War Robots New OP Robot Spectre Test Server Gameplay (3.6)
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War Robots New OP Robot Spectre Test Server Gameplay (3.6)

What’s up friends of the good mood, this is Manni and welcome to the next test server here on War Robots with the Exorcist okay So the next bot in line that has the stealth ability with the jump same as the Inquisitor has but this one here actually Has four medium weapon slots on top of all that So let’s jump right into the battle and see how that goes So here we are on dreadnought when I first saw the introduction of this Bot like the information about it I send a bug report to Pixonic highlighting the fact that it has four medium weapon slots And the stealth jump right and cuz I couldn’t believe my eyes like it’s just that didn’t sound right But anyways let’s go and see how it performs guys obviously you can run a lot of Configurations with that you can run an RDB which is very good like for two Tulumba’s you can go with brawling Tarans Orcans so you can go hydras four times and You know since you can stealth yourself you can even counter other hydras by stealthing at the right moment right so there’s a lot of stuff that goes with this thing and You have very little health that’s the drawback of this machine you have very very little health only 86,000 at level 8 that’s like half as much than other Bots half of the same *Interrupted* I knew the hydras are coming in I mean Aphids came in and I just stealtht at the right moment and his Oh Oh Oh Oh, I need to go in cover, and his Aphids didn’t hit me anymore, and yeah, that’s pretty good So let’s fire around the corner here Okay, here we go there goes another one yeah, and I have also reworked some of the maps right so Before you had certain you had only Shenzhen in the last test server with the king of the hill a game mode now This time we actually have a whole bunch of weapons Working with this game mode right? Oh. He’s actually following me in here. That’s interesting okay You wanted to keep firing no matter what I thought he was gonna walk away from this so so far I’ve seen a dead City I’ve seen Dreadnaught and I’ve seen Ähm I think two or three other maps too. I have seen with the with a new game-mode Probably not all of them. There is probably still a bunch more that I have not seen yet But Oh Oh I need to get in cover really fast. His Orcans were coming in and I had to get back in cover because my stealth ability was running out, but yeah So you can see you can even stay alive for a very long time spite the low HP cool you have you can Oh, No Just when I was saying you can stay stay alive forever This guy hit me like a half a centimeter around the corner I was already going back around the corner, and he’s still got got the hit in there man dang it But you know what as I was saying? You can stay alive for a very long time with this thing if you use it very carefully and very you know Wisely because the stealth ability and the jump is basically it allows you get the drop on anyone And there is very little they can do about it see now I don’t use my stealth really because no one is targeting me. I use it always as as a measure of last resort or how do you say let’s an emergency safe thing right Cuz I don’t jump when I don’t have to I only do it when I want to preserve my Bot and stay alive That’s the only place where I do this so oh I’m not sure if this guy was firing at me, but somehow. He missed me Thank God because I once again didn’t have the stealth ability active, but this trebuchet dude over There is really really going to really being annoying here. Let’s get him out of the way There he goes and this guy okay See he’s going to jump immediately and there he spawns with the I know he’s got a lock-on for 4-5 seconds He’s got a scorch on it. I also ran scorch It’s very good because you have 600 meters range right? And you can do a lot of damage when you get close to here I can hit him I can here because he’s so close To the wall see that when you are so close to the wall yeah I can I can even hit you even if you are in stealth ability because basically the Rockets fly against the wall and triggers Splash And but it’s a lot of tricks You can get you know down right when you use this machine here. Especially when combined with Orcans or something I want to be very careful now because to get hit here too much so far I’ve only shown you the Orcan version of course because you know it’s the it’s let’s say its face. It’s the most powerful bird No, no no no no no Okay Okay I’m going to be brave yeah, and I’m gonna be dead. That’s what I am I’m gonna be dead in a second because this guy who really got me pinned down Hold on, maybe he’s gonna reload in a second hold on he might reload. I might still have a chance When are you finally going to reload dude come on dude? What the heck is it never gonna reload? Huh come on die did I just destroy half the Zeus fury over there And then at the same time the full Rajin still because of the fact that I run Three or Orcans at the same time did I really just do that and now destroy this guy half dead Oh my goodness for Orcans ladies and gentlemen that is a selling point. That’s definitely a selling point because Let’s face it Where do you have so much firepower on which Bot there is no bot where you can have this right? so I don’t give you the kill ha! Exited out of the out of the Bot before he got me because I couldn’t have killed any it done any more further damage But still I was able to get the kill and then drop myself out Yeah, so let’s run the Tarans here as you say as you see we have the king of the hill game mode Which makes for some amazing brawling battles because no battle