(Web K-Drama) XX ep.8/10 Web Drama Korean
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(Web K-Drama) XX ep.8/10 Web Drama Korean

Let’s go.
Let’s send him to hell. Why do I always struggle with that? You mean this? It took some time for me to get used to it. Can you teach me one proper time? How many times have you asked
the same question? Just once. Alright. Remember? I told you that every ice
has its own grain. Look closely, and you will notice it. Here. Exactly. Just follow that grain and carve. Like this. Danny, your hands are so big. One reason why I was good at baseball. Is it easier to pitch if you have big hands? Well, Ryu Hyun-jin’s hands are small.
So technically, I don’t think so. Oh well. They don’t seem to help in carving ice as well. Wow. Didn’t I do better this time though? Yep. I will give you a pass this time. There’s one thing that’s good about
having big hands. See? Works just like a hand warmer. Useful in winter. Hold on. Cheongdam OZ Hotel Room no. 1802.
You will show up for work here for today. Why here? They are here.
The two. This is the place. That hotel in the black box. That really important meeting they talk about.
It’s always here. You know the room number? Room 1403. How did you figure that out? What else do I have other tan money? Is that why you asked me, to bring this here? Is this the most expensive wine
we have at the bar? Yes. It was just so humiliating to think
that I was around those low lives. I am trying to find my way back
to where I belong. You want me in the scene too? I thought you were doing your own revenge. There’s two over there.
And it’s just me here. Two against one. Can’t you see? I am losing. I mean… I know you and you will never want
someone else to see this. You are scared right now, aren’t you? What is there to be scared of. Let’s go. Go where? You said they will be checking out soon. There’s no need to see that dirty scene
with your own eyes. So? It’s two against two now.
So, let’s make this a bigger scene. Hey… Rumi. This is all a misunderstanding. Don’t misunderstand. We came here to attend a meeting
for some conference. Now that I see it for myself,
this is unbelievable. We already have your black box. We have all the evidence.
So no more excuses. Say it. What are you to intervene since last time? You said that well.
I was thinking whether I should stop here, intervening like this, or hit you back with what you deserve
since you are just unbelievable. Just lay out the facts. Why did you do it? Love changes for no reason. Then you should’ve just ended it
with me. Why would you cheat like some asshole. Your dad. Your dad’s company is our client. So I didn’t want to mess things up. Not to mention that
I hated getting fired from the law office for that. I just wanted to hang in there till
I open my own law office. So that’s it? Oh well, you would’ve never made it into the
law office without my help, let alone become a lawyer. Hey. To state the facts, I studied my way into
becoming a lawyer. It wasn’t your money that made me a lawyer. You gave me a lot but you always made it
clear that I knew that. You made me feel trapped. You said you liked my taste. That you will pay everything back
when you can. But now that you are here,
your ego is bruised? Is that why you are cheating on me with
someone of that level? Someone who won’t bruise your ego? Alright. That’s the difference between me and you. That’s all you can be. Yi Rumi. This is why people say you should
meet someone of your level. Break open his skull,
or do whatever pleases you. This wine is too expensive to be poured
all over you, so you should even appreciate this. Are you insane? What are you doing? You want to see the crazy me? This is the calm me. Yi Rumi! Don’t you dare say my name
with that filthy mouth of yours. I’ve never regretted spending money
in my life. Ever. But you are the first one I regret
spending money on. Take that off. Take whatever I gave you off of your body. If you don’t want to see the crazy version of me. I tried covering you up with all these
luxury goods. But just like someone says,
you can never hide that filthy smell of garbage. And you. You keep this trash. Oh. Unlike what he seems, it costs a lot
to keep him alive. I was able to keep him running
with all the money I injected in him. But I am not so sure if you can afford
to do the same. I thought you didn’t like cheap alcohol. Do you want to slap me? Because it did actually feel better
after I slapped him. Here you go. Slap me. For what I deserved five years ago. Forget it. Do it. Do it. Please do it for me. You knew this, right?
