We asked a random stranger this question and it was HILARIOUS! | Weekly Vlog #1
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We asked a random stranger this question and it was HILARIOUS! | Weekly Vlog #1

hey everyone Thomas here today I’m with
Joe wassup Darren SCOTLAND! and we’re gonna be walking okay Uckers all right so we’re Uckers Joe. get in the frame
the frame we just have a splendid meal and now we’re heading to Guitar Center
and we’re gonna probably do something good let’s head we’re headed to the Apple store for big memes. We’re gonna play Scotland the Brave I’m using the new iPhone 11 Pro oh my god
test the speaker right quick okay this is a low-volume alright guys
this is the new iPad it’s pretty cool okay this is the low sound quality the
low Joe that’s too high okay so funny okay we set the like the
MacBook on full volumes and played the song and we played the song and
then we shut the computer really quickly and then some guys saw us like the Apple
store employee and as usually think he opened it and we hear from the door it
was so loud but what happened toenail oopsie okay so we’re going to tell yang I’m not
trying to do some speaker prank Grocery store getting a snack oh my God animal sounds are funny okay that’s enough animal sounds so now
it’s time first thing that big interview what’s the difference between me and
Mary Poppins? Well she’s a woman and your a boy. There’s no difference! Watch this! [laughs] And she slides And you didn’t! [laugh] bought some good ice cream Chip what? Chip mint. Chip mint is my favorite flavor. Chip mint is very tasty. Oh yes! You lied to me you didn’t get chip mint ice cream you got a chip mint milkshake. I did get a chip mint milkshake. Thanks for asking. [earrape slurp] Alright everyone it’s been a pretty nice vlog I haven’t talked the whole time I’m talking now. (he didn’t he just flipped people off lol) Hello! New vlog next
Friday so subscribe and hit the notification bell so you don’t miss it
don’t miss a thing yeaaah

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