watchOS 3 – Ogólnie o nowościach
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watchOS 3 – Ogólnie o nowościach

This is Apple Watch. With watchOS 3 on board. Hello to you, Maks here and today I’m going to
show you new features on watchOS 3 beta. watchOS 3 beta
Walkthrough watchOS 3 is the next major update for Apple Watch. Which contains new things and features, improved the performance, and made some features more
connected with macOS and iOS. That version requires iOS 10 to work, because it contains a lot of changes
in the Watch app on iPhone. But let’s stay on the watch.
New version has new watch faces. You can now choose new activity,
Minnie Mouse and digit watch faces. In the Watch app, you can now
manage the watch faces. Just select one and you can change its
color, complications or set it as a main watch face. App has also new faces gallery.
You can add new faces directly from iPhone. Glances are gone. We have a control center instead. Glances like “Heartbeat”, or “Now playing” are
now separated apps available on home screen. You can also add its complications to your watch face. And, when you press the side button,
you’ll reveal a dock, instead of friends list. You can add your most favorite apps.
These will be always launched and ready to work. New version of watchOS adds new system apps.
Like reminders, find my friends and breathe. In reminders you can view your reminders,
but you can’t add it. You can only do it by Siri. You can find your friends. but not on this beta, ’cause it doesn’t work. There is a new Home app. It has similar
features as iPhone one. And there is a breathe app. With this app,
you can make a breathe session. As iPhone’s Health app said, it’s “The status of
active opened mind for the current moment.” And now, something about performance. watchOS 3 is faster and smoother than 2.
Although that is a beta version. Apps are launching faster and
its performance are very good. Unfortunately, some apps are still running slow.
That’s because they’re still using a watchOS 1 API. So, I hope you enjoyed this video. Don’t forget to
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