WEB EXCLUSIVE: Is It Ever Too Big?
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WEB EXCLUSIVE: Is It Ever Too Big?

[MUSIC] Welcome back to The Real. And what’s up YouTube?
>>[LAUGH]>>It’s time once again for an exclusive Girl Chat segment,
just for you. Why?
Because girl, we’re not done chatting yet.>>[APPLAUSE]>>This is going to be a good one folks. This past Sunday, Philadelphia Eagles
quarterback Nick Foles, won the big game!
>>[APPLAUSE]>>However, it seems that’s not the only big thing about him. According to the website,
crossingbroad.com, Foles has an enormous penis, yes-
>>[APPLAUSE]>>I’m not making these things up.>>Can I please say it?>>Yeah.>>He’s know as Big Dick Nick.>>[APPLAUSE]>>This is real life you people. During his playing days at
the University of Arizona->>My gosh. [LAUGH]
>>So much so in fact that women on campus were reportedly afraid-
>>What?>>To have sex with him.
>>Woo.>>And the nickname has caught on in Philadelphia with-
>>Big Dick Nick!
>>[APPLAUSE]>>Shirts! Yes, they have shirts being
sold online following his wing.>>My God!>>Yes the shirt say, what did the shirt say?
>>Big Dick Nick!>>[LAUGH]
>>Yeah.>>Eagles linebacker Connor Barwin even confirmed the news
publicly once saying Foles has “the biggest weiner in the locker room.”>>Whoa.
>>Dang.>>I don’t know what this man is packing but
>>Can you imagine that? So ladies,
do you think there is such a thing, though, as too big when it
comes to a man’s member? Cuz some women were saying they were
afraid, and if you’ve seen Girls Trip, any of you guys see Girls Trip?
>>What happened in Girls Trip?>>Jada Pinkett’s character is met with a quite large
>>Big dick.>>There we go.>>[LAUGH]>>And you know,>>My lord. I don’t know if any of you guys have ever
done the backwards crawl on your elbows, been watching it come at you, you’re like [SOUND]>>[APPLAUSE]>>Exactly.
>>It’s not.>>I’m just saying.>>Exactly.>>She was experiencing that right there.
>>Exactly.>>When you asked that question, there was one audience member,
when you said, is it ever too big, somebody said no.
I need that person to reveal yourself. Who was that?>>What kind of vagina do you have?
>>No? Girl I salute you.
>>Girl no.>>[APPLAUSE]>>[INAUDIBLE]>>I’m proud of you, really.>>Good girl>>You take it like a G.>>Let me tell you as an experienced sex seer here,
you ain’t seen the ones that I’ve seen. And I’ve seen some big ones. One time I had one, I was like no player,
you’re not about to give me a hysterectomy, all right?
>>[APPLAUSE]>>And we’ve got to keep it real. I’m not saying it can be too big, but
if it is you’ve just got to make sure your schedule is good tomorrow to not do some
of the things that you might need to do. Sitting, or walking.
>>[LAUGH]>>Walking.>>Or wearing a thong, or having panties on in general.
>>Okay, can we describe what a>>Big dick.
>>Yes.>>[LAUGH]>>Okay, like how large is that.>>Like how large is a big D.>>The one I’ve seen, the one
>>I think.>>The one I saw was seven.>>11 inches.>>Show me on the arm.>>No, seven is good.>>[INAUDIBLE]>>You’ve got to think about the girth. Girth was that too.
>>See, I don’t think it can ever be too girthy though.
>>Your arm is.>>From the tip of my middle finger, okay, show me.
>>This I feel like is okay, this is cool.
>>[LAUGH]>>That’s not big, okay!>>Or does it go that way, I don’t know.>>That’s big okay. This, not enough, come on!
>>You’re calling in sick, this is you’re calling in sick.
>>The one I saw, was like about that. And that was just too much.
>>Length, length not that people.
>>[CROSSTALK]>>Wait, but at the end of the day, wait.>>We got men who watch our show. At the end of the day whatever size you
are, women it is our job to make sure that you make the man feel good no matter
what it is, when he pulls it out. You gotta be like my god!
>>[LAUGH]>>It looks like it hurts.>>[CROSSTALK]>>I’m not going to lie to you.>>I’m not gonna lie.>>I’m not gonna lie to you. What I will say to is this.
>>No, I’m gonna make you feel good baby, because God gave you that and I am proud of it for you.>>[APPLAUSE]
>>Okay.>>Well, that’s all for today, but make sure to subscribe to the real
[CROSSTALK] to stay up to date on all exclusive content where we
get to say crazy things like>>Big dick!>>[LAUGH]>>Make sure to comment and let us know what you
want us to talk about. And finally,
make sure to watch The Real every day. Until next time, stay large.


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