really ends Unless you have all teammates of the enemy team or your own team killed oh Hello come on die And there’s another one see 4 Tarans opening fire That’s just absolutely brutal, and I’ve realized that firing them in sequence will help with this bug like here now I’m firing them in sequence only for a second there Because we still have the bug that the Tarans and also some other plasma weapons They don’t really do what they’re supposed to do They are not all hitting the enemy, and that’s that’s a bit of a problem of course Oh God look at this Lancelot man. Oh come on die No I have to reload! Yeah I got him still and if you fire them in sequence I figured out that you can make them work better like this here I’m firing all four one after another here and this way I think all of my Tarans actually hit the enemy and none of them like go through the enemy in a very weird way and See I’m just gonna stay back here a little bit and do the old Taran in the face Trick this time. Oh, they’re targeting me this time, so I’m gonna jump, and yeah save myself Look at this damage oh, oh there’s a trebuchet Ember sitting around the corner drew not doing absolutely nothing That is weird and this guy seems to be afk now oh Come on die already yeah Okay, so eight seconds till the stealth ability usually if you are out in the open like I am right now usually you don’t survive The time it takes for your Stealth ability come back, right? But in this case we actually managed to do so because he actually spawned so late Wow the amount of firepower that this thing has is just absolutely mind-blowing For medium weapons, that’s you know guys we’re doing a live attack by the way That’s why I’m not looking so much into the camera I actually play at the same time, but you know usually you have one bot like the Rogatka or you have a You have a Lancelot firing at you with two Tarans right and those spots are already powerful now you have just another Two Tarans on top of that on one bot that can still at the same time get himself You know invincible for a couple of seconds make you lose your target and all these funny things and I must say that I’m really surprised did I get hit in there I was trying to sneak a hit in I Think I am hitting him right now. I believe so Yeah, personally if you ask my opinion guys. I would certainly say this thing is way too powerful. Yes We have low HP’s yeah so but you can counter you you basically have a stealth ability that makes up for the low HP because you can just Continuously make yourself invincible you stay behind cover you come out and you kill two Bots or one and you go back in with this Much speed as a Rogatka Also, has you kind of you know you can do this so easily and you know don’t even lose much health and We’ve just done 1 million six hundred twenty-nine Thousand damage with level eight equipment on the test server here and where everyone has level aid equipment 16 kills And we’ve how many bots have we used to two BOTS Yes, let’s just you know I think I still had three of them left or two not sure how many exactly I needed, but uh I certainly had enough Bots left right so this is just this shows you that at the low HP pool is not really a problem for this Bot to perform Its say I guess you could give this Bot 20,000 HP It would still kill you because it has stealth ability and for weapon Slots right So let’s keep this in mind while we go for the next one. Could you please not block me to death? Thank you and and just jump over here on Death city now also here once again We have the king of the hill game mode in case you have not left them You know watch the last test of the video. I made king of the hill game mode is one Where basically both teams fight for one beacon and it has only a limited amount of points in it And you stand closer And you can stand with more people and you get the points and once the the beacon points are depleted basically there’s another beacon that will open up right and See I just One hit killed this guy it’s like playing Unreal Tournament with the Instagib modification on where basically you you start hitting start one hitting people all the time and That’s how it works. You are the faster aimer. You are the faster Do you have the better position at the time you will we get to kill the guy got enemy there? and then you won’t be doing much against you We hadHydras firing into us by the way this might be the last test server round that I’m able to play here because it is actually 2 3 minutes before 3 hours for the first test server session so in other words I guess we might not even see the statistics of our battle at the end here so There goes him and here goes another one see this guy back there was gonna fire His orc his hydras at me, but that didn’t work very well, cuz I activate my stealth ability Yeah, all the the things were going away. Oh, no, please come on hide myself. Ya See I’m regenerating my Orcans or oh no hello. I’m reloading my Orcans at the same time not not not not anymore No longer. I mean oh my goodness. See how they target Oh, No oh, I had a bug my Orcans were stuck somehow I had the old I had the old Orcans stuck mode Anyways regarding the king of the hill game mode the beacon switches off to another one ok after it has been depleted in this way You can kind of do a lot of stuff with it Ok let’s fire this guy cuz he’s the only one who’s not invincible see they’re all trying to hunt me down you see that right all these guys all trying to hunt me down and It seems like they might be successful now, No haha not with me. Oh wait a minute This is the beacon here see here’s the beacon I stand close to it so I can actually get the beacon Points No, I got stuck at the wall I was