Web Hosting for WordPress Websites:  Tips from a Web Designer
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Web Hosting for WordPress Websites: Tips from a Web Designer

When you have your own website you need two things: a domain name and a web hosting account. Your domain name is your website address (also known as your URL). In a previous video I walked you through
how to go about registering your domain name.In this quick video I’m going to
give you my tips for purchasing web hosting. And I’ll also give you my
recommended places for where you can purchase your web hosting from. Hi, I’m
Kelly Ward and I help entrepreneurs with both the design and the techie parts of
your website and social media so you can stand out online and spend more of your
time doing what you are good at. If this sounds like something you’d be
interested in — and why wouldn’t you be? — go ahead and click the Subscribe button so you don’t miss out on any of my videos. OK, let’s talk about web hosting. One
important thing to understand is that you don’t need to buy your web hosting
account from the same place where you registered your domain name. For example, namecheap.com and godaddy.com are two of the most popular domain name registrars. But I do not recommend that you also buy your web hosting from them. More on that in just a minute… First, let’s talk about the different types of web hosting. When
you first start shopping for a web hosting account, you’ll probably hear
about shared web hosting accounts and a dedicated server. Shared hosting is where
your website shares a web server with lots of other websites. So for a blogger
or a small business who is just starting out on WordPress, shared hosting will
likely be the best option for you. It’s also the least expensive. A dedicated
server is when you rent an entire web server from a hosting company. But you
shouldn’t need this until you have a significant amount of traffic. When it
comes to cost – shared web hosting can cost as little as just a few dollars a
month; whereas a dedicated hosting plan will cost you $100 or more per month. Now you might be tempted to just go for the cheapest hosting that you can find. But
be careful: many of the cheaper web hosting plans out there are lacking in features, customer support and can even be magnets for getting hacked.
So now that you understand the different kinds of web hosting that are out there,
let’s talk about what you should be looking for in a web host for your
WordPress website. First look for a web host that supports WordPress. Since
WordPress is the most popular content management system in the world,
most hosting companies support it. But it’s worth checking with them just to
make sure. Some of them will even install WordPress for you for free when you sign
up for their web hosting. Even better, some hosting providers offer web hosting
plans that are optimized specifically for WordPress websites. This can help
your site to run faster than it would otherwise. And it may include additional
security features too. Features. Most hosting companies have a range of packages for shared hosting. So you can pick one that meets your needs in terms
of how much website traffic you think you’ll get and the storage space that
you need too. But you’ll also want to check to make sure the packages include
any other features that you might want. For example, my number one pick for web
hosting includes nightly backups, automatic WordPress core updates, and
extra security measures to prevent, detect and fix your website if it gets
hacked. Now of course the more features the web hosting account includes,
typically the more expensive the hosting plan costs. So you’ll want to decide how
much you can afford in order to get the features that you want. You can see the
video description below for links to my top two WordPress web host
recommendations. Reliability. You definitely don’t want your site to suffer from long or frequent periods of downtime so always check the hosting
company’s uptime statistics. You can also search online for customer reviews of
hosting companies. And… Customer Support. If you’re just starting out with a new WordPress site you may have some questions. So check what support is
offered by your hosting company before you buy. Look at the support hours, especially if they’re not available 24 hours a day and
they’re in a different time zone from you. And also check if they offer a range
of ways to get support. For example by email by phone or live chat. And do you
have a dedicated person that you always contact with questions or issues — or will
it be a different support person each time you contact them? Now that you know the website basics you can start shopping around for the best web host
for you. Ask other website owners who they recommend as well. And if you want
my recommendations I’ve listed my top two web hosting provider recommendations in the description of this video. After you purchase a web hosting account, the next step is to connect your domain name registration to your hosting account so
that when someone enters your website address in their browser, they get to see
the website that you have uploaded to your web hosting account. Now there are
two different methods of doing this. And the method that you use will depend on
your web hosting provider. Some web hosts will want you to use their nameservers
and others will want you to use their IP address. I have videos on how to do each
of these methods. But before you go check them out, make sure you hit Subscribe so
that you don’t miss out on any more of my videos.

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