Video Tutorial: How to Install Handy Backup Server Network and Server or Workstation Agents
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Video Tutorial: How to Install Handy Backup Server Network and Server or Workstation Agents

Greetings, dear viewers!
In this video we will show how to install the Management Panel of
Handy Backup Server Network and a Server Agent or Workstation Agent for a remote machine in a local network. Run the Handy Backup installation package as an administrator. Read and accept a license agreement. Select server edition for Handy Backup Server Network. Enter a password for a local workstation where you plan to set up a Management Panel, and then click “Install”. After setup, the program will start at first time. Enter again a password that you entered during installation to connect to a local Server Agent. Now you can create any task but only for just one computer — a Management Panel machine. To install additional Server and Workstation Agents, create new Network Agent installers. Open the main menu, and in the «File» section select «New Agent». The program will fill all basic parameters for a new Network Agent by default, and
you can just click «Create» for now. The Agents can be for servers or for workstations, but the installation file will be always the same. The key difference is a set of data
available for backing up by an Agent. Now connect to a selected local machine, open its desktop and copy an installation
file to that remote computer. Run an installation file on a remote machine. The Windows Installer will make
all setup actions automatically. Handy Backup can support
as many Agents as you want. Now return to the Handy Backup Management Panel. Now when you will create a new task, on Steps 2 and 3 you will see a new machine in the drop-down list on the upper-left section. For this machine, you can create any backup, recovery and synchronization tasks. Now let we show how to create a backup task from a remote machine containing a Server or Workstation Agent to Handy Backup Server Network Management Panel server. Open Handy Backup Server Network
and create a new task. Select backup and advanced mode on Step 1. Now on Steps 2 and 3 we can select any remote machine containing a Server or Workstation Agent. On Step 2 find a drop-down list in the upper left corner and select a remote machine containing some Network Agent. Now select backup data. Select a backup location on Step 3. Note that a default computer with the Management Panel is selected in the drop-down list. Here, select an appropriate folder for storing backups and click OK. Next steps allows you fine-tuning a backup task: select backup type between full, incremental, differential and mixed, set up time stamps, compression and encryption, schedule automatic running, notifying users by email about task status, executing external software before and after a task. In this video we are skipping these steps,
but you can use any of it freely. Please note that you can schedule a task to run automatically! On the last step, give a name for a task. You can also view all task properties together and be sure that your data will be copied from a remote machine to a Management Panel server. Click Finish. In the main window, you can see a task progress bar, as well as a task log. The finished task will have the “Success” status. Open a folder that contains our backup, and a “0 (full)” subfolder here. You can see a file backup.hbi, the backup index file, and the Backup Files folder containing all data from Server or Workstation Agent in the native format. I hope to give you’re an interesting video. Best regards!

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