VAN LIFE | hosting 8 people in our sprinter van
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VAN LIFE | hosting 8 people in our sprinter van

it’s so good to see you guys how you
doing I hope people had a really good couple of days maybe this is the time to
say apologies for the clickbait we were just teasing and having a really good
time we worked with the photographer just to do some really fun photos and
she showed up with this beautiful white dress and when I got the photos back I
couldn’t help but be like oh my gosh these look like we’ve eloped and
everyone in our lives is so nervous that we’re going to elope because you guys
are part of our lives we thought hey let’s tease everybody some of you didn’t
take that so well so I apologize but we were just having some fun this is the
freaking beautiful beach that’s what’s been really cool is from our feet up on
whatever day that was in Portland we’ve met a few van lifers and we’ve actually
all kind of met up again so you’ve seen you’ve since seen as hanging with
trenton ali we’re now with michelle and andrew and one of immens friends from
childhood so we’ve got like a little squad here homey
your child and haami baby even though we dealt with vans there are much larger
than us both bands are like way larger we always seem to end up hanging on our
so gonna put our bet away good morning good morning what’s up
homies how’s the slap you guys are wondering how our misophonia is going
this is the new industry standard what so you guys met Trenton Ali in the last
vid stir they’re the mountain-bike couple that invited us out that’s Trent
that’s Ali their van is amazing by the way I gave you like a little tour then
but they’re also well known for their ridiculous espresso machine that takes
up half their counter but we’re not making espressos today guys you already
knew that we’re making fresh chai wallah chai so if you see him in your local
parking lot knock on his door he’s got full canister over there he’s got a
donated Chinese man for everyone he meets and he’s giving out samples oh and
this is my good homie Blair Manila from back in the day he’s single he’s looking
for a girl lives in the Portland area he’s got a sick 4×4 he’s down to a party
what’s your Instagram B man gman seven-ton all right we’re matchmakers
you’re on uh named in the back what what is 710 mean I just switched it around i
couldnt get 170 i don’t know if we you guys got a proper introduction Andrew
Andrew Michelle yeah do you guys want to do a quick ten second tour let’s do it
this is Ziggy forgot to introduce a family member yeah big we bought at half
custom made cabinets kitchen was already in there but in there
we got our pool allocated table which is our you know main feature for our
evening which is nice for a 40 inch dress which his in her closet in the
tent had that made just just so we get the tent up there have people come out
and join us wherever we’re at people of our toys up there like our paddleboard
our kayaks so you can literally say to them hey guys you want to sleep upstairs
that’s amazing yeah stuff falls behind how do you guys
feel about driving down I’m scared I know you’ll do it 94% chance that we are
a hundred percent getting started and he says it with a smile that’s very
concerning where’s Blair I’ll blame you if I get stuck all right why did you stop don’t think it anymore
we got a dick some that out I got this you just sit there and direct Dave we don’t even need a winch The Slap line
we’ll just put just set up that time-lapse that you
guys just saw and the dude with like well it’s gonna be pretty funny to see
you guys underwater in half an hour crab so I don’t know if he’s just
scaring us or the tide is literally gonna take us out my likes to look
but round an amazing babe we will have to move yeah no I know we’re gonna have
to move I’m keeping an eye on a real close eye we just tore down the slackline I’m not
getting worried but we’re just starting to get aware that the tide has moved up
quite a bit are you feeling good yeah I’m scared I’m very scared all right without stopping now I got a
minute I’m feeling nervous the water is coming up but then again more people are
coming on so we’re waiting our turn yeah you’ll see this this scent is very very
chunky when you got to floor it onto that platform was it worth it one more
thing China’s already stuck he’s way back
these guys front-wheel drive you hope he’s not too stuck look at the
stress on this guy’s face go go go go go are you are you going okay one two three
go keep going yeah baby yeah this strap like what this
wretched it’s supposed to stretch so you don’t like crank it Oh wipe your brow
right now what’s going on chickpea salad sandwich for 12 spread
life as usual Trina’s hosting how was lunch baby I think it was good
you have to ask all the people I thought I don’t know I’m hope is that the first
chickpea salad Sanjaya first one it’s quality quality quality be man first one
as well bomb dog this is yep beauty what’s the plan now dude dude
dudes doom transition it bro y’all dune and then like doom he’s just saying I never really
understood the importance of a 4×4 or why anyone would ever want one until
right now because I want to go camp out there so should we do it yeah how much
for a ride brother I will ditch him those of you who know me by now you know
that I like to just take a few minutes out of every day especially when we’re
with a lot of people to just kind of be by myself and that’s what I’m doing
right now I think people might take that as being rude or I’m not sure not
wanting to socialize but it’s more just about resetting and having the energy to
just continue on hi buddy SIG’s in here where did the
hallway go was quite literally exactly what goes on when you’re in a convoy of
five bands so as soon as you open the door which is great and I and I don’t
like I said I don’t want people to think that I don’t love hanging out with them
I just also need five minutes to myself so without further ado I’m gonna do that
yeah probably don’t make any sense but yeah hope you guys are having a good day
I’d love to know like what you guys got up to this weekend and you know just how
you regroup and reset and we can share little tips and how to sneak away with
the introverted ones in the group okay taxi we were just all hanging out in the
parking lot and decided that was pretty stupid so we’ve come to the beach having
a few Shandy thanks to this man right here and weird I’m so stoked you guys when we
were in Bank on Vancouver Island you can pay hundreds of dollars to go whale
watching and we’re just sitting on the beach fully whale watching – I think
there’s one in a baby yeah mom and a calf mom and a calf puppy fever alert
coming up the crew has decided to pull off from the beach and find somewhere
quiet to park and hang out and have a few drinks and just have a really good
time tonight so Franco be farting we’ve commandeered a dog he’s been farting but
we’ll wait here we still love him and it’s making us really want a dog now do
not burn it up you’re in their van he loved one rip real hard guys that’s our
dog you can’t have it we are going to sign off the vlog here we really hope
you enjoyed watching this fun fun day with new friends old friends new puppies
all that kind of good stuff you did enjoy it please make sure to give it a
big thumbs up subscribe to our channel if you haven’t already and until next
time the lights are out folks we’ll see you on Wednesday
do you want to say bye-bye


