Watch John Mulaney Fully Miss His Cue in His First SNL Sketch
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Watch John Mulaney Fully Miss His Cue in His First SNL Sketch

-Here you are — you’re hosting
“Saturday night live” this week for the second time. -Second time, which is great. I was nervous. Some people
don’t get to come back. -That’s true. They do controversial things,
like they tear up a picture of the pope or they
are Robert Blake. And they don’t get to — [ Laughter ] They don’t get to be
on the show again. [ Laughter ] -“They are Robert Blake.” -They are Robert Blake,
the person. -No, exactly. But I mean, you should be
kind of used to it. You were a writer on
“Saturday Night Live” in 2009, I want to say. -Yeah, from like ’08 to 2012,
I was a writer there. And — well, it’s totally
different, though, now, because I’m on camera, whereas before,
I was like a busboy and now, I’m the maitre D. [ Laughter ] -Yeah, but did you ever think
that you would host? -No, I mean, I auditioned to be
on the show, but I was hired as a writer, because I was auditioning and I
remember they went “No.” [ Laughter ] But then, I would get on camera
occasionally. But the idea of hosting
is totally surreal. -Well, it’s a great cast. I mean, you’re gonna be —
you’re in good hands. -It’s really been the most fun. -Do you remember the first time
you were ever in a sketch, ever? -Yeah, I was in — it wasn’t on
“Update” or anything. I was just like a clipboard
operator, you know, when they go like, “Take five.” -I’ve done that.
-Yeah. I was in an Activia yogurt
commercial sketch with Kristen Wiig
and Jason Sudeikis. -Oh, and she was
Jamie Lee Curtis. -She was Jamie Lee Curtis. And Activia yogurt allegedly
gave you diarrhea at the time. I think was the premise. [ Laughter ] And I come in,
I go, like, “Take one.” And I snapped it, then I walked
off camera, you know. They go, like,
“This way, this way.” And then Bobby Moynihan
was there, and it was my first time
on camera, so we start high-fiving,
like a lot. Like way too much for one line. -Yeah, but it’s so exciting
for you. -And then, I look over
and Lorne is staring at us. Like this, and I’m just
high-fiving him, and I see him. And then, I realize that I’m
late and I’ve missed my cue. And I ran back on and was like,
“Take five.” And, like, it was a full lull. I thought no one caught it. I get to the after party, and
our mutual friend Neal Brennan comes over to me and he goes,
“Hey, man, great job. You were five seconds late
on that segment.” [ Laughter ] -Yeah, people can see it,
I mean — -Oh, it was — yeah. -But I mean, I don’t know
if you guys remember, but we actually have a clip. [ Laughter and applause ] Here’s John Mulaney
missing his cue in his first ever
“Saturday Night Live” sketch. Check it. -I killed this Activia.
Can I get another one? -Yeah, of course, yeah.
Here you go. Here you go.
-Thank you. -I’ll take one for myself.
I’ll keep going here. All right,
let’s do this. Here we go. -Activia testimonial number two. -Oh, my God. You were a bit — Neal Brennan
is almost exactly right. -Yeah.
Wait, I was remarkably calm. -Yeah, you were. -I was like,
“I don’t know, take two.” I was high-fiving. I’m sorry. -You were just jumping up
and down with Bobby Moynihan. -Yeah, yeah. -You’re gonna crush it
this weekend. We love you, buddy. -Thank you, buddy.
Thank you for having me. -Please, John Mulaney,
everybody. [ Cheers and applause ] He is hosting “Saturday Night
Live” this weekend.


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