VPS Hosting UK : 123 Reg UK VPS Hosting Review
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VPS Hosting UK : 123 Reg UK VPS Hosting Review

Hi there its Andy from Best Cheap Host If you are looking for good vps hosting in the uk
i would like to recommend 123 regs vps hosting. I have been using their VPS hosting for over 6 months now and it is
very reasonably priced. You have a choice of either windows server or linux. The windows server is cheaper but you are limited to 100 domain names which shouldn’t be an issue for most people.
I personally went for the linux hosting because I am used to using Cpanel and didn’t want to use Plesk. But you will find linux more expensive, but the best thing about their VPS plans is
you get unlimited bandwidth which is what sold me originally compared to other hosting companies. You can configure your plan quite easily using their configuration utility and
once you have the set up you want check out. They are doing a special offer of 50% off for the 1st month so you can get a discount if you want to
try the vps out. I have found them pretty good and their helpdesk usually get back to you pretty quick as well. So if you are looking for a good vps hosting
in uk I would definately check them out.
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vps hosting uk,linux vps hosting uk,cheap vps hosting Then check out 123 Reg’s VPS Plans


  • BestCheapHost

    Thanks for your comment but I'm sure its like most hosting or ISPs they have a fair usage policy. But most people will probably not be using it as a Mirror service either.

  • lawbringer79

    No, most hosting you pay for an amount of bandwidth and you can use that. With this you pay money and it *might* cover you needs, of course you'll have no idea until you hit this unagreed limit it's still there you just have no idea what it is!

  • Dee Sunshine

    Do NOT use 123 Reg. They use auto-renew and take money out of your bank… and when you get back to them, telling them you do not want renewal they basically say "tough luck buddy". They have taken £258 from my bank, and refuse to refund it, even as a gesture of goodwill. They are an awful company.

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