[Vietsub Web Drama] Dear My Name Ep 6 [Tập cuối] | Định Mệnh Thực Sự
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[Vietsub Web Drama] Dear My Name Ep 6 [Tập cuối] | Định Mệnh Thực Sự

Engsub by 이아린 My name disappeared. But will you still like me? [DEAR MY NAME] I like you. I missed the timing. Is it really all over? Why are you so shocked?
Look at your eyes. Stop joking around. What if I’m serious? I’m a NAME. I know you are. What about it? Because I’m a NAME. I also have someone I like. Is he your NAME? No, I thought he was, but he wasn’t, But I still like him. So you liked him
because you thought he was your NAME. If that’s the case, would you like me if I do this? Do I like you because
I thought you were my NAME, or because it was you? Since when did you have a name? Everything’s clear now. I like you because you are Yoo Jaeha. Whether you have my name or not, I like you as a friend. It’s the same with him. I don’t like him
because I thought he was my name. I still like him even though he was not. Are you a NAME? What do you mean you’re not a NAME? I don’t have a name. Once. You said you’ll confess your feelings
to your crush. I think I should do it before you do it. Twice. Have you felt as if you didn’t bring an umbrella
on a rainy day? You missed a good timing because you were being stupid. I missed the timing. Is it really all over? Not yet. Before the rain starts, I still have time. I’m sorry for being so stern about this. I don’t have a choice because I don’t want to lose you. You hurt me because you don’t want to lose me. Are you a pervert? Jaeha doesn’t like me. It’s not me. It’s you. My name. My destiny. The person I’ve been looking for. Yoo Jaeha. I never thought I would have my name. Thank god, I’m not late. My destiny. Huh? I like you. I like you very much. And I also have your name. Do you have my name? I’m sorry I’m telling you this only now, but I couldn’t wait any longer. A question I asked myself. My name disappeared. But will you still like me? Yes, because I didn’t like you for that. The same answer as mine. At 21, I finally met the destiny I’ve been looking for. Before we became us, we came across each other. Who’s this? A stranger. Why are you flushing? I don’t know. What’s this? What’s this picture? She’s a stranger. She was captured by chance. If we hadn’t meet each other, we wouldn’t have known this story. It was by chance. Dear my name, where have you been? What brought you here? – I have something to tell you.
– What is it? Well, I only have 5 minutes. Again, if you give me 5 minutes, how do I say what I have to say? So, wait a little bit. After all I’ve done, he still can’t do it. Yang Saerom, will you… Go out with me. What? I wanted you to say it.
But you can’t because you’re an idiot. I don’t like to wait either. Really? Really? Really? Really? Are we really a couple? I don’t know. What’s that? You didn’t answer.
I asked you out. Are you an idiot? My answer is, of course, yes. What do you mean of course? Let’s go. Do it again. [3 months later] Other people shouldn’t see it. Chew. After all the seasons
when I was waiting for my destiny, winter came again. And, I have my name, Yoo Jaeha, by my side. Don’t. In a world where destiny is determined,
someone said choice does not matter. But I don’t believe in destiny
without a choice. Just like they love each other
without knowing who’s their destiny, Just like I liked him even though I knew
he was not my name, We’ll continue to make a choice in this world. We were and will be destiny. Dear my name. [DEAR MY NAME] [Saerom’s oversized shirt
is available at Zigzag for 30,000!] I’ve got a name. Are you a name? No, I’m not. My name is a man. The new flatmate… They can’t live without each other. Wait. Everything. Meet someone who likes you. Wake up Yoo Jaeha. Yes! Pizza! Probably there’s an answer,
but you don’t know it. I’ll confess my feelings to someone I like. I missed you. I like you.

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