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  • Jeff Eder

    Why aren't the companies that hire undocumented immigrants being punished? Because the laws are written to protect the rich and powerful. Powerless immigrants victimized again.

  • Sabirius Maximus

    what more likely happened is Mississippi GOP leaders informed ICE and took this as a win NOT EVEN 24 HOURS after Mississippi's Aug 6th Election primaries, which is EXACTLY what happened when Tate Reeves, the current Lt. Gov. (running for Governor) tweeted proudly about it.

  • Weird Person

    It baffles me how Trump has all of his merchandise made in other countries, and had soooo many “illegals” working at his resorts, knowing that they didn’t have visas, and in some cases providing fake ones, but Trumptards still look at him as some type of hero for his cruelty, and attacks on anyone else who does any of the illegal things he has done. That POS needs to be locked up or strung up!!! Either way, he needs to go! He can take all of his white nationalist lackeys and live on epsteins perv island if they want to live in a place with only white people. Just don’t let him take any kids with him. You know what he likes to do to children, especially if they look like his daughter

  • Bry-Fi

    A crying child isn't going to convince me to want to make our country more accessible to undocumented immigrants, plus if this country is so terrible as these liberals say, why is everyone trying to come here?

  • Maker Shaker Waker

    Is TYT going to silent about Kevin Spacey being cleared of all charges??? Or are they only going to speak out when the allegations were made… disgusting pieces of shit you guys are.

  • Lawrence John Young

    If ICE raids an employer and identifies 700 undocumented workers. The only people who should be leaving in handcuffs is management

  • Helena Anderson

    I honestly can't understand how anyone with a functioning conscience can watch this hate-mongering, unethical, disgusting exercise in bigotry and not feel like puking. TYT is nothing more than outrage porn for people who can't think for themselves.

  • humboldthammer

    Even as plastic bags and straws are banned, the oil industry opened 7 new refineries on the Texas Gulf Coast to provide plastics for the rest of the world. They blame the oil glut — they needed to do something to keep profits up. Frackers do not make a profit — they just go deeper in debt.

  • Just me I

    1:11 so basically because some Latinos were abused in the workplace now all should be immune to immigration law? That is like saying because a woman was rape in New York another woman in San Francisco should be allow to steal a car.

  • Just me I

    3:02 so what if you call the police for help but then they discover you are also a criminal that means your crimes should be ignored?

  • Joey Chapman

    They catch and relief half of the illegal alien and give him a court date didn't even show for the first one makes no sense

  • Malcolm Spears

    American culture has made it official that it’s a selfish culture. “Nothing matters unless it effects me or my bank account.” It’s pretty much a lack of empathy for anyone who I don’t know personally mentality. The issue is the culture more than anything else when it comes to immigration, guns, Medicare, sexism or income inequality.

  • TheGOPforlife

    I am for legislation keeping firearms out of leftists hands that are plagued with Trump Derangement Syndrome. The problem with Democrats running campaigns based on free stuff is that there is a huge turn against the party when Democrats don’t deliver on promises, just ask Obama.

  • Lakshminarayanan Krishnan

    That young girl crying – so heart wrenching. Just leaves me with cold rage against these fking asswipes

  • Maureen Nolan

    Cenk Uygur- "Tapper: Why no charges against businesses in ICE raids"
    — I hope you get a chance to comment on this. Thank you.

  • Not Quite Right

    I hope the raids continue. Every illegal immigrant should be deported and every company that hires them should be shut down with their HR managers put in jail.

  • Telma Elma

    I watched that girl before, sorry but it looks so staged. I believe these kids are traumatized now but seems like this girl was told to say all of that…

  • extraordinary15

    Look these are human beings and this concentration camp culture is so so so disgusting…


  • J Flow

    Trump is a racist who is OK with hurting little children. If you support trump, you are supporting a racist. Big Blue Wave coming.

    The hair on that lady is ridiculous.

  • Jacques DeMaille

    Time to raid the ICE headquarters and release the immigrant parents so they can reunite with their kids for god's sake.

  • Fez Paladin

    When I have trouble understanding why someone does the things they do, I imagine the worst possible reasons they could have for doing those things.

  • Ken Konard

    “The American people are a welcoming and generous people. But those who enter our country illegally, and those who employ them, disrespect the rule of law. And because we live in an age where terrorists are challenging our borders, we cannot allow people to pour into the United States undetected, undocumented, and unchecked. Americans are right to demand better border security and better enforcement of the immigration laws.” – Speech on the floor of the US Senate (3 April 2006). "Obama Fence Statement".

  • rumbrell54

    Trump only wants immigrants to come in and take the high paying jobs and leave the lowest paying jobs for the American people… dumb as hell…

  • 1wmnofpraze

    If they are released we should go to the jails and prisons to ask for all of them to be free to go home with their children.

  • bobby

    I came back for a second look so I could see kids crying as a result of their parents, or coyote, marching them over 2200 miles to a country in which they were not welcomed.
    I'm actually feeling better now. Enforce the laws of this country TRUMP. MAGA.

  • the last emperor

    And there so full of shit if your here illegally you have no social security card meaning there not paying taxes plus what money they do make most gets sent back to Mexico to bring more family over and not spent in America.

  • Andrew Gillard

    Yeah you are a criminal if you cross a border illegally..i cant just rock up to Australia and start working illegally and expect not to get kicked out lol ,,if you go somewhere illegally except consequences….and take responsibility for your own actions…

  • nathan hornibrook

    Has anyone else noticed the tyt panel just keeps getting more homeless and crazy looking? Getting harder to find nutjobs that agree with your nonsense cenk?