  • Crochet Away with Kay

    I always take a few minutes a day to reset. Being around a lot of people (even just a few) can be extremely exhausting for us introverts. I like to take naps to reset. Sometimes even meditate. Depends on how much energy I need to gain back to continue the festivities!!! And yay, whales! I've always wanted to experience it in real life but still so cool to see it on video!!! Thanks for sharing!!!!!!

  • Desert Pepper

    What a super cool video! Bec we all need time to ourselves….I like the morning (before the fam gets up) to stretch & pet my cats. 🙂

  • itsOURvida

    Girl def makes since .. we went out since 7am doing errands visiting fam and we got home like yes lets relax and watch movies.. but fam called coming over i def just came in to take my 5min

  • Leann 49

    This was so awesome to watch and that comes from a 69 year old. The tea that your friend made looked real good. My fun thing is watching you as your not boring. Thanks! <3 <3

  • PeekerToo

    So glad you're enjoying Oregon – our home state. Pacific City is the best. Bec, I'm the same – I love people, but they suck the life out of me. Have to take a break with some quiet time. We're chilling inland at a lake for the summer, then heading south via the Albuquerque Balloon Festival. AZ for the winter. Enjoy the rest of your time in Oregon.?

  • muffinNme

    Before you buy that puppy… get the Truth of the cons for owning a dog in a van. You can't take them on some land while hiking, have to leave them in hot van while shopping, etc. Please please plZzz!?!! check out all the facts! You will be limited in your personal life, it's like having a child, Really!

