Virtualization & Cloud Computing Explained with LEGO Bricks
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Virtualization & Cloud Computing Explained with LEGO Bricks

Hi, this is John Qualls with Bluelock, and
today I really want to show you how we leverage virtualization to enable the Bluelock cloud. The first thing, you are going to start out
with a facility, so that’s what this right here is going to represent. And then, in our infrastructure, when it comes
to communication, we need to have the ability to route that communication and the ability
to secure that communication and the ability to distribute that communication. Right, so firewall, router, switch. And then, from there we are going to introduce
how we are typically going to have bought some servers. So this is a traditional approach. Now, some of the challenges, with this, is
these underlying resources are running at maybe 10% utilization. So, we are going to introduce virtualization,
and for each one of these physical we are actually going to introduce virtual servers. And those virtual servers allow us to remove
these two. Now, what we do, is we can actually take the
other components and virtualize those also on the same stack. What this does is not only then make that
super efficient that underlying piece here, but it allows us to be very mobile and later
we may do something with that, or may leverage that to solve other problems. How do we then enable the cloud to gain other
value – that we can – for this environment? So what we do is we introduce all these resources
in the cloud, and what that allows us, is that when there is a seasonal need to allow
this infrastructure to grow, or maybe a burst need, that we have the ability to take this
and move it around inside the cloud here to make those resources really HUM. So I hope I’ve had an opportunity to show
you how you can get your resources efficiently here, and how those resources can scale up
or down with your specific business needs, and how you are able to not use your capital
dollars to get to those resources in today’s economic environment.


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