upload to hosting with Cyberduck
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upload to hosting with Cyberduck

I’m gonna use Cyberduck.io
instead of FileZilla. FileZilla is really easy program, but I found that Cyberduck
is even quicker and easier. And it doesn’t mess up my computer. Sometimes FileZilla doesn’t work,
it doesn’t upload, that’s what I found. So on the Cyberduck.io come
down to the bottom down here, where it says Download, Download. There’s the Windows download, and
this is the Mac download, all right? So here is the duck right here,
Cyberduck.app. I’m gonna go to my website, webskinz.com. And I’m gonna make a new folder
on my server called fantasy. But you’ll see that I didn’t make yet,
and there’s nothing there yet. And that’s what I want you guys to do. You can use your .com as your front page. You can start making maybe a portfolio
website for yourself, that’d be great. And then you can,
instead of sending me the .com, you send me .com/ whatever the folder name is to
see that website that you’re working on. So you can have multiple
websites on your server. So let’s open up the Cyberduck,
And this is what it looks like. If you have anything here,
you can delete these bookmarks. We’re gonna make a new bookmark for
your server. Come down here to the +, click on it,
and we’re gonna nickname your site. Mine is webskins.com, your server is going to be webskins.com. Your nickname could be .com,
it could be just webskins, doesn’t matter. So your server, this is where you’re
gonna be uploading to webskins.com. And your port is 21. So instead of webskins.com,
that could be yourname.com. That’s what you’re gonna put in there. You’re gonna put your Username for
uploading to the server right here. And then Path is very important. This is where you’re going to be putting
all of your files into the server. There are folders called public_html,
www, public_ftp. And you wanna probably put it
in your public_html, usually. I think GoDaddy is that way, too. I’m not sure, but
I’m not gonna put a path there right now. I’m gonna show you why you need to
put a path there, though, okay? So then I’m gonna close this,
click on the little x here to close it. And double-click here, And I’m connected. Like I said before,
this is your public_html right here. And this is where all my files are. So if you were to go back, Click this closed, and
open it again, okay? You can Connect to server, New Bookmark,
Delete it, Edit the bookmark. Let’s edit the bookmark now,
I right-clicked on that, so you know. I right-clicked right here>Edit
Bookmark, so now I can edit the bookmark. I can put in where the path is,
I can write public _html. That’s where it’s gonna go, close it. Now double-click on here, and I go right
into that public_html folder, okay? If I go back, if I click on here and click on that right here,
this is going up in root directory. So does that look familiar,
that looks like what we did before, right? And we wanna be inside of this folder,
the public_html. So that’s where I wanna be, in here, okay? So this is really simple,
here’s the remote, here’s the hosting. I just wanna put a new folder in here,
it’s really simple, it’s ridiculous. Open my web1 folder, and you’ll see that
I have the fantasy website right here. I’m just gonna drag this fantasy website,
make sure you have all lowercase. I like to make everything lowercase. It’s a lot easier, quicker to remember where your
stuff is if you name your stuff. You’ll notice in my server over here,
everything is lowercase. Except for this one, but
all of these are lowercase so I remember. And instead of spaces, I put underscores. So I’m just gonna drag this folder,
fantasy, over here, not onto a folder like this, but
over the regular HTML pages and jpgs, just drop it right there. You don’t want to drop it inside
of a folder, you’re gonna lose it. Authenticating as webskins,
it’s doing it, waiting. And there you go, upload is complete,
it says it right here. Let’s go over here to the FTP,
and we’ll see down here, where it says fantasy, open that up. We have a lot of files, right? And I have my index page and my images. Inside the images folder,
I have my fantasy. You can double-click on that,
and you can see it just this way. Now let’s go back to my website
where it says fantasy, press Enter. And look at that, there’s my website,
woo-hoo, it’s my first website. Right-click>View Page Source,
Then you can see my code.

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  • Nekomon

    Whenever I try accessing my website, it gives me a 404 Not Found error saying that the link was not found on the server when it clearly is there. Being a student, my university told me to have a specific path that is slightly longer than yours but still includes public_html. Not sure what I am doing wrong..

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