Web Server on a FPGA, without CPU, only VHDL (French)
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Web Server on a FPGA, without CPU, only VHDL (French)

Wired web server CB12 Here the web server in the Spartan 3E card. Here, the LED notifies the server is online. The next one notifies a Web request is in progress. The card communicate with the PC through this serial UART cable. And this program redirects IP requests to the UART interface. Let’s send a HTTP request … … to the homepage. You can see the status LED. A request is in progress. The loading of an image … and another one … Here’s the server homepage. I’m going to show you a tiny dynamic page … … which prints the switches’ values of the card. For example here there are all off. I’m going to enable the middle ones. I refresh … You see, buttons are “1”. I’m activating others. I refresh … All “1”. And finally, to honor our project teacher referent. We got his homepage, and put in the webserver. Welcome … … in the page … … of Mr. Jean-Louis Riquier ! “Certains surfs, d’autres rament, moi je nage !”


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