Web Exclusive: Tommy’s Meeting with Black Female Empowerment Leader Tanya Marie
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Web Exclusive: Tommy’s Meeting with Black Female Empowerment Leader Tanya Marie

– Hi.
– Hello. – How are you?
– I’m well, how are you? – I’m Tania Marie.
– I’m (mumbles). – Nice to meet you. I’m glad that I’m able to sit down and kinda just get a
few of my points across. I don’t wanna say everything
that you’re saying is wrong or bad, because I get it. Especially when you were talking about the young woman and her hair. – With the young lady I
talked to in the video, this woman destroyed her scalp. And yet, still couldn’t
get rid of the addiction. How powerful is that addiction? To where you will do something
like that to your head? – Can we talk about hygiene? I just kinda wanna know what is with you and black women’s hygiene? – You have locker room talk. You have guys who get together, just like females get together. – Okay.
– And talk about things that they don’t like
when sex is happening. Well, I spoke to a bunch of guys. And, when you started hearing consistency within what they were saying. When they thought, well, it’s
supposed to be like this, so we’re thinking this is normal. And I never understood why so many men were saying the same thing. So, I brought it out. If they’re thinking this when we talk about it in the barber shop, why shouldn’t I say it out in public to say, hey this is a problem. You just got a lot of men
that can’t say it to you. – That’s making the rest
of the world look down on black women like, I
guess they all stink. You know, nobody knows how to wash up. So, I think it was a little bit out of control when you said that. You cannot just say all, ’cause when I–
– I didn’t say all. – When I read it, that’s how it seems. – Well, see, that, I cannot. – It’s anybody who read the article. – No, because I, the majority
of my audience is black women. So, it’s funny how black women get to speak for black women while then claiming
we’re all an individual. See, you can only speak for you. How you read it. – Let’s just say, maybe
it hurt my feelings, even though it didn’t pertain to me. I’m just trying to get you
to see how it comes off. And, maybe you weren’t talking about all, but that’s how it comes across. What is your issue? Are you angry at black women?
– Yes. – I just kinda wanna know
where is this coming from? – I’m very angry. I’m sorry, nobody is more
boisterous than black women about what it is that they don’t like, and what they don’t do. And, you can see it all online. And, then when you ask ’em, well, you know, why are you sayin’ that? If you don’t like it, don’t look at it. That’s just my opinion,
I just keep it real. – What I’m trying to say is, I would like it for you to
also speak about black women in a positive manner, not just negative. It almost feels like
it doesn’t even matter what I say, because
you’re just like, okay. You never came off and said,
you know, only a few women had this wrong with them,
this wrong with them, this wrong with them.
(mumbles) You threw everybody in the pot. Is it gonna really kill you? That I decided to wake up tomorrow and put individuals in my hair? – Is it gonna really kill you if I keep on making these videos and
be negative everyday? – People have a issue, it’s with the hate. I really hope that you take, you know, at least some of what I
said into consideration. Hopefully, I got in there somewhere, okay? All right, thank you.
– Thank you.


  • New Level

    Black women are unaccountable, unchallenged in their actions, and only want to hear praise with no criticisms. Which makes them get criticized even more!!

  • Marshall Martin

    I don't agree with a lot of the things Tommy says but I find it contradictory that Tanya argued things about Tommy that black women do everyday. How many black women out there make a living off of generalizing all black men? Black women say black men ain't shit all the time, and base this off of the actions one one or two men they've been wronged by and/or their own poor decisions they have made when choosing men to deal with. I think instead of always trying to make people conform to them black women need to start policing themselves first before they start pointing the finger at the next man.

  • Lee Harris

    this is so funny. those women …every last one of them, refuse to accept what tommy is trying to tell them but, instead go on with their feelings.
    the young lady said that she was trying to listen to him but, the crown and the other ladies just disrupt her from a chance to hear what he had to say. smh

  • Tito 4X

    you can say what ever the fuck you want i stand with tommy all the way. never apologize for speaking your mind instead of black women getting angry the should step up their fame

  • John M Smythe

    This woman is among the 87% fat and 57% obese, she's masculine as hell in that voice and her hair is uncombed (you can be 'natural' and still comb your hair). Yeah, he's talking about you.

