Valentine’s Day, Ding How Dimsum & Ayala Bloc Mall – IT Park
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Valentine’s Day, Ding How Dimsum & Ayala Bloc Mall – IT Park


  • Reekay's LifeBeyondTheSea

    UPDATE: My Facebook is currently offline until I can complete the identity-verification it is requesting. (which is attached to my old number in Vietnam.) I will update with a video once I am back on Facebook. — Reekay

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  • Uncle Ruckus

    Henry i met an american and his filipina bride in usa
    He Said he spent about 10 thousand bucks for k1 medical green temp etc
    She just arrived
    Damn expensive !

    And he waited 9 months for k1 to be approved

  • The Roads Less Traveled Southeast Asia

    I arrived home late from my travels on Valentines Day and totally spaced it what day it was until my partner reminded me when she picked me up at the train station. oh shite ! oh well I will make it up to her tomorrow after i recover from two weeks on the road. That mall is huge and very nice. You two look very happy. That is all that matters. That Vietnam food on that menu is making me hungry. Seriously thinking of traveling to Vietnam soon just to eat.

  • Millard Iverson

    Nice video and I was really impressed with that restaurant with the electronic computer screen menu, never seen a restaurant like that here in the states. You guys looks super happy with each other.

  • bill presser

    Instead of ordering 2 of the same 2 dishes, you should have ordered 4 different dishes since you should be sharing. Doesn't make sense dude.

  • Dimples' Life

    Mr Reekay nice to see you, I see you have your girlfriend in your video. I've been watching you since 2016 but I didn't see a sweet video like your latest one. Happy Valentine's day to both of you.

  • J. Lytle

    Hey reekay I've been watching a lot of your videos. And have a question. I've been married to a Philippa for 32 years. She has gone home every two to three years and stayed a couple of weeks. And spends $2000 dollars in the village she grew up in plus a couple of big boxes of present for everyone. On our 14 wedding anniversary we spent 2500 dollars on the wedding.
    Now she is talking about moving back home. I've alway been afraid I'd get a note saying give me money or your wife won't come back. My wife has one bother that forced his own mom out of her own home with give me money or I beat you up. He also Lost a job because stuff went missing. Question is do you think I'd be safe there.

  • Joe Ford

    You look good together if it feels right its right, i remember a previous video called what was i thinking! life is short, regards joe

  • Thekingleeway

    Hello Reekey and Vi I am going thru withdraw already being away from there. I am missing I.T Park already and all the nice places there. This video is killing me already. Thanks for hanging out with me and I will hopefully see you guys again.

  • David Creson

    Nice vidio.i like it because walking is together not her behind you. She seems happy and very willing to be involved in your vdios. I am very happy for you both.David

  • Marc Kaltwasser

    Hey Reekay,
    I'm following your chanel since many years. Great to see that you found a really sweet lady. You both make a great couple. All the best to you !!!
    Cheers from Canada

  • Jim

    Congrats on your new girl Henry she is very friendly and not shy to the camera , I look forward to seeing more of her in your future vids

  • George Aguirre

    Nice video. I’m in the Philippines right now. Came from San Francisco , CA. vía Singapore, straight to Clark and short drive to San Antonio, Nueva Ecija. With my girlfriend, “meet the parents “ time. Lol. I love the province vibe, soooo. Different from Manila, which I visited in the past

  • DaddyJ810

    Hello Reekay,
    Can you or anyone reccomend a good and reliable florist that deliver flower arrangements in a vase anywhere in the Philippines?

  • K A

    Has anyone ever noticed you don’t see the dating pattern of middle aged white women from the USA dating 20 year old Filipino guys in the Philippines?

  • KarateMan

    Congrats on your Valentine, I recently started watching some of your video's and you do a great job! I think I heard you say you have posted almost 900 video's……..and to be honest I did not notice when that one was released. I wonder if you have put out a 'reference' table that indicates the main topic and then the URL to that content? That would help people find the content they are interested in……….just a thought. Keep up the good work and hope you and your Filipina ride off into the sunset!

  • Oahu Guy

    Hey Reekay, so how's the corona virus scare there in the Cebu? I wouldn't recommend anyone going anywhere near NAIA airport right now. About a month ago, there were a lot of Chinese stuck there. They would let them in, but they were not allowed to get out of the Philippines. My flight back to Hawaii was delayed as they were trying to get a handful of Chinese people off of our plane.

  • john doe

    Hey reekay, I'll be visiting my fiance in march. I would love to meet you and pick your brain…i hope to be moving there by the end of the year.

  • Trevor

    Watch the carbs Reekay … there's an outbreak of Jollibee belly in the PI right now, and you don't have Vi's youthful hormones to burn them off.

  • Terry Tarbeck

    Cool video. That new Ayala Mall is impressive. I've been to the old Ayala Mall in Cebu. Didn't realize the new one in IT Park was so huge. I've never seen a computer menu like that in the US. Well done.

  • Ronald Armstrong

    happy valentines, couldn't eat that rice dish though. That restaurant just made me miss the Sea food harbor restaurant in Los Aneles and LA China town.

  • Mr. Joe Does Asia

    Very nice Reekay! There is no place more beautiful than the Philippines on Valentine’s Day! Glad u both r so happy brother!

  • Wing Commander

    Gosh how I wish I could just up and move to the PI, but looks like I have at least 10 years before retirement. Maybe one day, hopefully civilization will last that long.

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