• Veronica Deras-Roiz

    How the hell this people get from Coral Gables to Miramar in a high speed chase. Traffic crawls in all that area between 2 and 7 pm. It is faster to walk.

  • Obey doc

    Nice job you killed that UPS driver he was innocent he was a hostage in the situation and your officers went about it in the wrong way not to mention they were firing live rounds in the area full of civilians and also using civilians vehicles as Shields with civilian still inside

  • Edgar Alfredo Mora

    Police did not have a chance to verify who is who more than the robbers were shooting police officers and they had to shooting back, unfortunately, one of the guys took the UPS driver as a shield before falling down to the street.

  • Franklin Jones

    When it gets to the point you have to hijack a UPS truck to escape. Just give up. But I guess if you are an armed robber you are not to smart to begin with.

  • jay jo

    The police fired the first shots at the robbers who they also knew for a fact had a hostage. This actually pisses me off. Because they’ll excuse the overkill for the robbers being.. well robbers with guns. And to top it off the police were using civilians on the road as human shields!!!!! Did anyone else see that?!!! The police were using civilian vehicles as shields from gunfire… with the civilian still inside. This is the worse and most reckless police behavior I’ve ever seen.

  • sawgrass67

    Just trying to find this video, i found that Mirimar seems to have a few police car chases end in death – https://www.youtube.com/results?search_query=car+chase+miramar+

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