Vultr Review – DigitalOcean vs Vultr Cloud VPS Hosting
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Vultr Review – DigitalOcean vs Vultr Cloud VPS Hosting

Hey guy! This is Kimsea from Today, I’m going to show you the comparison
between DigitalOcean and Vultr. I…, I don’t know what the fuc.. what the
hell you’re going to pronounce that hosting service, but I will call it Vultr. Well as we know, Vultr and DigitalOcean are
cloud hosting service that you might spend only $5 so that you can access a full control
VPS service. Let’s me show you here, when we compare
about two hosting, we compare about the price and quality. So, I ianstalled the WordPress blog on DigitalOcean
and Vultr and then we’re going to check the performance together. And, you will evaluation these both hosting
by yourself. Okay, it’s a little bit hot over here because
yeah… I worked under 1000 watts’ lights. Yeah, maybe. Maybe 1000 watts of lighting so I’m so hot
right now. Okay! So, let’s check the price as you can see
here. Um… with the Vultr, you start with $2.5
so that you can have 512M VPS hosting. But if you are a WordPress blogger, you might
want to choose this one. You will start with 1 Gigabyte RAM and it
starts with $5. And, but I recommend you $10 package. And, you can come with 2 Gigabyte RAM and
a, a 2000 gigabyte WidthBand. Sorry, not WidthBand. Bandwidth or Data Transfer. And, Okay! Let’s take a look to DigitalOcean. And as you can see here, DigitalOcean starts
with $5. It’s 100% more expensive than Vultr, but
if you are a WordPress blogger, you might need to start with a Gigabyte RAM. So it’s the requirement… how can I say? It’s the minimum requirement for host your
WordPress blog so you might need to go with $10 package. However, please look at here. If you go with $10 package, you will get 2
Gigabytes RAM on Vultr. But you only a gigabyte RAM on DigitalOcean. And yeah. For the storage space, you will get 30 gigabytes
disk storage, but you get only… No. Okay, here. Yes, I see it. You will get a 40 gigabytes on Vultr. And however, you less WidthBand. Sorry, I… I always pronounced WidthBand, but actually,
it’s Bandwidth or Data transfer. Okay. So, you’ll get 2 gigabytes of BandWidth. So, on the Valtr is a considerable price. And however, please look at the performance
of… of that two different servers. Because when… when we considered a cheap
price, we might consider about… What can I say? About the quality as well. Sometimes, it provides the low quality. So, I will use hum… GtMetrix the performance of that sites. Please wait a title bit, I’m loading. Okay, here. It’s coming. Now I will start Vultr as you can see, I installed
a Server on Vultr. And I installed a $5 package with 1 gigabyte
RAM. And lets me check it on GtMetrix. Okay, let’s go. Please wait a little bit for GtMetrix fletching
data. Come on!… Okay, here it came. This is a new fresh installed blog and I do
nothing at all. I just install it then we check the performance. As you can see, we have 0.9s loading speed
or… How can I say? 900 milliseconds loading speed. I will compare it with DigitalOcean server. And I will copy the new ip address. And please wait a little bit. It’s loading low over. Okay. I just copy it here. And as you can see, I have a server with 1
gigabyte RAM on DigitalOcean so I will test the performance and compare it. You know? Um… sometimes, we need to choose the best
for our money so that we need to choose a high performance with good price. A good considerable price. That is the reason why I try spent some money
for show what is the best service for host your blog. Okay! Now it’s coming. And as you can see here, the grade speed. DigitalOcean have the better performance,
the better optimize. But… however, you can see here, the loading
speed is a little bit slower than Vultr. So that you… you, you can see it here by
yourself. And you just spend $5 with 1 gigabytes RAM
and you will get 0 point. How can say? 900 milliseconds loading. And it’s 490 milliseconds faster than DigitalOcean. So that’s great! Why don’t we go with the Vultr? And,
Thanks for watching the video. I’m go to … to, to upload more videos
related to hosting and other blogging stuffs. And if you love
You can comment what you want to know and I will try to contact to the merchant and
ask them for premium access. Or if I cannot get that stuff, I will pay
myself to get what you want to know. Okay, thanks you. I leave bellow the Vultr link and you can
get discount from my affiliate link. And,
Why don’t you get it one? On bellow, at the description. Thanks for watching. And… And what can say? The last one, you might need too… Yeah. Hit that fucking button as what you always
do and share it to your boyfriend, your girlfriend, your not girlfriend. I don’t know, whatever. Just hit that fucking share button. Thanks for watching, bye, bye!


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