Vice President Pence sets record straight on Ukraine on ‘Justice’
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Vice President Pence sets record straight on Ukraine on ‘Justice’


  • Joey Lynn

    It's not about the transcript! It's the entire conspiracy that Pence and others were in on. Pence needs to un-classify documents that are not to be classified. I am trying to see how Pence calls himself a Christian when intentionally mislead the American people.

  • Scott Stevens

    I’ll say again. They hate him because he has and is doing things for America that they could never dream of, or even want to if it didn’t benefit them personally. They’ve scammed us for years. Sensible America is on to their game.

  • For Glory!

    Why are we in The Age of Insanity?
    Why are we in The Age of Corruption?
    Mind you, he could have been more accurate, stating that 1960's was the flash point, but anyway…

  • USunited 57

    Remember, Patriots, if the Dems accuse, it is because they are doing all they can to cover up the very things they have done and are accusing conservatives of doing them. All you see going on is our President fighting for the futures of our kids and grandkids.

  • Papa MRK

    Mr. VP… You initial answer wasnt a good one… When asked if the President would be impeached… you should've out right said NO. Based of the evidence, that you listed… why come to a inconfident answer… Judge Jeanine… give him a do-over… and start again…

  • Mike Gibbons

    To answer question. No, I dont think Far left dems want this country to be better. They are under a spell straight from Satan. NWO is there agenda. This country needs to fall for NWO to exist. Isnt this obvious. Imo, it has truly turned into a real fight of GOOD VS EVIL!

  • mieczyslaw herba

    I tell you something, guys. When Obama went to Iran to sign up the agreement, he was supposed to give Iranians 1,5 billion USD in cash. It was part of the agreement. In my opinion he never did it – money was in cash, because Obama bring it back to USA, and share with prominent members of his party. Maybe Obama took to Iran empty boxes, and the cash never crossed US border. This was the reason, why such a big amount of money was in cash, to make the bribery safe. There is no other explanation, why in cash – it was bribery, well prepared to be safe for dems. They probably made special found from part of it, but most of the money they just shared between the most prominent party members. Maybe they made this money working for Hilary during the last election? If that money exist in hidden place known to prominent dems, they could be used as bribery for Republicans' senators before voting for impeachment or against it. When Trump won the election, dems were in shock. From the very first day after the election they were sure, that they are in big trouble. Because of that from the very first days after the election dems wanted to impeach Trump. The bribery was a part of the agreement, dems took the bribery as reward for the agreement. It was profitable deal to Iranians, as well. The agreement was extremely beneficial for Iran, because gave Iranians time to make their own nuclear bomb. Iranians paid for this time using US money to bribe US politicians. They probably laughed from USA at the m moment  When Trump broke the agreement with Iran, which was beneficial to USA and to the rest of the World, Iranians immediately asked dems for money they gave them as the bribery. At the beginning Dems probably ignored this call, however it was urgent demand from Iranian's side. After a few days Iranians simply informed dems, that if dems do not return the money let's say in a week, they (Iranians) will share their knowledge about 1.5 billion USD with Trump. This made all the situation so urgent, that Kerry had to fly immediately to Iran for a couple of days, just to ask Iranians for some time, and discuss the solution. It happened, yes? In my opinion Iranians gave dems time, probably up to the end of the year, or eventually to the end of January 2020. Now for dems the only way to fix the bribery problem is to impeach President Trump as soon as possible, and take the power for a couple of month, before the next election. They are in trouble, they need to be hurry. The very first move of dems after the impeachment would be renewing Iranian agreement, or give Iranians “financial aid” in cash, 1,5 billion USD. You will see this, if they world successfully impeach Mr President Trump – I hope it will never happen. So, my scenario explains very precisely, why dems are so “mad” and determined, according to impeachment, why they hurry so much with this – why they do not care about proofs in the impeachment process. Why they reject every attempts to postpone the process. They probably have deadline and they have to make the impeachment immediately, as soon as possible, or Iranians sell them to Trump. In such a case dems would be eliminated from US political stage for century… So, I think that the key player now is Iran. I would go to Iran, and honestly asked Iranians, what happened with 1.5 billion USD in cash. This should be important knowledge for US secret services, yes?. Be sure, that Russia and China observe carefully every single move of key persons involved in this scenario. It has global meaning.

  • Compscript

    None of that matters when the democrats lie, cheat, and control the house.
    The economy doing great will only make them want them to impeach even more.

  • Nancy Howard

    Judge Jeanine I feel embarrassed being a woman after watching youand Mike pence I live in Indiana I didn't think you were a very good governor and I definitely think you're a dupe in this situation

  • ClarksonsinUSA

    Trump = Best Economy ever/trade/the Wall/moving American embassy in Israel to its ancient Capital to Jerusalem/growing incomes!!

    Democrats= We Hate Trump!

