Warface – Community Features – Teamspeak Server
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Warface – Community Features – Teamspeak Server

Hello everybody, Cry-Kane here and in today’s video I’m going to be showing you how to download, install, and join our official Warface TeamSpeak server. First of all, if you don’t have TeamSpeak already installed you’ll need to head over to ‘teamspeak.com/downloads’ Here you will find all the different versions of TeamSpeak you can download and my advice is to go for the Windows 32-Bit client and download from either of the locations provided. Once the download has completed, open it up and the setup will begin to load. Shortly afterwards, the TeamSpeak Setup Wizard will appear Clicking “Next” will take you through to the licence agreement and yes, you do have to scroll down all the way to the bottom of this licence agreement before you can tick the tick-box, which will allow you to progress to the next section. So scroll all the way down, tick the box, and then click next. After that, you will be given the opportunity to choose whether you want to install it just for yourself, or for everybody using the computer and my suggestion is to just leave it as anyone using this computer and click on next. Leave the installation location as it is, and then click on next again and then you can choose whether you want to have your configuration file saved in the user files, or in the installation folder. On the next screen, you will be offered the ability to install Overwolf which we covered in a previous video If you want to take a look, click on the link on your screen now otherwise click install. Once the setup has completed you’ll have a tick-box allowing you to run the TeamSpeak client and clicking on finish will then launch the program Once the program is finished loading you’ll have another wonderful licence agreement to accept so, scroll to the bottom and click on “I accept” The next step then is to choose your nickname which is how you will appear to other people in the TeamSpeak server. So I type in Cry-Kane, and click on okey Now we have the programe ready to go we can do the most important thing which is setup a bookmark for the Warface TeamSpeak. So select bookmarks, and then click on ‘Manage Bookmarks’. By default the TeamSpeak public server will be there but I’ll go ahead and delete that, and click on ‘Add Bookmark’ to make a new one. The next step is to give this new bookmark a label which is any name you like, that helps you remember which server is which So I’m just going to type in ‘Warface Teamspeak’. In the address, you’ll need to type in “crytek.nitrado.net” which you can copy-and-paste from the description of this video, if you’re not sure. And last but not least, if you’re lazy like me you can click on the ‘More’ section and then tick the box that says ‘Connect on Startup’ meaning that as soon as you launch TeamSpeak from now on it will automatically log you in to the Warface TeamSpeak. Don’t forget to apply your options, and then click on okey and then you’ll be back into the TeamSpeak interface . Because I’m not currently connected, and I haven’t just started the programe I’ll need to click on ‘Bookmarks’ and select the server. And assuming everything is okey, you’ll be dropped into the Warface TeamSpeak lobby which is the default channel for everybody that joins our server. This channel is moderated, which means you cannot speak in there and you’ll need to move into a different room if you want to speak. Additionally there are a number of rooms that are reserved for staff and moderators and if you try to join these you will receive some kind of error message, but don’t worry that doesen’t mean there isn’t plenty of channels that you guys can join and here I have looked down the list, and selected Team 2 which I join by double clicking, but you can also right-click and then switch to channel. Next we’re going have a look into settings and then options, which you can reach by pressing Alt+P where you will see, there are a lot of options in TeamSpeak but the most important one of these is Capture to make sure that you’ve set up your microphone correctly. There are plenty of guides out there on the internet on how to configer your TeamSpeak but my most important tip is, please enable ‘Push To Talk’ selecting it is an option, and assigning a hot-key. This means you’ll only transmit your voice when you press that specific hot-key, and not all the time. As always don’t forget to to hit apply, and then select ‘Playback’ If for some reason your playback mode and playback device is not working you’ll need to select the correct device to make sure you can also hear the people on the server and then test out your push-to-talk button now you should see the little blue light illuminate. On our TeamSpeak we have a lot of Moderators and Staff that you can talk to by right-clicking them and opening a text chat, or by poking them and you can identify them by the little Crytek symbol by their name. Here I’m going to pole Felix (Ceollach) from our German Community team and ask him to make me an Admin. You guys of course shouldn’t be asking Felix to make you an Admin but if you’ve got any questions, he may be able to help you out. Finishing up my poke, I click okey and this message is then sent to Felix on his screen After a couple of moments, Felix does the honors for me and makes me an Admin of the server which now means I can join him in the staff channel. So that about wraps it up for this tutorial on how to join the Warface TeamSpeak if you’ve got any questions, please do leave a comment below & Subscribe for more Warface Videos.


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