Using SSL Certificates To Secure Your Website
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Using SSL Certificates To Secure Your Website

– Have you ever noticed
how some web addresses begin with HTTP while
others begin with HTTPS, that added S means that
website has SSL security. – I’m Darlene here with Emily and today we’re gonna talk about SSLs or secure sockets layer certificates, and why they’re one of
the most important tools for securing your website. (upbeat music) – An SSL is a digital
certificate that does two things: It authenticates the
identity of a website, and it encrypts any
information being sent to it. – Think of an SSL like
an electronic passport. It establishes the
credibility of a company so that you know they are
who they say they are. – In addition, when a
customer fills out information on an SSL secured website, the certificate creates
a secure connection and encrypts the data as it
travels from the customer to the company’s website. – And encryption’s the
process of scrambling all that information into a
format that’s undecipherable, and can only be read with
the correct decryption key. – In this case, only the SSL secured site has the key to decrypt the data. – Besides protecting customer information, SSL security offers
more business benefits, like building brand and customer trust. – And when you have an
SLL on your website, the browser displays both the padlock icon and the HTTPS in the address bar. – And these two visual cues are what your customers are gonna see, so that they know that they
can trust you and your site. – And if you think you don’t
need an SSL certificate because you don’t sell
anything, think again. Google has made it their mission to make websites more secure
and the internet safer. – So if your site doesn’t
have an SSL certificate installed on it, anybody using a web
browser like Google Chrome is actually gonna see “Not secure” labeled next to your web address. That’s not reassuring especially if you’re asking
for personal information. – Also, Google factors SSL
into its SCO algorithms and ranks those with SSL
higher than those without. In fact, if two sites
are tied for rankings, then SSL could be the tie breaker. – GoDaddy’s SSL certificates
are browser-trusted and use one of the world’s
strongest encryption methods. They’re also available to everyone, not just people who host
their sites here with us. – Yeah if you have or are considering a GoDaddy GoCentral website, then an SLL comes pre-installed. If you use GoDaddy WordPress hosting then it’s an easy one-click setup. – Or maybe you don’t
wanna set it up yourself. We actually have managed SSL services that will install and
setup the SSL for ya. – An SSL security feature should make it an obvious
choice for your website, but if that’s not enough to convince you, then just think about the downside of not having it and being
labeled “Not secure” by Google. I’m Emily, this is Darlene,
thanks for watching. (upbeat music)

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