Using Bhopping to your advantage in CS:GO Community Servers
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Using Bhopping to your advantage in CS:GO Community Servers

(DeSinc): So, Jailbreak’s been ported to Counter Strike Global Offensive. They’ve done a lot of things in the mod to make sure you can b-hop properly, like you could in Source. (Others): My autism points have been lowered by one. (DeSinc): This is the first round of the match So they’re going to be doing an open day, which means T’s can do anything inside They’re just not allowed to go outside. (Others): Ready? Tell me when. (DeSinc): Umm, I don’t really like rules… So… I’m just gonna go after this CT, he.. seems to be caught out. Alright, this round’s pretty much over, to be honest. In this mod, there’s no player collision so I can jump through people like this. Umm, what that means is when I jump inside of a CT player model, and right-click to stab him… It’s actually hitting the back of his hitbox. So it counts as a backstab. *Swinging of knifes and people talking* [KID SCREAMING FOR LIFE] (DeSinc): Alright, now that we have the shotgun, we can pretty much end the round. I’m just gonna go down here and wait for these CT’s to come behind us. (Others): Alright, CTs, come on me with a hunt
( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°) Come WITH* me on a hunt SEE YA MAAAAATE! (DeSinc): Alright, all the T’s are… planning to go to the back wall. So there’s this breakable wall at the back here. It’s got a whole bunch of guns behind it. (back wall rebeller): GET TO THE BACK WALL (Others): Don’t be going for it, mate, I swear… I reckon I’ll skip this one Ehh, there’s another way around here anyway. So… Umm, this way leads to the back alley way. You can get to the gunroom from here. (Other): HOLD THIS LINE BOIS. (DeSinc): Doesn’t look like they’re guarding it. So… Hope they’re not… This map’s pretty easy to rebel on. Just gonna get a… gun… Real gun… Alright, now that we have the M4… The rounds pretty much ov- (Others): In here, mafia… Mafia, over here… (Others): Open cells
(Others): In here, mafia… Mafia, over here… (Other): WAIT, DON’T OPEN IT! (back wall rebeller again): BACK WALL BOYS Alright, now that we have the AK the round’s pretty much ove- (DeSinc): All right, this is water obstacle… Umm, it’s kind of pretty much like a maze that’s underwater. So… Uhh, you gotta get through before you drown. And somebody’s chucked a smoke in. Smokes are like.. mustard gas, they like, damage you. And they slow you down. Uhh, I can do this blind so it doesn’t really bother me. Basically, you just want to get out before you drown. Uhh, and you don’t wanna be in the finishing area like this CT. Uhh… *Intense shootout begins* There’s only two left, so I’m just going to finish the round. So a funny rule with jailbreak.. If the CT’s get within 5 foot of you that’s considered their fault, and you can just knife them. “Someone did the wrong thing
-person who did the wrong thing “I dunno who it was on this team, but…
-person who did the wrong thing “we’ll figure it out.”
-person who did the wrong thing (DeSinc): Every now and then, admins host like a zombie round at the last round of the map *PEOPLE INTERRUPTING*
“why is the CT BHOPPIN!?” (DeSinc): Basically, the- *MORE INTERRUPTING*
“TOO MUCH HL2 DESINC” (DeSinc): They, umm… They give CT’s 9000 health each. (Others): MAKE MORE HALF LIFE 2 VIDEOS. (DeSinc): And then they get you to run around and try to knife- Knife the T’s- (Others): MAKE MORE VIDEOS… MORE HALF LIFE 2. (Other): NO JUST MAKE MORE VIDEOS. (DeSinc): This guy’s gonna run out of ammo before I… ..I get to him. *Gunfire and others talking* UGGHH! (DeSinc): Alright, these T’s are like camping on some obstacle course. It’s kind of really hard to get them because whenever you take a jump they just shoot you and it tags you and you stop in midair (Other) Dafuq is this (Other): I can’t- I can’t make that jump. (DeSinc): I’m gonna jump while he’s distracted so he doesn’t shoot me. (Other): YA MOM’S A HO (DeSinc): So sometimes when the admins get really bored, they just teleport everyone in the same room. *The sound of health rapidly dropping* *Delerious screaming about subscribing to DeSinc* *Subscribe to DeSinc*


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