VidaHost Review – My experience with UK web hosting company
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VidaHost Review – My experience with UK web hosting company

Vidahost are a uk-based web host you may have heard of ive used them for quite a few years now mainly for web hosting but they also do domain’s and you can
be a reseller I have accounts for a few web sites
I have hosted with them ive used them for a few years so Ive spent a good few hundred pounds of them and they’ve
always been great the service is always really good a at message them support tickets few times and their responses are always really good keep and a good status log as well so if there is any down time you can see
why I started using them because they were two reasons one there a
uk-based and at that benefits for SEO and also the support side of things a uk-based
company for me and the prices are very competitive when wasnt expensive for the smaller smaller web sites when I’m for starting
a website for together smaller hosting package in them helpful
if it does I’ll and build it up and they also have a good coupon code to save money somewhere accounts here now I’ll include
and me description when it discovered where
it’s gone am so yeah if you’re thinking if using
Vidahost I would definitely recommend them and my she is with them I’ve always had
a a very good experience at a house

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  • Mark Cort

    Thanks for that review, very helpful mate. I'm looking at moving from Smugmug and these look ideal. Are you a photographer by any chance? I'd like to know about if I were to host photo albums on there and how much space you get. Cheers. Mark

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