  • malhunt7

    Fuck you Tommy Sotomayor. You're a brain dead self loathing garbage bag of a human. Keep tapdancing Step 'n Fetch It. You already lost your fucking soul.

  • CustomizedGraphicsDesigner Lawz

    He needs to say it…. If u not the broads he speak of .. how are u mad? We can't ignore these ratchet women or baby mommas.
    If your not these hoes…. why are blk women mad… I'm not these broads he speak of ..they are making self look bad not me.

  • Glorida Howell

    Black man are the worst people on planet Earth they take everything out of my room put it on the Airways make platform about black women and best black women and then wonder why they have no respect and you don't

  • tom11zz884

    If I was Tommy, I would not even waste my time coming on there and entertaining those Bitter fools..
    Notice they ganged up on him and didn't even dispute his facts…

  • Eric WhiteSr

    I can't even front I would love to have a thick sister like that she's thick in all the right places real talk😃😃😃???

  • sportinlife jones

    Tommy talks chit about black women all day everyday but then turn around and pay for black pussy and he’s admitted this multiple times. Foh with this clown and his followers a bunch of mgtow losers whose only sex partner is jergens and aveeno.

  • Flashh

    He shouldn’t have even entertained this clown shit a black man calls out black women with facts he will be attacked. Just leave it alone, some things will never change

  • TheRantingCabby

    Some or all? But what if someone said black women have a higher propensity to act this way compare to non-black women. Then that means it's harder to find a black woman that doesn't act that way.

  • Millie Ahmed

    He’s an one ugly mother**** !!!! Trust and believe this guy has a face that only a blind mother could love 🖕🏾🖕🏾🖕🏾🖕🏾🖕🏾🖕🏾

  • Mills Dickson

    Wow, such a weak, biased, and thoroughly edited video. Knowing Tommy, I'm sure the parts they cut out were powerful and truthful. Even in this chopped up presentation, the interviewer is behaving precisely how Tommy has exposed for so long. Look at the expression on his face for half of the interview. LOL, he knows they're just making his points for him without even realizing it.

  • H Blake

    I feel sorry for the black woman who birthed that demon into this world. He is pure evil and has nothing but hate in his heart towards black women. He continues to stereotype all black women the same and that is pathetic.

  • Used to be Ron

    I like a lot of what Tommy says but I DO NOT agree with the idea of attacking black women on the topic of hygiene as if all black women have stank pussies – That is NOT exclusively a problem with black women. As a guy who's been with women of various races and nationalities let me tell you the majority of the times I've had to legit stop sex and tell a girl to wash her ass because I couldn't take it was with white and latina women. . ALL women can hygiene issues. I'm not saying black woman can't have funky asses but don't put that shit squarely on black women.

  • Arizen 1

    I don't know why she is wasting her time trying to talk any sense into him. I think you would have better luck getting Stevie Wonder to see.

  • sweety black

    ok here we go have any of you gone a whole day with out instantly judging some one you meet on the street(he is a beger,she is a slut,, they are thieves) i tried and cant do it and i bet almost 100% cant either now isnt that pre judgement a prejudice ? if so then we are all prejudice or as some term it haters,,, everyone …. what is the saying you dont know what you like until you know what you dont like and tommy dont like most black women now maybe some day he will meet a good black woman ,but most are not. he is right and i believe what tommy says to be mostly true that is why she dont like it because tommy tells the truth

  • After Asteroid Survivor

    Tommy owns property in her head. I think she likes him though.
    Tommy should be the first Full Black President. 🗳

  • Nicholas Banner

    Tommy’s speaking from his point of view. The women that are questioning him are retorting from how they feel personally. The reporters keep saying he said all women and he corrects them every time.

  • Terry Thomas

    Bitch needs to eat less. That is what she needs to focus on, not Tommy. Why did the fat bitch use the word hate? Cos she hates the truth. lol.