trying to you know walk away and walk back and trigger some of his firepower And then I got hit stuck at the wall and couldn’t get enough back anymore dang it oh Yeah, so this is how it works right you have this. Uh the the shifting beacon sometimes with this there sometimes. It’s there and basically You you have to stand close And do you know get the points as quick as you can? Because the beacon only gives you that gives you the highest amount of Points Can i hit him here? No the more the earlier the beacons spawn the more beacon points you also get and that’s an interesting twist because you basically get faster BOTS have a Better chance to perform a you know get get the get the beacon points. It’s a really good thing I want to get that little Garrett over there because he’s he’s alive for a long time now. Uh hydras are coming in I need to jump okay, got him and This guy of course jumped with me He knows that his stealth ability is active for a longer time than mine, so he basically walks ever into me Alright, so far so good the hydras are gonna open fire at me in a second again So Intuition tells me that I have to hide behind this wall and the hydras are firing But in this case they weren’t firing at me, which is obviously a good thing for us Uhm Oh boy Tarans yeah, they are whoa he just targeted me in midair. You saw that right in midair I still got hit hits from his frickin Tarans there what the heck? Okay, okay come on come on walk around the corner. Yeah, no no no no no not that no oh No, oh my god. He’s still hitting me, Dude! Freaking hydras I don’t want to get killed so quick, and he knows he’s gonna jump in a second I know that I know he will Ah Boy Are you still hitting me with your hydras, are you kidding me? Oh my god? I don’t know how he hit me there with his Hydras, man I thought he was on the exact other’s Opposite side of this thing Wow no idea how he hit me there the Scourge guy killed me Oh that that’s okay because he jumped around the corner, but the hydras. What did they hit me the heck? Come on oh my god, it’s so hard to get in range oh He’s just walking away really fast Okay am I gonna get him there? Can I get him ? A little bit only a little bit the Hydra dude is still there I hate this Hydra guy he’s so annoying Damn it. I think he probably did like one bot of damage to me already just from behind cover But he should be spawning again in a second. Yep, Hi there! And you know that you can fire on a Lancelot on top of him, right? I need to get behind the corner really quick Before the Lancelot opens fire. Yeah, see 58 kph and mobility That’s just You know and their Inquisitor at least you can kill the Inquisitor relatively quickly after he lands because he although he’s not the slowest bot He’s still on you can still catch him, but this guy here just runs around the corner Incredibly fast after he has just destroyed like and jumped with the Stealth Abillity That’s he did a great job there If you jump with a stealth ability you should always try to end up on a high position Because then no one can hit you just by accident or aiming at your level of height, right? Because if you’re at a different level of height, this is not possible We were shooting at each other here trying to get this guy and he was still in the stealth Abillity when he died That’s funny um but uh here’s he goes again How many times does how many bots he still hasleft you know what I this is the guy with the hydras? This is the Hydra dude and the Hydra dude is of course he still got too many bots left Because he has just been using hydras before look at this everyone is running the same bot here and Yeah, just so you know there has been news about an other bot too. I don’t quite Strider is the bot which is supposed to Be like a Dash bot with five dash charges They have taken this one out of the test server in the last moment so I was unable to test this one yet if it Ever comes. I’ll make him like a separate video about it, and you know be ready for more videos about here The Exorcist because it’s it’s of course a fun machine to play, but let’s a few words about balancing here I need to say guys that if this thing comes with a live serving with four weapon slots in medium category This is too much. It’s simply too much considering. He also has a stealth jump ability I would say he actually has and this is my honest opinion now. I’m just gonna give it here I honestly say that I think to medium weapons are too much here maybe switch Removing too and giving one light weapon on top of that Then it feels more in line with the other Bots having low HP, and the stealth jump But having to medium weapons and one light one that feels a little more like I don’t know leave your like Leave your comments on this topic please also in the comment section I really like to hear what you think and other than that as you see There’s a lot of more maps now with the king of the hill game mode in the game so this game what is probably becoming more and more ready for the life server and we’re gonna see this in time and more videos about the Exorcists are coming up on my channel relatively soon Oh, and one more thing the vortex weapons so the aphids for medium category have been tested with more damage Which is much better and the Redeemer has been tested with lower damage Which is also better Just so you’re informed about the news and what’s tested on the test so Thank you guys so much for watching if you enjoyed this video leave a like and comment down below And if you haven’t already hit subscribe as brutal as a man can it for more! Thanks for bearing with me you guys are awesome as always Manni Gaming signing off


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