Volunteer Computing – Tutorial
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Volunteer Computing – Tutorial

What do you do at your computer usually? Facebook? Twitter? Surfing the Net ? Or playing games? Hey guys, my name’s James and I’m gonna show
you how to do meaningful things to the world in your very own computer, that is, volunteer
computing. First, you need to download BOINC. It’s a medium software for volunteer computing. Click this ” Download BOINC + Virtualbox
”. Some projects require Virtualbox. (After opening the installation,) follow the
instructions, and then the apps will be installed. Then when you open the BOINC manager for the
first time, you see this (interface). Click tools, and start to add a project. So
I’ve chosen a random project to demonstrate to you. … Loading a while … So you need to register
for the project. I’m a new user, and my email address is already
typed in here. Type in your password. The project has been successfully added so
when I click the finish button, the web browser will appear so that I can configure my account. Almost done! Check your information. Is it correct? If there isn’t anything wrong, log out the
page. After you have added multiple projects, use
the advanced view because you can manage your work easier than the simple view. Read alerts in the Notices tab Manage tasks
in the tasks tab Manage uploads and downloads of tasks in the Transfers tab Click the ‘Show
graphics button’ to show task graphics My My best recommended project is the World Community
Grid as it is a large organization which helps curing deadly diseases and solving climate
change through volunteer computing. This task is identifying new cancer signatures
of our DNA. So that’s all for my tutorial! Thanks for watching, remember to leave a like,
and enjoy the sky map. At last , Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!
Computer Literacy project by James Chan 3D (27)

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