  • Ron Sampson

    I know this is totally off topic, I have mostly dated outside of my race most my life I'm born and raised in the UK. Every now and again I notice a BW that I would love to approach and this woman is that moment. In my eyes she is hot as f**k💥💥💥❤❤

  • CHOPii

    Funny how they keep say he said all black women privates stank when clearly in the other segment it shows he say many of black women…lol Tommy killed them with kindness and silence.

  • Freedom Fighter

    Tommy never said all women are the same because all black women don't wear weave everyone know he never said that intelligent women never argue or take offense to his opinions period.

  • Freedom Fighter

    It's funny to me how she felt like Tommy owe her an apology for the way he controls and runs his own platform…i hope you took in consideration you know something i said got inside your head emotional fat bitch.

  • Errick Flesch

    Stop calling yourselves AA……no one is  from Africa. You were born in America. We are all AMERICANS. My moms French and my dad American. I don't call myself a French American. I'm white and I don't call myself a white American. WE ARE AMERICANS.  I digress. You birth country has nothing to do with color or ancestry.

  • Erick LaVey

    It’s so telling of the state of women’s self-absorbed, self-righteous, screwed up perception of the world-the way she ended by telling Sotomayor that she hopes he learned something from HER. Like she has nothing to learn from him or something. She could learn FAAAR more from him than he could from her, let me tell you…




    It sickens me to see Black women wearing ridiculous "Hairhats" which is in essence a very clear statement of their own sense of inferiority. Saw one today wearing a Blazing Red Wig which matched her 3 inch fingernails painted the very same color. That nasty ass greasy fat bitch must've thought she was lookin Fly. In fact she looked like some kind of Freak Fly, have u ever seen a close up of a Fly's face?

  • Maya W

    This guy is a joke is he seriously still trying to degrade women of his own race, another toxic self hating black man don't listen to a word he says LOL 💥

  • Assiyah Bint Stamboulimar

    Man Tommy made me check myself on how i treated my children…as an AA woman Thank You keep informing Blk women. I really appreciate the truth.

  • Charles Rowan


  • Corey Kindle

    She asked him if it would hurt to say something positive about black women. He actually has said something positive about them , yes it's rare but he has spoken positive words before. Here's the thing, you have to give him more positive images of black women in order to hear more positive videos. If all we see is negativity in from black people then what do you expect him to do????

  • Carl Roundtree

    None of these women brought any thing to the table to say yo I looked it up & only a certain percentage of black women are like that tommy they brought nothing!!!! Except that they feelings was hurt & that he's a hatful person against black woman when is the truth hate!!?? If my girl or my friend told me I was a little smelley I would thank them & go take a shower before I go out in public like that but black women stop it you're hurting our feelings ridiculous!!!!!

  • imcreamrose2

    How is it "hate"? Seriously, we are all untitled to our own opinions! Just because my opinion is different than yours, don't mean I "hate" you or your opinion!


    Black man and woman stop feed into the social medias. And because if all black women smell like that or whatever why you got so many Mexicans a white man's went them. ? I noticed one thing them white mens Snack them sisters so keep listen to tommy if you want to

  • Mingled Jester

    Tommy, totally got some of yall brainwashed. Listen to me… According to Tommy's logic. Black women must be the problem in America, right? Wrong!!!! Because you can't just say a specific race or gender is responsible for anything. I mean… One thing about life is you don't get to pick & choose, we have to play the hand that we're dealt. Saying that black women are the problems in the world is just stupid. Tommy, words & conversations are opinion basic & emotionally driven. Like… He's basing this of off a specific race & gender, which is stupid & dumb!!

  • In Charlotte'sWeb

    Black women need to stop looking for validation from any person. Are black men concerned about what you think of them? NO! You don't even have to ask yourself if Tommy is talking about you or not. Just be who you are and don't worry about anyone's opinion of you. He doesn't have any power to set any personal standard for any black women unless you give it. Stop giving people power. Live a healthy and happy life and put others folks on mute 😆🙈🙉🙊

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