You knew I will get punished like this
for what I’ve done. That’s why you never forgave me or
sought revenge. That’s why you just ghosted me. You at least could’ve asked me once though. You could’ve asked why I did it. You could’ve cursed at me, be angry at me or slapped me. How could you… How could you just abandon me like that. Yes, I abandoned you. But listen to yourself. Who abandoned me first? Seo Taehyun cheating on me? That was sad. Yes, I was sad. But do you know what was even more sad? If I had to choose between
him and you, it was you. But you! You chose him over me. The fact that our friendship broke
over someone like him. I helped you today.
That doesn’t make me forgiving you. You deserve more punishment. If you were punished for cheating
until now, it’s time for some other punishments. You should be punished for betraying
your best friend from now on. Why wouldn’t you say anything? Why do you just keep avoiding me? I am the bitch, so curse at me, be angry with me
or do something! You are being selfish till the very end. You should live the rest of your life
wondering how I feel. I am dying here if you keep avoiding me and keep avoiding me. I hate Thank you. Thank you for walking me home. And thank you for not asking. So I guess you owe me twice? Huh? That time when you missed work the first day
our boss showed up. And today. Wow… I think I deserve a wish. What is it? See me tomorrow during the day. Not at the bar. Somewhere else. Remember? We talked about going to a botanic house during the day. That’s tomorrow. Okay. Oh and. If you appreciate me for today,
you can buy a meal too. So that’s what you want. You got me. Well then, get some sleep and
see you in a few hours. Go home safely. Did you sleep well? Yes. How about you? Me too.
You’ve only slept a couple of hours.
You must be tired. Nope. I am fine. Alright then.
I will go pick you up soon. Oh my! What’s that look on your face? What do you mean? What! What! That’s the look of a person
in the early stage of flirting. That stage of cold and warmth
and sweet and savory. Have I not asked you to confirm
with me first when you see someone? Nope, you got that wrong. Is that a yes or a no? Alright then, we will talk about that later. But you need to watch this. I should’ve been there to see it
with my own eyes. How could you leave me out? This wine is too expensive to be poured
all over you, so you should even appreciate this. What’s the point of being there. It’s enraging to be in a fight, but it’s super entertaining to watch a fight
from the outside. I could’ve seen this live at the scene. Bummer. Forget it. Not good for your mental health. What should I put on today? Which one’s better? I thought it was nothing. Why would you contemplate over
what to wear? I mean, it’s been a while since
I went out for some occasion, that’s why. Hold on. Put that away. Please confirm with me when you go shopping. See? This is it. What do you think? It’s missing something. Give me your hand. I am loving this. Do you get it? Fashion is completed with perfumes. You look decent now. Enjoy your date. It’s not a date! You are here early? Huh? Yes. What do you feel like eating? Anything’s fine. I heard girls don’t like it when
guys say this. I hear that there’s a really nice place
around here. I’ve done my research. Don’t eat the strawberry! Don’t! Don’t! Nana. Baseball V. Football. I used to like football, but now that I tried baseball today,
I choose baseball. Fried chicken V. Marinated fried chicken? On the count of three. Fried! Sushi without sashimi or Cider without fizz? One… Hold on. Wait… Two… Cider without fizz. Then… Danny, the colleague, versus, Park Danhee, the guy. Was that too abrupt? But I wanted to say it. Right now. I like you. I don’t text, hang out, or listen to songs with girls I don’t like. I don’t do that. That was all me trying to tell you how much I like you. I guess you had no idea but… But this is… This is a little too abrupt. Well I may have said it abruptly, but it’s been a while since I liked you. No matter how many times
I thought about it, I thought to myself that I should become the kind of guy you could be certain of. I mean it, so would you think about it? We got enough sunlight today, right? Yes. Hold on. Hello? Yes, hello. This is Seo Taehyun. Oh, yes. Hello. I am out for work, and was thinking
of dropping by the bar. Is that alright with you? Right now? Yes. Yi Rumi? It’s been ages. Seo Taehyun? What are you doing here? Nana, long time no see. [That XX is back again] [Coming Up]
Do you three know each other? We used to know well. Thank you in advance. We have quite the history. Do you really need to press ahead with this
when Seo Taehyun is in the middle of all this? This is too good of an opportunity to miss. You have something on your mind. Right? I guess, it would take some time for me to hear from you on what I asked earlier? Are you seeing anyone? I need to talk, just the two of us. You should leave. Mind your own business.


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