Unlock a domain-joined Windows tablet using soft touch
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Unlock a domain-joined Windows tablet using soft touch

Hi, my name is Tim, and today I’m going to
be showing how to unlock a TTU-domain-connected Windows tablet without a keyboard. Before we begin, I want to show you how not
to unlock a Windows tablet that is without a keyboard. If you touch too hard on the Windows logo
and press the power button, your device will remain locked. The key is to gently rest your hand on the
Windows logo located around the edge of your device. You should immediately feel a soft vibration
underneath your finger. Now, leave your finger rested, and with your
other hand briefly press and release your tablet’s power button. And there you have it. You should now be able to sign into your unlocked
device. If you have any problems following these instructions,
please call us at IT Help Central. Our number is 806-742-HELP. Once more, 806-742-HELP. Thank you for watching our video. Have a great day!

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