website hosting explained within 5 minutes
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website hosting explained within 5 minutes

Hey guys! this is Vishal and you’re
watching Capture. In this video I’m gonna tell you what our Hosting’s and how to
get one that fits your needs but before starting I want to tell you something
that this is totally a beginner friendly video even if you don’t know anything
about it I’m gonna explain everything from scratch so without wasting any time
let’s get straight into it all of you in some points in your life must have used
by is hearing either why a Bluetooth or Wi-Fi or even by a USB cable and you can
do same for your website but all of these mediums of file-sharing have
limitations in terms of range and number of devices to be connected for sharing
our websites we need a medium that does not have these limitations and here
comes the internet but not to our surprise the problem doesn’t end here to
keep my websites up and running every time we would be needing increase 24 buy
sound power supply and a machine that can handle multiple connections
simultaneously and here comes be hosting all the hosting only refers to the
process of connecting your websites to the internet it involves much more when
we talk about hosting as a service we also have to cover many more aspects due
to the facts that we discussed earlier although you can host your websites on
your own computer we use powerful machines called as servers which are
very reliable and can handle high amounts of traffic and these servers I
kept at data centers data centers are places with 24 by 7 power and internet
supply and high amount of physical security and obviously we all can’t
afford those highly expensive data centers so we contact the people who can
a hosting service provider is a company that owns big data centers with hundreds
if not thousands of servers and they remotely rent out this service at a
monthly or yearly plan GoDaddy Hostgator and Bluehost are some of the major
hosting providers in the next half of the video I will be discussing about
different kinds of hosting plan provided by these companies but before that put
like on this video let’s send it farther to our
and please comment down what you find useful and what needs to be improved in
this video it would be great help now coming to the hosting plans
there are basically three kinds of hosting plans that these companies
provide those are shared of the VPS and dedicated server so first of all we
would be talking about shared hosting as it is the most popular one in shared
hosting many websites are on the same server and share the same resources it’s
just like many people living in the same house shared hosting a super
cost-effective and hence good for beginners the second type of hosting is
virtual private server or in short VPS where shared hosting was like different
folders on the same computer virtual private servers are like different
servers on the same physical machine our VPS can handle more traffic than shared
hosting and provides with better security and the third one is dedicated
server as the name suggests a dedicated server means a full physical machine
which you will be getting inside that data center dedicated servers are
suitable for large businesses with high amount of traffic but the cost of
dedicated server is very high and it’s not at all recommended for small
businesses different websites have different needs depending on the
framework so if your website is made using WordPress you should be using a
wordpress hosting this single step can increase the speed of your website up to
two times as servers are just like our necks of computers they are put into two
categories based on the operating system that they use if your website is made
using dotnet framework you should be using a Windows hosting one us lineups
is enough that was all for today hope you like my video subscribe to my
channel for more such content and comment on how I can improve my videos
so that you can understand the concepts better for your reference I have put
down the links of all major Hosting’s in the description so go out and check it
meet you next time till then go and watch my other videos. peace.


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