with a choice of Database Management
Systems such as MySQL and PostgreSQL. Thank you for visiting and welcome to Applegate

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