Web Hosting Canada @ WordCamp Montreal 2019

We’re really excited to be
here at WordCamp 2019 to join in and participate
in the WordPress community. We’re particularly
thrilled to be launching our Managed WordPress
Staging environment. Staging is really a great
tool that any business can use to test
its changes before they’re pushed
in production. It’s a really
reliable tool. It’s a flexible tool, you can really do
a lot with it. So we’re really excited to have
that up and running today. To be presenting
it to our clients, and to newcomers, and just to have
conversations. WordPress is really
all about exchanging, all about sharing. WordPress is a
blogging platform and how people use that is what brings
everybody together. WordCamp is a great
opportunity to be participating
in a community. WordCamp is the conference that offers the best
value for your money. What’s really unique
with WordCamps is the diversity of people
that are coming. The networking, the awesome kiosks You can meet the staff
working with the sponsors, it’s very rewarding. It’s definitely
worth it! (laughs) So much information, always great encounters, the willingness
to collaborate, It’s very rewarding. If you want to
be successful with WordPress, you
should absolutely go to your local
WordCamp. (Cheering) WordCamp!

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