  • Joan Hall

    Bec, I wouldn't have guessed that you are an introvert. Just shows that us introverts can be out going and fun. We just need time alone (aka down time) to recharge.

  • David Dixon

    It was great seeing you guys come through the "neighborhood" we love Pacific City. And it is a rare thing to get to drive on the beach in Oregon.

  • James Briggs

    I always need a small break from socializing, even with my significant other. When I had my own house, I'd would go in my office for an hour or so to unwind.

  • He’s_THE_WAY

    The beach ? is my absolute favorite sanctuary place!! Wish I was there with you guys!
    Girl, escaping by myself for a little bit when with a lot of people is essential for EVERYONE! Haha
    My husband and daughter are the same way! Most people don’t understand us, so I just don’t explain anymore.

  • Kat _Angel Soul Healing_

    Eamon & Bec! What a jam packed fun filled video! 😀 Whales and puppies! So cool! 😀 Don't worry Bec I'm the same I just need about 10 mins to recenter and rest with big groups too 🙂 Loving these vids Kat <3

  • Psychic Franziska

    Hi Beck. I totally get your reset need. I spent the weekend on my own in my housetruck at the beach. In a storm it was amazing

  • Dale R. I. Smith

    get a dog Queensland Healers are awesome like Frank, btw if you want to know where dogs come from, just spell dog backward, love you guys, I have 2 dogs and 2 cats 🙂

  • Sherry W

    Soo much fun 🙂 And Bec you are a lovely woman & if that 5 or 10 mins helps you reset then so be it 🙂 Thanx for caring for yourself to be at your best for us to enjoy you & the others more ? Im an introvert tho my friends wouldnt think so but its my quiet down times that help me reset too so i get it ?

  • Amy Somerville

    The sly sneakaway is always a good move when I need space from peeps haha, but I also feel like people think I'm being rude from time to time which isn't my intention. If they are understanding people and you let them know that that's what you need though hopefully they should dig it. You might find this post interesting, I happened to read it today and it seems very appropriate (:

  • Olly Matravers

    Bec, You’re definitely not the only person that needs those five minutes. I need time to myself otherwise I feel overwhelmed.

  • Isabel

    Love the video but I'm sad you didn't show the sunset I could see in the background when Bec was talking in the last couple of minutes (11:35)! It looked gorgeous.

  • OffTheModernPath

    As someone who spends a lot of time in big groups when travelling, often those who speak languages that I am not fluent in, I often need time every day to regroup and rest too. I also hope people know I am not being rude but I can find days exhausting and having time to reset is so important!

  • Your Majesty

    I get you Bec!! I'm an outgoing introvert too. I like people and I'm not shy at all, but my social battery gets charged quicker than others and I often sneak away by myself.

  • Dave Mortis Jr.

    Been following you guys on Instagram for awhile now, just got onto the vlogs (and now podcast)… All I have to say is that with 126 videos left let's say on average 9-10 minutes each, it's a great thing I have a day off tomorrow for the next 18-19hour binge watch!!

  • Karen Knowles

    Makes perfect sense Bec. I am an introvert also. I love people and hanging out but too much of that makes me tired. Like you, I need a quiet break to re-energize.

  • Erin Perkins

    Bet I am totally the same way! I have always needed to have a moment to myself when I am with a large group of people. I do feel that now people are more aware of self care these days and it is a little more acceptable to excuse yourself for a break without upsetting people but they have to realize it has nothing to do with them it is just time needed for myself. I love watching your videos and you inspire me to want to live my dream can life ?. If y’all ever come to the Midwest! I would love to hang and show you St. Louis!

  • Travels of Heather and Curtis

    Ha, I've been watching everyone's videos and pumped that you're all having a blast! Slacklineing has always seemed really cool, and now that I've realized how little room it takes up, made it something to try…hmmmmmmmmmm. Have a good one you 2!

