*UPDATE* 2019 How To Install Mautic And Find The Best HOSTING for Mautic
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*UPDATE* 2019 How To Install Mautic And Find The Best HOSTING for Mautic

Is welcome today’s video make sure you visit podcast for marketers dot-com for more information over there I have a really kick-ass course on how you can make at least a few grand a month on simple reoccurring revenue right and that’s called freedom funnels and make sure that you like this video and Subscribe to my channel man, I’m put out videos every day So you don’t want to miss what I put up cuz I put out some pretty kick-ass content And man I always want you guys to comment below, man I love absolutely love all the comments you guys bring let me know what you’re thinking if you have any questions I’m always in the comment section. I really love the community Let’s get into the video alright guys, so I want to really quickly go over. How you can get Manik I Don’t want to just go on into like oh, man It’s such a great tool until you not tell you how to actually get it right so the first thing you can do is we already talked about this go to mounting calm and you can start a free a free version of that and you have up to a thousand emails a day for free and 5,000 contacts now if you don’t want to deal with me myself personally I don’t like to be at I I don’t it’s just my thing I do not like to be at the mercy of anyone, I don’t want them telling him then what I can do or can’t do like one of the One of my subscribers was one of my squad members as a matter of fact said that he had to ask him to upload Contacts in bulk and I had the same problem with Active campaign, okay, I uploaded my contacts in bulk which were contacts that I had with them before Then they told me that I couldn’t send marketing messages It was just a mess and then they end up canceling I end up canceling with them altogether It was just a big fucking mess right so I don’t like to be at the mercy of anyone Yeah, if there’s any advice that I can give you for your There’s any advice that I can give you for your business is to quickly become Self-reliant to quickly become only dependent upon yourself get off of these MailChimp’s get off of these active campaigns these a Weber’s These click funnels and places like this and try to be as self-sufficient as you can you want your business? And this is not only because I don’t like gremlins in my bank account which I really can’t stand right Let’s just keep you clear. I hate gremlins, but the main thing that I want I hate is that Having to answer to someone else For my business. I can’t stand it I don’t want to work under somebody else’s Terms of Service as much as I could stand it, right All right so like for instance spam the spam deals in laws you can’t duck that that’s just it is what it is everywhere and Amazon is gonna. You know have those things too, but they’re not gonna tell you that you can’t you know upload Shit in bulk so in motion hosting is the absolute fastest way to get Manik okay, I’m using in motion hosting The link is down below of course it is an affiliate link if you guys go with it You’re supporting my channel if you don’t that’s cool, too alright now the best thing to do is when you get your Your hosting go right to your cPanel, and you’ll see all of these top ten applications. Just click on one of them, okay? And then just type in here Manik now I thought you had to upgrade but you don’t Look at how cool in motion is so they have the newest version which is awesome because this is the version that’s not buggy and When you do install this I’m telling you now do not upgrade Period the best thing to do is they’re gonna have a little thing up there that says you know body 2.10 dot one is available click here to find out more information And then go look and look at all the guys are gonna say no. It’s not working. It’s not working or You know uh? They’re gonna say some shit like you know oh, I got this message or whatever. You know you’ll see that. It’s buggy Just wait until there’s a clean install and you’ll see guys Inside of there say hey, man, I installed it it was like butter no problems whatsoever Okay, and that’s when I installed 2.1. Those. That’s what I saw, okay, but what’s cool is that you come here, and you can automatically? Install this one click One click guys ok, and if you want to know You know what what it’s not To have one click I’m gonna show you now digitalocean is another way guys are doing it to host their own private service now if I was to switch over to Right now. I don’t have that much traffic. So it’s fine for me Just to go on with the shared hosting with this and I pay something like wow yeah a little bit more I feel like six or seven dollars a month for this ok now if you want to go to digital ocean You pay five dollars a month right zero point zero zero seven dollars seven cents an hour for 512 megabytes of memory their smallest machine, which is all you’ll need looks is very similar to shared hosting But here’s what you have to go through to build a lamp server. Okay. You got to install Apache You got to install your MySQL databases and blah blah blah, and there’s gonna be a whole lot of googling I’ve done this before myself it took me three days to do this my first time on Amazon, okay, and There’s gonna be a whole lot of googling and trying to figure out why this isn’t working you’re gonna get a lot of What-do-you-call-it errors and stuff like that you’re gonna have to google it to find out how to fix it it’s not a big problem But it’s time consuming Now it’s talking about AWS you have the AWS marketplace. Just Google AWS marketplace Inside of here type in Manik which is what I did, okay? I’ll let you see what I typed in here Okay, I typed in Manik, and then you had these four results I also put 2.9 in there another one Showed up, but here. You can see from fifty five dollars a year right so I clicked on that and Here you can see that if you pay annually at fifty five dollars for the year for their T to micro Which is the equivalent to this machine here for five bucks an hour, okay? It’s cheaper It comes out to four dollars and some odd cents For the year so you get your total marketing solution on your own private Virtual private server for about 50, but 51 is $55 for the entire year caveat though. Here’s the version 2.8. – which means that when you install that version Manik will send you a Little thing that says hey you can up up looking to upgrade to a 2.1 Oh right, so that’s the only thing you’ll have to do with this is upgrade now What’s cool about the 8 Amazon AWS is that you can just? The more you need you could just upgrade your servers without any hassle ok For me like my dumb ass when I decide that I want to upgrade to a server I’m gonna have to remove this entire thing and take it over to Amazon or move my my configuration files and my database over to Amazon And I’ll have to have it done with you if you get started right away You can do it right here if you want to go the digital ocean route fine. Go that route, but I’m telling you now This if you’re not hip it’s a pain in the ass Okay, so if I were you I would go over to either in motion whole shitposting which is really easy One-click boom and it’s done put it in a subdomain like I have mine at launched. I contact comm So you know you can have your regular domain for whatever else you’re gonna do like I’m eventually gonna. Have a my own Software as a service for that For email marketing and it’ll be at eye contact comm so I put that launch dot whatever so you could do the same thing you can just put that app or go or whatever at your domain comm Install it and it’s done now. They have a lot of other free stuff in here which is cool and You just come over here and take a look and see what else they have right on Amazon they do have it there as well This is another Which is actually free? WordPress One-click installer, this is just a little bonus for you guys right. It’s free pre-configured One-click install if you decide you want to go with WordPress It’s just a one-click deal now you do have to do a couple other things that you find on YouTube or whatever But for the most part, it’s a one click deal. It’s done and It’s totally free it’s C free tier eligible So that’s a wrap, right? So you don’t have to be on shared hosting anymore if you can write shared hosting is more expensive than Amazon Let me just say that right now, so you should be looking at how to get your own virtual private server that way you can host all your own email marketing your marketing automation and Other like your CRM like if you guys are having agencies and you have a CRM Sugar CRM I don’t know if that’s here or not, but Sugar CRM is another free Yeah, it’s here right so Sugar CRM is another free CRM that you can get here again cheap right one-click Solutions here ok so just keep keep that in mind it the Amazon Marketplace is really cool to get a lot of cool free market your whole marketing stack Okay You can get a whole marketing stack vertically for free you’re talking like 50 bucks a year 60 bucks a year pay it set it and forget it and just get to work coffee break


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