Vocal Coach Reacts to Night Ranger | Dont’ Tell Me You Love Me | Ken Tamplin
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Vocal Coach Reacts to Night Ranger | Dont’ Tell Me You Love Me | Ken Tamplin

Hey guys welcome back again to Ken
Tamplin Vocal Academy where the proof is in the singing. I didn’t get a ton of requests for this one it just happens to be a band I
really like a lot and the band is Night Ranger. Definitely love the guitar
player, it’s Jeff Watson who actually played on one of my records. He played on
my Wake The Nation’s album on a song called “Man With A Plan”. You should
check out the solo it’s killer, totally killer and of course Brad Gillis, Jack Blades on lead vocal and bass. Now Jack went on to also play with Damn
Yankees with I believe Jeff Watson I forget no it was just Jack Bla.. I forget
but Ted Nugent was in that band and so forth so. Anyway they all went off to do
something else and came back but this particular song has some great guitar
playing in it and just is a great song. So I thought I’d go ahead do it
and let’s react to it now. I have not seen this, here we go. I like the polka-dotted outfit for the drummer. Looks like he’s in pajamas. Okay now a few few quick things, they’re
a lot younger here. I saw them gosh about 10 years after their first album came out
and they were just phenomenal but you know it’s really tough especially in
this era to have two really great guitar players in the band. I can only imagine
the ego but fortunately their playing styles were so different. Jeff Watson is such a great tapping guy and Brad Gillis is such a great blues
just a flat picking guy. So they really complemented each other but man there
are a few bands out there you know that had two amazing guitar players in there
that exchanged well like this so. We’re about to find out. Lot of energy man. He said sing along so I sang along. Alright here comes Brad. Throwing his guitar around and hitting every note. Here goes Jeff. Killer man. Not a missed note. Very tasty. The extended version. It’s the dance-mix version of it. Now you guys probably remember you know
Sister Christian and some of their more popular stuff. So you out there that
don’t know them you should probably look them up. They did have some pop hits this
wasn’t necessarily one of them. I love the song Night Ranger too (sings) you know it’s let’s see I haven’t done this in ions but it’s something like you know. Right. It’s really cool tune and some great guitar playing in that as well but check that out I strongly recommend it let’s continue. Okay I won’t. I won’t tell you. I don’t love you. They had to choreograph all those kicks at the right time. Remember the song “You Can Still Rock In America”, that’s these guys too. Look how much energy man. They’re running around a lot. And playing great. Look at those pants Jeff Watson. Golden glitter pants. Must have been their last song or encore song or something. That was a big ending. Anyway great, great band. That was back when people really cared about playing the guitar man. I’ll tell
you. Anyway hope you guys liked it as much as I did. I haven’t seen that and it
was fun to do it together. God bless all you gang and until next time man peace
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come out. Okay thanks guys peace out. you


  • John W

    What’s up brother. Love this band!!!! Hey man I have a request. Can you do shinedown live in Kansas City. Song is a little help from my friends. It’s amazing

  • Cade Evans

    Never listened to them Ken but awesome intro loving the music great guitar playing im rocking to this one or head banging right now I'm loving them their great great singing to the lead singer is great by listening to this great live spot on with his vocals I'll have to check them out some more as well I can see why you love them so much their awesome I'm digging the guitar playing wow great reaction on this one Ken I'm definitely gonna check them out some more 👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍

  • joyce cute3827

    I am not much into rock, but I appreciate good performances here and there, especially growing up in the 80’s and 90’s. (Reason why I navigate to your channel 😁). This one’s relatable and I actually like. Not too loud and noisy. Like the guitar runs. This so reminds me of the energy of rock bands during our time, yeah.

  • Ryan T

    Man I love Night Ranger.. and the solo's on this are incredible. But everytime I hear Jack sing w/ NR or hear Shaw sing w/ Styx.. I just hear Damn Yankees.. 🙂 Another great band…But Jeff seemed like he didn't get enough attention for his playing.. very under rated.

  • tlopes

    LOVE me some Night Ranger!!! 7 Wishes & Goodbye, Side note I saw The Damn Yankees with the remade Bad Company (Holy Water) Great concert!

  • Dredderick Tatum

    Possibly my fav Night Ranger track if not "Restless Kind" or "Sister Christian" (I'm a sucker for big ballads). Liked most of "Dawn Patrol" album although I thought that the "Midnight Madness" was their best. Cheers Ken.

  • Dale Callihan

    You never fail to disappoint with your analysis Ken, Also with the range of your voice and singing style I would love to hear you do a cover of a Mickey Thomas song, I just think with your voice you would knock in out of the park covering Mickey, But if you already have please send me a link would love to hear it, God Bless and have a great day my friend 👍☮️☮️☮️

  • D Yot65

    I saw Night Ranger the 1st time back in 82' opening for KISS. I had never heard of them but they were awesome I fell in love. Good Vid Ken.

  • hubert exl

    Never heard of this band – think they are unknown over here – but I like their sound. As Ken would say: Thank you for the suggestion ;)….Btw in some of your videos you did the intro from Ballroom Blitz by my favorite group The Sweet, so is there a video where you do the whole song?

  • Rushie2112

    I always liked them. I saw them in the mid 80's and had a great time 🤘 If I remember correctly, they opened up Jefferson Starship

  • matt hansen

    Great band!

