Vultr VPS Vs Hostgator (Hosting Review) Which is the Best Hosting
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Vultr VPS Vs Hostgator (Hosting Review) Which is the Best Hosting

Hey guys! What’s going on over there? This is Kmsea from Welcome to my YouTube channel. In this video, I’m going review 2 hosting
services. And… no 2 cloud hosting services. And as you see on the screen, the first hosting
that we’re gonna talk about Hostgator cloud hosting. I used this hosting service for almost 2 years. As I could remember, my hosting contract will
be expired in February. Next 3 months, maybe. Yeah.. and another hosting service is cloud
vps hosting called Vultr. Guys! I did an review for this hosting service–Vultr
vs DigitalOcean. You can find the link down there if you want
to learn more about this hosting service. In this video, we’re going to check the performance
between 2 hosting services– hostgator and vultr. And I have replicated my site. No. not replicate, but duplicated my site. So that we’re gonna test the performance of
these 2 hosting services. But, first lets me review these 2 hosting
and what is the advantage and what I faced during these 2 years with Hostgator. Okay! Lets take a look at Hostgator. And yeah… Hostgator cloud provide 3 hosting packages. The Hatchling. Guys! I don’t know how to pronounce that word correctly. I’m sorry for that. Another hosting service is baby cloud, and
business cloud. Guys! You might have a question–what is cloud hosting
and what it’s different between cloud and share hosting. Umm… Guys. Mean that you use the shared environments,
you share the hardware with other users. But if you come with cloud hosting, you have
your own hardware setup. As you can see here. If you come with Hatchling plan, you will
have 2 Gigabit RAM and 2 Core CPU. Yeah. That’s nice to have your own hardware environments. So, you will go with $4.95 for %45 off for
the first term. It means that if you continue with that hosting
service, it will charge you the regular price on the plan–the next contract. You can have up to 3 years contract for the
first term of your discount. And… yeah. My blog hosts on Hatchling Plan. And if you use a personal WordPress site–you
are the entrepreneur so you can with Hatchling plan. And however, if you have a high traffic website,
I recommend to come up with Baby Plan or Business Plan. Umm Yeah. That’s nice. you can upgrade next time if your traffic
increases. And the… the Pro of this hosting service
is first you have own hardware setup. And… the next, you manage your server using
control panel. Lets me show you. You can login your custom pertal and then
you can go to your Cpanel. You can setup the WordPress site with once
click installation. and you can a… what is… Okay, here is my user account. You can have mail server so everything is
setup for you. The Cons is that you don’t have the full permission
for your server. Actually, you can contact to the customer
service to setup the SSH connect to your server. So, you can run the linux commands to manage
your server. And however, you don’t have the full permission
to the root user so it mean that you cannot install any module or any software that you
need during you use that hosting service. And… the other Cons is the customer service. Actually, this is not a self-manage hosting
so that you can contact to the customer service to setup the module, the other core environment
on your server. But um… I used to have a terrible problem with the
customer support for Hostgator. I remember, I contact the customer support
to enable the memcache for my server so the sent me the–the freelance
site. I have no idea why that to me, but that is
a terrible customer support I’ve ever heard in my life. So… guys! I’m not meaning that this hosting provider
is a terrible hosting provider, but every single of hosting provider have the Pros and
Cons. Sometimes, you talk the custom support that
they have less knowledge technical support so you will face with that problem. Otherwise, if you talk to the other customer
support, that they… he/she has a good knowledge of technical support and you will solve the
problem, usually. So… here, you have… you can manage and
monitor your hardware on host dashboard. And especially, speed is good. But, it’s sometimes not accurate. I used to have over 3 second server response
time. But I never have a down time with that hosting
service. It’s considered a good hosting service. Okay! Lets take a look at the other hosting service–cloud
vps hosting. And this one is a good vps hosting. You can go wth… please take at that. No. I will go to I’m sorry. I just show that you can use the Cpanel to
manage your server. Okay, guys. Lets back to Hostgator cloud hosting again. And as you can see, if I go with this package–Hatchling
Plan. I have 2 gigabit RAM and with 4.95 cent per
month. However, If you want 2 gigabit RAM, I need
to spend $10 on Vultr with only 1 CPU–core CPU. So, the price is double on here, but lets
me know show you. If you go with this hosting service, the Pro
is that you have the full control on your server so you can setup any module to improve
your hosting performance. And the Cons is that hosting is self-manage
hosting so you’re not always contact to your customer support while your face with the
problem. So, they’re not going to solve you the problem. But if you contact to them, they give the
advice or sometimes they help you because Vultr is a better customer support. You know, guys? I used to contact the customer service regarding
