Video Landing Pages 101: Tips For Maximum Impact
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Video Landing Pages 101: Tips For Maximum Impact

– Video Landing Pages 101. Here’s some tips for maximum impact. – The reason why you wanna
put a video on a landing page is because it’s gonna help you to convert. Optimize your landing page with video, and you will see a lift. – Don’t clutter your landing page with too many buttons and links,
try to keep it simple. – By having a clean landing page, you’re really gonna control and make a better experience for the end user. They’re gonna have your video, and your call to action front and center and distraction free. A way to build rapport
through video is by telling a story that’s directly
related to your audience. Tell a short story of someone who’s using a product or service, and how to help them
overcome common pain point that someone in your audience might have. The first and most important part of this building rapport is
capturing their attention. So you got seven seconds
right in the start. Do something creative. – Alright here we are. – Back in the studio. Don’t forget SEO. – Wanna make sure that
your metadata is accurate, your meta title, your meta description, and then you want to really
optimize your keyword density. Which means including your target keyword throughout the blog post
but it has to be organic. You can’t game or cheat the system. Put really high value
content on your page, and if it’s valuable
and people link to it, and they spend time on that page, you will get ranked higher on Google. – [Computer Voice] Winning! – Make your headline bold and clear. Make sure you upload
captions to your video in the form of an SRT file. That helps the Google crawlers index your video a lot better. – So using YouTube is a
really easy and free way to actually generate an SRT file. Just upload a video, you
can keep it as unlisted. It is going to automatically add captions, but it’s not always accurate. I’d say it’s about 90% accurate. Make some updates, make some tweaks, and then from there
you can download an SRT and then place it on the video that you wanna have on
your video landing page. – Yeah, so make sure– (dolphin laughter) Yeah, dolphins. For the videos that you
put on your landing pages, find the sweet spot with the length. – Have the lengths of your video coincide with where people are in the funnel. So if they’re top of funnel and they don’t necessarily know you yet, your video might be as short as six, or 12, or even 15 seconds. But if they’re trying to
learn a little bit more about your business, maybe then it could be 30 seconds to two minutes. And if they’re bottom
of funnel and they’re really trying to understand
your product or your service, it could be up to a five,
10, or even 30 minute video. – Maybe consider editing
it down a little bit to get the length a little
bit more manageable. Trim out the pauses, trim out the umms. So now let’s talk about the
video on your landing page. Here’s how to organize it
in the most effective way. – So one of the first
things you’ll want to cover is just some pain points. By describing their pain points without them having to tell you, that’s really going to
connect well with people. – Then it’s time for your
first call to action. This is not the hard
sell, rather this is just getting them to continue
watching the video. – To keep them engaged in your video. You’re gonna have some more
information available for them. – Next, start explaining your credentials. – What is it that separates you? Puts you as an expert in
this field or subject matter. A little bit of explanation. You know you don’t have to
go into your entire resume. Just some highlights, why
you’re an expert in your field. – The two best tools that you can use in your video storytelling
are empathy and authority. So if you can establish
that you understand someone’s pain points,
they can connect to you. Also if you show that you are the person to provide a solution,
either through yourself and your product and service,
or through your company, people are going to connect and you’ll see higher conversion rates. – The next thing is actually what the product or services
that you’re offering, a description of that and how
it meets those pain points or will solve those. They’re gonna be most interested in how it’s going to immediately
impact their business or life, so get to those points quickly. – [Computer Voice] Roger that. – Now it’s time for the
next verbal call to action. Reiterate how viewers
can make the purchase. A simple click below to
buy works pretty well. Now follow that up with some
context on what might happen if they don’t follow
through with the purchase. You don’t want to use scare tactics, you can just kind of nudge
them into the purchase. – A really effective way
of creating that scarcity is by telling a story of someone who didn’t have the product or service and what they were missing out on. – And finally, you can end the video with one last verbal call to action that asks them to purchase,
gives them the information on how they can purchase and then hopefully they’ll follow through. – Position the video on
your landing page or website where it can have the
highest chance of converting. This is either at the front and center in the very top of your page, that’s the first thing they see, they get all the information
they need right there, or, sometimes, you’ll
see is a squeeze page where they have lots of information, testimonial, some things like that, and at the bottom is a final video with their calls to action. For the most part, if the video is the primary driving
force on your landing page, you want it front and center, right nice and big at the top of the page. (Ding ding) – One of the options that you
will have with your videos, when you embed them onto a webpage, is to turn auto-play on. Now auto-play is a little bit tricky because it doesn’t always work. It really depends on the user’s browser and the device they’re on. Typically on mobiles
it will not auto-play. On desktop, depending on
the user’s browser settings, you might get an auto-play,
it’s not always guaranteed. Keep in mind that when
you do have auto-play on, the user will have to
click replay with sound on, which is not always the best practice. It’s best to A-B test everything and see what converts the best. – It’s important to have a cohesive tone across your entire video landing page. That includes the video
that you’ve embedded, the text that’s on your landing page, the graphics that’s on your landing page, eveything needs to be cohesive. Especially for business cases, this tone usually should be professional, yet we’re seeing now more and more, people wanna see a human side to it. Don’t be afraid to be
a little bit playful. So have a little bit of fun,
a little bit of professional, across all the assets
on your landing page. – [Computer Voice] Winning. – Remember, using video is very powerful, but it also should be very easy. Don’t let the production of video get in your way to share stories and to create video landing pages. Figure out ways that you can use your existing devices
like your mobile phone and your webcam and your screen. Share videos that help educate
people and convert them. Sometimes you’ll wanna invest
into a more produced video, other times you wanna have a very human, very casual video that
you shoot with your phone. Figure out the right
video on the right channel that works for you, and
get yourself into a flow to continually do it. ‘Cause it doesn’t stop at the first video. You have to continue and commit and keep putting content out there. That’s what’s gonna get
you the best conversions. – And here at
we can help you do that. Everything we’ve listed in this video and in this blog can be done very quickly and easily using the Dubb platform. As it allows you to create these videos, embed it on your website landing pages. Emails will help you drive conversions, sales, engagement, and referrals. – Dive into the details on That’s it for today’s video. Thank you so much for watching and be sure to subscribe
to us on all our channels. (upbeat mouth music) Twitter, Facebook, imaginary
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    Just started with Dubb and see a big upside to this being added for prospecting and increasing sales. My platform is Ontraport (CRM, emails, webpage) and Outlook (second email and corporate requirement). Any thoughts on integration with Ontraport? Keep up the great work!

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