Uploading Files  Using FTP- FileZilla Client
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Uploading Files Using FTP- FileZilla Client

welcome to the uploading web pages
video.In this video we’re going to look at transferring files from your
local pc onto your website to do that we can use a ftp program called filezilla which you can
get from this website here It’s a free open source client if you want more background on FTP
then you can find more on the website build web site .co.uk uploading web pages now when you transfer of files from your pc to the website it is very similar to
copying false between folders on your local pc and to do that what you do is you just open up
the folders open up the two folders on the PC and just highlight
the files that I wanted to copy and I just dragged them over to the other folder and that’s what we’re going to be doing
where the FTP client the only difference being is the folders aren’t on the
same machine they are actually on totally different
machines ones on your local pc the other is on the remote server So we’re going to be using the filezilla
program.. the first stage of using the program is to set up the account. It has to know where to transfer the files to we use Site Manager to do this you can
see I’ve already configured a few sites and the first thing you’ll have to do is
configure yourself a new site New site here we give it a name then we have to enter in the details
now the host is basically the domain name my case it’s build a website you just had to replace that with what
your domain name is notice the absence of the www you
don’t need it normally you may depending on your host need to
use that prefix FTP so it maybe FTP dot build your
website .co.uk uh… but your host should tell you that we don’t need to configure a port number
if we are using the standard ports which you will be and we need to configure a username password which again be given to
by your web host and type it in there Now we’re actually
ready to use this and we can simply just connect and start transferring files but a useful option is to advanced option
here which lets you configure the directory on your local
machine that you can transfer the files from uh… a directory on the remote machine where
you are going to transfer the files to Now normally you transfer it into the root directory now in my case um… i’m actually going to be using a
sub directory called test and so I’ll enter it in here you should notice 1 thing on the remote directory use forward slashes because it’s a web server and on the local directory I use
backlash is because it’s a windows machine So do be aware of those say normally you won’t need to configure
the remote directory Ol now I’ve done with the connection I just press okay there the main program window uh… to connect to that site now I
just selected from the drop-down box and I connect to steve’s site Now I’m going to connect to the one we’ve already configured here you can see a few things it’s a bit
scrunched up the window but it’s connected to my local directory here which I told it to and it is connected to the remote directory on
the remote host which is build your website here and now all I do is to highlight the files I want
to transfer and I right click them and I can upload them or you can even drag and drop them over there and you can see in the window there they
have both been transferred and there they are over on the remote server now once they are there you can actually
manage them you can rename them you can delete them you can
set the attributes It’s as simple as that.Once you finished
transferring the files use simply just disconnect the server there is actually possible not just to transfer files from your pc to your web server you can even transfer them
opposite way again by dragging and drop them okay I hoe you found that video useful and
don’t forget you can find more information on the the website here uh… until next time bye


  • Sandro Guedes

    Can you please, please, please tell me how to put my website online FROM ZERO? I mean, I have the host, domain, site and filezilla, and I don't know how to. ALL tutorials I see have files already uploaded in the server. I need to know how to upload to a COMPLETELY EMPTY FTP server. I mean those .index stuff…
    Please you or somebody out there show me how or recommend a video?

    I am so frustrated!

    Thank you!

  • Sandro Guedes

    Hey, Thank you for your response!
    I HATE these so-called tutorials where they talk about what they DID, instead of showing HOW to do, from the beginning. Apparently, I resolved my problem. All I did was to upload my .swf and my .html flash files and changed the .html file name to index.html.

    Nonetheless, I REALLY appreciate your willingness to helping me!

  • CloserToReality SciFi

    i tried doing this step by step but there's an error that says connection timed out and could not connect to server. can you pls help me out on this one pls.

  • CloserToReality SciFi

    Hi I am a free member of webs.com. I think it's a free hosting site? Can I upload web pages to my site using this one? What do I need in order to successfully upload a web page on my site? I tried following this step by step but I receive error that says connection timed out and could not connect to server. Please help me on this one.

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