  • Kelly Heilmann

    Every introvert completely understands, Bec! Being around other people is draining. Doesn't mean you don't like them!

  • Colleen Longardner

    Love all the energy and good times displayed in this video. When you decide to get married, seems it should be on a beach with a beautiful sunset in the background.

  • Summer Garcia

    Lol I should start doing that resetting thing as well. Sometimes I get overwhelmed around a lot of people. I like hanging out w people but I also like staying to myself.

  • Maggie Trader

    i love you guys so much and these blogs just make my day because it so amazing the things you do and also loving the podcasts i listen to them in night when in whinding down love you guys so much

  • Kimberly Harrenstein

    I absolutely get needing time to yourself! Take it when ya need it and if people think you're rude, then whatever! Take care of yourself. 🙂 Love solo walks or yoga <3

  • anna love

    hey guys! i just decided to pursue my dreams of transforming a van and traveling for a year, check out my journey @less.traveled.path

  • plant based gabs

    I LOVE the new podcast, guys! You are both so inspirational & always make me feel like I can do anything. Thank you for being so driven & so real. You’re doing everything right ☺️

  • Jessica Brown

    I also need to take breaks when I'm around a lot of people. Totally feel you on that. And I'm also an introvert. ❤

  • Amber Canaan

    I am totally with you! I need to reset frequently and have a big problem with noise overload! Doesn’t help that I have 4 kids lol

  • introvertedlens

    You know I completely understand the time to reset and know how that feels Bec. That looked like an awesome time you all had. Both of you Eamon & Bec, again are so genuinely open and loving. Thank you again for a beautiful video.

  • mcmeow87

    Loving all of your videos lately. It just makes me want to leave my job and everything I know and just explore the world

  • Bella Reader

    I’m so worried about becoming a van lifer and having nobody to make friends with but this really inspires me! You guys seems to meet so many people just life you and I love it!

  • katoduck

    Cape Kiwanda, one of my favorite places in the world. I saw the Minimal Millennials drive by me last weekend as I was heading home from my cabin in Tierra Del Mar (other side of the hill from Pacific City).

  • Taylor Lapensee

    You guys should elope at Elope Niagara Little Log Wedding Chapel and Drive through kiosk, you can get married in your van!!! My husband and I got married there last year we did the drive thru kiosk it was awesome and the owners are so nice!

  • N J

    Totally get it Bec More of us should make it known that we need this alone time so others can understand us. Thx for sharing

  • Kelly Carmichael

    Girl, I hear ya! I'm totally down to hang out and go out for a bit, but I definitely need some time every day to just be alone and have some quiet.

  • Georgia Andreou

    Literally every introvert love and appreciate some alone time. Bec I am impressed with your ability as introvert to be with people all the time, you are doing amazing.

  • Symphytum Tribe

    I was watching this and thinking how fun but when do you slow down and regroup and bam you set the pace nicely. Great content.. Enjoyed so much I subscribed =)

  • Victoria S.

    Bec I am the same way! A lot of the time o just say I’m going to take a little nap. Sometimes being around a lot of people can cause a little stress but that’s okay! Alone time is great!

  • Shez & GG

    Hey Bec. I completely understand. Once upon a time I was the biggest extrovert and now I am a total introvert… i LOVE PEOPLE. I love meeting people and experiencing new cultures but I need my 'ME TIME' or my mind, body and spirit just over loads. You gotta chilll baby?! You do it… it makes you better for all in the long run. You can't be the best version of yourself for others if you don't. Much love to you and your bearded buddy (LOL). Shez and GG in Melbourne, Australia xx

  • Michele K

    I am so bummed I was in Pacific city at the same time as you guys! Small world that I found this channel months later!!!

  • delaney mae

    the alone time thing i completely understand!! people can be so overwhelming but not in a bad way! they are nice people that are just too much for one moment. i don’t know how to describe it.. except alone time. sometimes you just need it

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