the port 25–the smtp port. Yeah. Of course. the help me to solve that problem while digitalocean
just sent me the terrible tips for that problem. So that’s considered a good hosting–a good
customer support. However, it’s a self-manage server so that
you need to solve your own problem. Yeah. That’s the… the Cons of this hosting. Guys! I’ve not much to talk about that. So, lets check the price. In this case. I will use $5 package since I use this on
$4 hosting package. I will create a… a server. Yeah… This blog, I host on $5 package with 1 gigabit
RAM. It mean that %50 less qulaity. no… less performance than the hostgator. So, lets check the performance together. Guys! As you can see here, this my original blog
which host on Hostgator so it has 2 gigabit RAM, and this is another duplicated blog. That I duplicated on Vultr cloud vps hosting. It contains 1 gigabit Ram with one core CPU. And every setup and every configuration is
the same except this one. The cache optimizing. As you can see, on the Hostgator, I don’t
have the full permission to setup other apache or cache module so I can only one basic cache. Otherwise, on Vultr cloud vps, I can enable
memcache on my server. As you can see here, I memcache for my page
cache. And… I use zend cache for opcache. And object cache I use APC cache. Also, if you integrate your cache with redis. Since you have full control to your server,
you can install redis and implement it. So, I’m not go in deep into that, but it’s
a good advantage for using Vultr cloud vps. But you have to have a knowledge of managing
linux server using command line. Okay, guys! It’s the different configuration I used that. Okay, now lets test. I go to GTmetrix. And I will close this tab, also this tab. Okay. so now I start with https, here is the
blog. Actually, if we test on pingdom, we can choose
the location so it will faster then GTmetrix since it tested on Canada. My server is based on US location so if you
come from US, you have a faster speed then this. Guys! The first loading time should be 3 seconds
and the second loading time is 1 since the cache is cached on the local server. That’s nice. 1.3 second for BuddyPress and BBPress. It’s not so bad for 1 gigabit. so… that’s nice, I love that. Okay, guys! Lets compare that with… um I will compare
that with my original hosting–Hostgator. Okay! Here it is… Please wait a title bit for GT report fetching
the report. Okay, guys! As you can see here, on Vultr, even I use…. lets me login to make sure that see the… And as you can see here, even I use only 1
gigabit Ram with a core CPU. And $5 package on Vultr, but the speed is
too much different. As you can see, 2.5 seconds different. And… yeah. That’s too much different.Lets take a look
on Why Slow. As you can see here, for server response time
on Vultr… here it is. No the server response time is 280, but this’s
on is 240. I have no idea why that get faster. Yeah. You see here is Google fonts. Yeah. Hostgator is respond good. I don’t why it’s slower. Please take a look in here. Yeah. Because I’m on full vps server so that I can
setup other environment. It makes my server faster. And as you can see here, I only host on 1
gigabit RAM server with 1 Core CPU. And if I upgrade to the similar hardware,
I think that it will be much faster than Hostgator. That’s a good advantage of using Vultr. Otherwise, if you have less knowledge of using
Linux commands and you have less knowledge of managing Linux server, I highly recommend
to go with Hostgator. However, you can go with this. You can see the result yourself. It’s too much different between Hostgator
cloud and Vultr cloud vps. Guys, I’m not much talking about that you
can see it yourself, and thanks for watching this video. And if you love to go with Hostgator cloud,
I leave my affiliate link down there. You can get %60 discount of Hostgator hosting
so just click on my affiliate link down there. And if you decided go with cloud and you have
the knowledge of managing linux server with command, you can go that get free $10 credits
on Vultr vps. And click the link down, I leave my affiliate
down there. Thanks for your support if you decide to go
with my affiliate link. I thought I have no more idea to talk about
that and as you see that by yourself. Yeah. That… I don’t expect to have that result. Yeah. That’s very fast on Vultr. Guys. I have to say Goodbye now. So, thanks for watching. And if you have the question related to the
review or if I didn’t talk what you want to know, you can leave me the question down there
and I will try to respond to you as soon as possible. And don’t forget to click on my affiliate
if you decide to go with that hosting service. Also, don’t forget to share this to your friends,
to girlfriend, your not girlfriend… I don’t know, just share that to them so they
will benefit from this video. See in next video, bye bye…


  • DanDann

    My favorite provider is Hostinger now (after using GoDaddy, Hostgator, iPage, and others). They have VPS. They ALSO have a great affiliate program (better than Bluehost's in my opinion, which I feel is a better deal for the affiliate than the buyer – I have difficulty repping products I dont actually like)…. You get 100% commission on shared web hosting, and 50% commission on VPS purchases.

    Would you do a comparison between Hostgator and Hostinger's cloud?

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