Web Hosting Comparison [2019] – Best Web Hosting for Small Business & WordPress
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Web Hosting Comparison [2019] – Best Web Hosting for Small Business & WordPress

In this video I’m gonna review the best
web hosting companies out there so that you can make the best decision on where you wanna
host your website. OK? If you need a website, you need to get hosting
to store your pages, files, images, etc – there’s no other way around it – free places like
Wix suck and will hurt your business. So lets take a look at all the different options. My name is Juan Gomez from webcreatelabs.com,
and welcome to my channel. Right off the bat I gotta tell you that I’ve
been creating websites for personal and business use for over 15 years, and I also have a business
where I create websites for other people. And the number one place where I’ve hosted
my websites most of the time as well as my clients’ websites is on BlueHost. This is the best web hosting company by far
and it’s my number one recommendation. So the link is down in the description if
you wanna check it out now. But if you wanna know all the reasons why
I love BlueHost so much, lets compare all the main hosting companies that I’ve used
before and that are well known by most people. They are BlueHost, GoDaddy, Hostgator, SiteGround,
InMotion Hosting, and Dreamhost. We’re gonna rate these six places in the
following aspects: Uptime, which is the time their servers are
active and working without interruptions. Speed in which their pages load. And this is very important because if someone
visits your website and it takes too long to load, that person is gonna get annoyed
and will leave your site immediately! (Most likely going to your competitors) Statistics show that on average people wait
no longer than about 3 seconds for web pages to load before they decide to leave. OK? So speed is very important! Next up is security, so how easy is it for
hackers to steal your information or for your site to get viruses or malware. Benefits. And lastly, the price. OK? So lets get started with the uptime. We obviously want our website to always be
available so that people can access it at anytime. And honestly all of these web hosting companies
have a good uptime, with BlueHost and SiteGround having the best percentage with 99.99% Uptime. The other ones are not very far behind but
BlueHost’s and SiteGround’s servers are simply the best. Up next is speed, where BlueHost beat the
rest in different tests, with SiteGround, InMotion Hosting, and Dreamhost being the
only ones that didn’t have a totally satisfactory speed. OK? Next up in security I can’t say that any
of them are necessarily bad, but BlueHost beats the rest here as well because they’re
partners with SiteLock which is an online security company. And they offer free scans on your site to
identify any sort of infection and alert you immediately in case anything is detected. This is very important because by detecting
these vulnerabilities early, you’ll be able to fix them quickly and prevent your site
from being blacklisted by Google. OK? So, so far the comparison between all these
hosting places has been kind of even with BlueHost being a little bit better than the
rest, but here’s where we’ll start seeing a huge difference. BlueHost is the place that’s gonna give
you the most benefits like a FREE domain name, a FREE business email address (So something
like [email protected], so that you don’t have to communicate with your clients
using Gmail or Hotmail), and a FREE SSL security certificate. This last one is extremely important because
it will mark your pages as safe in your visitor’s browsers, and your website will not rank in
Google without this SSL certificate! If you don’t have an SSL certificate installed
on your site, browsers will show warning messages to people when they visit your site, and we
obviously don’t want that to happen. This certificate costs about $75 per year
in other places like GoDaddy, so it just doesn’t make any sense to register there when you
can get it for FREE on BlueHost. On top of that, BlueHost has excellent customer
support, it’s incredibly easy to use, and it comes with WordPress automatically installed. Most people create their websites in WordPress
and in most of these other places like in Hostgator, GoDaddy, or InMotion Hosting you
have to install it manually. Right? But with BlueHost you won’t have to go through
any extra technically difficult steps to have WordPress set up in your account. OK? And literally in all these other hosting places
except for SiteGround, I’ve had some sort of technical problem in which I had to contact
customer support and had to speak to people from foreign countries where they really had
no clue on what they were doing, and they were not of too much help – even one time
erasing all of the information in one of my websites. The worst places in this aspect were GoDaddy
and Dreamhost. So if right now we had to eliminate 2 options,
it would have to be these two. I would definitely never recommend anyone
to host their websites on one of these two places. OK? And then lastly, the price. DreamHost is the cheapest one, but it sucks
at pretty much anything else. And then BlueHost and SiteGround have the
best prices. OK? So this is my final rating for all these web
hosting companies. If I had to mention, lets say, one bad thing
about BlueHost is that they’re mainly for people who wanna have a WordPress site (Which
is the majority of the people). But if you wanna build your site in HTML,
then probably SiteGround would be the best option. Even though it is possible to upload your
own HTML pages in WordPress with a free plugin. I’ve personally used BlueHost even when
I’ve wanted to build HTML pages cause they just offer too many benefits and great features
at a great price. OK? So that’s my final verdict on which is the
best web hosting company, like I explained it’s BlueHost, and I have a special deal
where you can host your website on BlueHost for 50% OFF if you click on the link in the
description below. You will also get an incredible tool that
you need for creating a beautiful professional website, and a bunch of extra FREE bonuses
like hundreds of professional designs for your pages. So check out the link in the description to
learn more about this deal, and that’s pretty much it for now. If you have any comments or questions leave
them down below and I’ll get back to you as soon as possible. Please hit the like button and subscribe to
my channel. Thanks for watching and see you on the next

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