UNE101: Your Student Email
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UNE101: Your Student Email

(gentle music) – [Instructor] Welcome
to this quick tutorial on how to check your student email. So I’m in Moodle at the moment. You wanna go up to this UNE
sites link and click on email. This will take you to your email. If you haven’t logged in before, you’ll just have to type in
your username and password, and it will bring you to the inbox. Okay I wanna also show you how to forward your emails to a preferred address. So first of all, you wanna make sure the new Outlook is checked. So, that means it’s like this. Click on the try new Outlook. Then you’ll wanna go to the cog icon. Click on view all Outlook settings. Go down to forwarding, enable forwarding, and type in your preferred email address. And you can keep a copy
of the forwarded messages in your student email just in case. Then you save that. And you’re good to go. Now you’ll get your emails
sent from your student inbox to your preferred email address.

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