    Maybe it's on the list already but a reaction to Yngwie Malmsteen with Joe Lynn Turner on vocals, preferably from live in leningrad would be cool to see. Either "You Don't Remember, I'll Never Forget" or "Rising Force" would be my choice.

  • Lorna Walker

    Ken Tamplin Vocal Academy, "Night Rangers" are a smouldering Bed of Rock! I enjoyed the Band immensely, Thank you kindly for your erudition!!!

  • John Foxton

    The only Night Ranger album i have is Dawn Patrol which has this song on I do remember they did a soundtrack for a movie with Michael J Fox

  • Bryan Boydstun

    Night Ranger was an awesome band. They had exceptionally talented instrumentalist's and vocalists. They had actual people singing the harmonies, not the lead singer doing all of the harmonies on the record. Women, absolutely loved them. They bring back memories of being able to take a different woman home every night. You could put Sister Christian on the stereo or John Waite's song Missing You… and you were good to go.

  • David Lane

    Great choice Ken. I was fortunate to see them in 1984 with Triumph at Cobo Hall.
    Love the shirt, and as always thank you for taking the time in your life to share your thoughts
    It is appreciated 🤟

  • Jay

    Great video. Suggestion for you Ken, Damn Yankees song high enough or the band Cinderella, love the unique singing voice of Tom Kiefer. Keep videos coming Ken. God bless.

  • Dale Callihan

    Not to take away from your night Ranger Video Ken but I just watched your Mickey Thomas Video and now I know why I Requested Mickey, you did an absolutely phenomenal job on Just fooled around and fell in love I was more than impressed, Have a great my friend and keep up the good singing 👍☮️☮️☮️

  • Joshua Vance

    I only want to say(Jesus Christ Superstar)
    I'd be surprised if this isn't one of the best vocal performances you've ever heard

  • pancudowny

    The studio version always painted the picture of a "Freight train of emotion coming through…!" in my head. Hearing the extended synth solo in the bridge here emphasized the length of that train.

  • Paul Divito

    I am a fan of this band also i was just listening to they're album Seven Wishes last night. Great choice for a song i really enjoyed it.

  • Jörgar Wurzel

    Great introsinging voice of Singer also Sound remember myself of erly iron Maiden or such hellowen ! Its kind of 80years Metal but unkwon in my Aria of Distresset Europe !🤬😇☝️ but mean surely 80ty Metal its ! No pagan and not Black ! Doom is it not truhly give a shit i like This old Metalbands so thumb high 👍 sholld i whrit p a o on a world wheres no peace ? Silent i remain with my Philosopy ! And out ! Ken good musicchanel its ! Im a seeker and somethings i havend found ! Scheissääää ! 🤔👏😇☝️👍💤

  • Kerri Beaton

    Awesome pick!! My ex’s band played this (my suggestion, lol)~ he was lead guitarist & didn’t miss a note. Gigs were so much fun back then.
    They were a fantastic band, tbh.
    Another great song they covered unknown to many is Hot Cherie by Hardline… excellent song!!
    Thx Ken!!

  • Shane Dalby

    I hear this song like every second day along with faster Pussycat, Mötley Crüe,poison n Cinderella etc on iheart radio station Slippery When Wet. Love my 80's metal

  • William Reiser

    Hey I keep sending messages to people that do evaluations of songs that I love and I I want to see somebody do the Christian progressive metal band theocracy I would like to see you do like hide in the fairy tail laying the demon to rest ghost ship they were a band that was influenced by dream theater the founders of progressive metal and these guys in theocracy are incredible Matt Smith on their debut album had no band he did all the bass the lead guitar the rhythm guitar the drums keyboards and vocals multi-talented I would just like to see you do something by these guys to tell I'd like to hear what you think of them are just mind blowing night ranger 2 was one of the most underrated bands ever great playing in great vocal

  • CeeCee Diamond

    Great shirt dear friend. I know you can’t narrow it down to only one group. But who influenced you the most?, when did you get the music and singing bug?

  • Ed Miller

    ahhh Night Ranger..brings back memories. my first band we covered both Rock in America and When you Close your Eyes hehe… good times…

  • Jerry Flick

    Ken Tamplin I seen NR open for Sammy (your cuz) last summer in Pittsburgh. Both were great. I think Brad Gillis is the Unsung hero to replace Rhoads on Speak of the Devil. NR is a Great Live band!

  • stlram5

    The 1985 7 Wishes Tour. Saw it live then bought this VHS tape. I think I fried the tape from watching it so much! Greatest/Most underrated band EVER! Also, the censored "lyrics" for the chorus of this song just fit it perfectly! LOL

  • Reneé

    I liked their song “When You Close Your Eyes”. That was played at my older friends parties back in the late 80’s when I was still a kid.
    Good times & tunes.😊

  • jcoulter43

    Night Ranger and Damn Yankees, two incredible bands. "You can still rock in America" is absolutely a classic. I had switched over to listening mostly to your stuff by this time in the past, but I can see why you and I both like this band so much. The musicianship and singing is just stellar along with the melodies and hooks. 2 guitar icons in 1 band! Fantastic reaction video, keep em coming bro! God bless and rock on.

  • Bill Johnson

    Brad Gillis is really underrated IMO. A lot of people don't know, but after Randy Rhoads passed away, Brad was the guitarist who filled in for him on Ozzy's tour ( and did it justice) prior to Jake E. Lee.

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