VMWare, Cloud Databases, & more! (This Week in Cloud)
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VMWare, Cloud Databases, & more! (This Week in Cloud)

JEN PERSON: This week, we’re
talking about VMware, database choices, and modernization. I’m Jen Person and welcome to
“This Week in Cloud,” where we serve you the
lowest latency news. Customers have been
asking us to provide broad support for VMware. And now with Google
Cloud VMware solution, you’ll be able to run VMware
[? vSphere ?] based workloads in GCP. This means you have
more choices for how to run VMware workloads
in a hybrid deployment, from modern containerized
applications with Anthos to VM-based applications
with VMware in GCP. And should those workloads
happen include databases, we’ve made a few upgrades
on that front too. Enjoy Cloud SQL from
Microsoft SQL Server, federated queries from BigQuery
to Cloud SQL, and the ability to run Elastic Cloud
on GCP in Japan. To learn more about how each
of these upgrades can help you, check out the full post. One thing you’re sure to need,
no matter what, security. Read up on some
recent improvements we made, from our advanced
protection program to ML threat detection
to new locations around the globe where our
tightened security keys can be used on the cloud blog. But first you’ve got to get
your workloads modernized and into the cloud. And that’s why we’ve
also added new tools to make the journey
even smoother, like support for
migrating from Azure and tools to manage networking
for your microservices, like traffic detector, now
generally available, and Layer 7 internal load
balancer, now in beta. See why each one makes such a
big difference on the GCP blog. If you want to read more
about these announcements or see a full list,
check out the link. Have any thoughts or ideas? Leave us a comment or tweet us. We’ll see you in the cloud.


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