  • Joel Vorensky

    What is stated in the video is an alternate reality. This is not, not true, not fact and is a lie and a CON! Don’t believe it! It’s a CON! The Inspector General of the UNITED STATES issued a report confirming President Trumps “FALSE REALITY”. If, If, If we had presently a President Biden, Sanders, or Warren and they initiated a quid, pro, quo with the President of the Ukraine as to an investigation of their political opponent Candidate Trump the Republicans would initiate and demand impeachment inquiry and proceedings, for example “Fast & Furious”, “Clinton Mail-Order”, or “Bengazhi”. Like Trump, they would demand an end to a Bidens, Sanders, or Warrens, lies, con’s, cheating, bullying, womanizing, hypocrisy, racism, obstruction of justice, abuse of power, violation of our constitution, authoritarian, oligarchy, and demagogue behavior. They would scream at the hilltops the undermining of Democratic Institutions. What do you think? Would Biden be accused of sabotaging Trump his political opponent? Would the Democrats join together and support President Biden as the Republicans are doing now with President Trump? Would you accuse the Republicans of being a deep state, a swamp?

  • Debbie S


  • dalesbook

    How much longer must we endure these criminally sick losers Nadler Schumer schiffty Schiff pelosi and associates we need these crooks hauled off in cuff's!

  • Mno buzzz

    There are more homeless people than ever, there are more people having to find several jobs just to make ends meet because the wages are so low. you have an economy of slave labour. the rich are getting richer and paying few and few taxes while the labour force is starving. there is nothing Trump did nothing to help the economy. he cant take credit for jobs, but the republican party can take credit for low wages and tax breaks for the richest people in the country.

  • King Kunal

    This whole thing impeachment operation is ridiculous and a hoax. The President wanted to investigate Hunter Biden because he did something wrong. What connection does that have to his father trying to be President? If I was investigated by the President that would have nothing to do with my father. There is no relation here. He is the leader of the United States and is negotiating with the leader of Ukraine to investigate something that he thinks is wrong. There is nothing wrong he did.

    The DemoMedia vs. The RePUBLICans is a fight that has been going on since President took office. Now the DemoMedia is trying to poison the Public and dis-unite the Republicans. They are getting the opposite and the RePUBLICans are becoming united. It is over; The President will not be impeached, the Republicans will win the HofR and Senate, and President Trump will remain in the White House for another 4 years!

    Keep serving our country and helping it thrive Mr. President, and keep winning in Congress and in the Electoral Map.

  • Alexander Sigal

    Choo choo choo… Do you hear that sound?
    It is the train coming through your town.
    You better soon get on that train,
    Or watch the dems snatch your election away.
    And if you wish for your nation to stay sane,
    You better get on that Trump train.

  • Henry Argentina

    Your imaginary friend is watching you support the orange imbecile. Trump was ranting about sinks and water usage today. He's an idiot and Pence should be ashamed

  • jaime miguel

    Я приветствую вас, мой друг, за службу нашему великому лидеру: Путину.

  • Zeek M

    All I can say is thank You Judge Pirro , You're always on point and I strongly suspect you of working for Yeshua.
    We could use more of that around here.

  • Lawney Malbrough

    In answer to thevquestion about democrats: No! They do not want America yo be stronger and more prosperous . that is not tbeir goal. Look at california. How proseperous is it? It's falling apart. The globalust ahenda is to invest in poorwr nations while bringing down thevricher nations and it's all about the money. They plan to cash in on wealth redistribution on a global scale. That's the real purpose of the climate scare!

  • tessamersus

    "Why do they hate this president?"_Why? Because they have nothing better to do than try to drum up BS accusations despite the overwhelming truth that there was no quid pro _whatthefuck at all. Obviously they have nothing else to do with their time when, meanwhile, we the people are paying their salaries!

  • Ghim Mhinche

    VIVA Mr.Trump.
    America is too Lucky 2 have a President like Mr. Trump.
    Just as S.Korea had Pres. Park Jung-Hee & many the other good ones exept those communist Devil Pres such as Moon , Kim Dae-Jung & Non clever Noh Mu-Hyun who were deceived by surrounding Communists(specially the Communist Secretsry Moon at that time)

  • Ghim Mhinche

    S.Korea has been progressed because of those great presidents & the Korean Big companies' Leaders of Samsung, Daewoo, Hyundai etc.

  • Ghim Mhinche

    Thanks god for those great Korean Big Company Leaders!!!
    Hope They will soon move to America avoiding the devil s.Korean polititions , the communist Labours, & the evil Moon Followers.

  • serbes nick

    2:33 All should listen to our great vp. response " remember flynn- lock her up – got fired cause he lied to our vp…. hmmm?

  • Final Press USA

    Another Trump Lie: "I have an emergency so I'm gonna take money from the military and build the wall"
    Not! FED JUDGE just ruled against him. He cannot touch money allocated by Cogress, and spend it where he pleases.
    Turns out Trump cannot do whatever he wants when it comes to our most important asset, cash.

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