• Jose Javi Asilis

    I need some help understanding something, that's been bothering me for a while. Is the Payment done completely in JavaScript? I mean, does it send the information directly to PayPal, or does it collect the User info for me, and my server does the processing?

    Because the first one seems rather unsafe.

  • Darragh Enright

    As of July 2017 – in order to use Android Pay with PaymentRequest over the web, you need to apply for a merchant id via Google Form "Android Pay Web Beta". Has anyone completed this and successfully received a merchant id, or even heard back from Google after completing this form?

  • Max Chepil

    Hi there. I have one question. If I have several payment options on my website. One of them is online payment and the second is cash on receipt. A customer wants to pay cash when he takes his package in the shop, and he wants to order it online. How can I achieve that with payment request if it works only with online payments? Thank you.

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