Upgrading your domain to the new Hangouts Chat
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Upgrading your domain to the new Hangouts Chat

[MUSIC PLAYING] AUDREY AN: We’ve made some
changes to Hangouts Chat to make it even better
for team communication. If you’re moving your
organization to Chat, here are some pointers to help
make that transition smooth. To keep the rollout
simple, we’ve created the accelerated
transition program. Joining the program is the
easiest way to transition your entire domain
to Hangouts Chat. It makes Chat the primary tool
and replaces classic Hangouts for your entire domain,
including in Gmail. Mobile users can also download
the new Hangouts Chat app, and people who use the
classic Chrome extension or mobile application will
be redirected to the new app. So now you’re thinking, why? Because Chat has
entirely new ways for your company to get
things done more efficiently. And just a reminder,
Gmail and direct messages are staying the same. One of the newest
features is Rooms. Rooms is the place for teams
to come together, collaborate, and share files from any
office, location, or time zone. And you can also add and create
bots for your organization’s workflows. This is the next phase of
Hangouts Chat and Hangouts Meet. Thanks for joining me for
this quick chat about Chat. [MUSIC PLAYING]


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