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Valentina De Lorenzo, Brazil | Orange Coast College Global Engagement Center

Hi, my name is Valentina and I’m from
Brazil. I am an international student here at OCC. I graduated from high school
in Brazil and then I wanted to study film, but in Brazil it’s not like
something big, so I decided to come to California. I needed help to choose like a
university or a community college and I found EducationUSA. They gave me a lot
of options but I think OCC was the best for me because they have like a big
amount of international students so I could like feel that I was home, that I
had a family. And as soon as I came here I went to the Global Engagement Center
and they helped me a lot, so I think that was the like the best school for me to be.
My journey here at OCC it’s like the best thing. I grew up more in two years than
I have in my whole life, emotionally and physically and everything, mentally.
Now I am in my last semester so that’s why I decided to do like something different
and I decided to take the Surfing and Ocean Safety class. I would definitely
recommend this class for international students because sometimes as our family
is not here we feel like lonely or like we feel kind of weird in this
environment and like I just feel like here you can build like a new family, more
friends. If I could say anything to new international students I’ll tell them to
not be afraid of the new things that you see. Just embrace it and enjoy everything
you can and just go for it. Don’t be afraid.

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