  • jazzgirl232

    Don’t know how anyone can defend the insanity of blaming Trump, ICE, or the administration because the kid’s dad stole a job meant for a U.S. citizen, and snuck his whole family in. Surprise ! If my dad broke a law, I would suffer for it. I wouldn’t blame law enforcement, I would blame my dad.

  • Tanya Garcia

    There's no coincidence there they did that on purpose so they didn't have to pay them people that money why I pay somebody almost billions and billions of dollars when you can just get them taken out the country and this is what this country has come to this is why I tell a lot of my Spanish people if you see something don't say nothing because it's going to fall back on your way works I hope the district attorney I hope that ADA I hope everybody in law enforcement knows that if something happens and you have an immigrant for a witness you ain't getting no information from them you might as well just send them right back home and this is why and a couple of more months is going to be one bigger problem so, I like three times if you see something happening to somebody you mind your business you don't know nothing this is like I keep telling my nieces and them ever since is me and been in office I have not celebrated no holidays not 4th of July na Labor Day nothing that pertains to the United States I will be participating and as far as Ike holidays go because why would I celebrate a holiday of Independence if y'all don't even want me here so you're not going to get my money

  • english steve

    This is not anything about what it costs the country or just wanting things done legally.
    This is simply about how it looks to the racist Republicans that support the monsters that somehow conned their way into political office.That's the short term plan and then longer term plan is to dominate the news and keep most people distracted. Every day they get more disgusting and they do it to distract from the policies that are selling the land, polluting the air, poisoning the water and worse. All this, to keep their huge donors happy and polluting with impunity. This is what they do in the US, what they do overseas is way worse. Looks like they don't care about their own kids, they certainly don't care about yours or mine.

  • Eric Hansen

    Wow. Java the hut Doesent care about poor old blk people in the getos……you people are jealous of trump doing his job. These low skill kind are taking job from blks. That's why the getos are full. Wake up Americans. Trump 2020.

  • Jessica Reid

    You see these employers know that they cannot get away with their behavior had Americans citizens had those jobs. American citizens are not going to accept being treated that way. No doubt Koch foods called ICE on these illegal immigrants. The system is geared toward exploiting these workers. It would not have mattered what day this had happened. Americans get locked up every day and separated from family and their children cry for them. The children get sent to stay with relatives. What is your point? It is not all about money all the time. Rules of laws is whats at stake. Plus illegals have committed other crimes in the process. Such as ID theft, theft of SSN, and using fraudulent documents. So they are criminals. Illegals are costing us more money than the little bit of taxes they pay. Others do not pay any taxes because you do not know who they are. Illegals claim children (may not be theirs) in their country of origin on their taxes here in the US, plus having to track them down, detain and deport them. Illegals have learned how to manipulate the system. We need to take care of our own with our tax dollars. Remittances to their original country should be taxed.

  • Jillian Valentin

    Cenk I LOVE you. TYT is a god send. But you need to get it together and face reality. Stop giving these people who are telling you how evil they are the benefit of doubt, you keep saying I don't think they are "maybe I'm naive" NO SHIT YOU ARE CENK. Stop.. just take that step. Its important that we all understand what we are dealing with.

  • jillhbaudhaan

    Sorry, I know this is unrelated to the content, but my dear in red your skin is beautiful. Do you have a GRWM video available? If not, what makeup do you use…please include brands, numbers/shades. TY

  • TD2943

    Aaawwww I like the lady with ChaKaKhan Palm Tree hair, I a. Glad she is back and becoming semi regular, wish the chunky shish Kebob Cenk talk less better yet be quiet and let this lady speak.

  • Joseph Davidson

    We now know where the next raids will be…look for the big employer that has the most to gain by terrorizing workers. Predictions?

  • Dianne

    I made a comment earlier to a duffuss on this post which was deleted. The immigration detention centers do not look like any of the WWII concentration camps in Europe which I toured 40 years ago. These illegal detainees are not forced to disrobe and cram into gigantic showers to be exterminated together via gas vapors. These border jumpers are not being tossed into mass graves without a headstone or a marker.

    It is interesting that many of the tear jerkers, never compare immigration detention centers to Southern plantation slave shanties.
    Many of the slaves slept on the dirt floors and they barely had anything to eat. Also, the slaves were kidnapped and forced to work for free.

    Of course, black lives DON'T MATTER! Suffer little black children and pray to your white jesus to save you if your daddy is tossed in jail or is choked to death while selling several loose cigarettes or bootleg CDs and DVDs in front of the store to earn enough change for your school lunch. Cry little black girl if your mother is mysteriously found dead in her jail cell because she was arrested for a minor traffic violation. Wipe your tears little black boy, if your known mentally ill mother is shot down by the Seattle police for being ill.

    How many of you illegal alien sympathizers are upset with the treatment of U.S. legal citizens who are drinking contaiminated water in Flint Michigan, Newark, NJ and Appalachia?

    There are too many U.S citizens who need our empathy! Damn those illegals—they can cry for each other.

  • Dee Rosser

    Sorry Latin America but you have not been programmed adequately to remain here. Why illegal immigrants thought they could come here and enjoy white people privileges I do not know.

  • Dee Rosser

    I’m too trying to figure out when the IS became so liberal. Like where are all these illegals coming from and why? You all must not know the history of the states. You must not know there are people still trying to recover from the last recession. And I agree, what’s up with the pity party?

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