• Daniel Olsson

    another server video!! Keep them coming 🙂 by watching your videos you seem to like the IBM Xseries machines a lot?

  • Lumi

    I'm on vacation and been away for a few weeks, see that you have managed to release a couple of new interesting videos 🙂

    Particularly server videos, I like!

    Keep up the good work, looking forward to the next new video.

  • vipulzala

    I like your videos Sir. The way you explaining each & every single things is very good .i am really hoping you will keep uploading new videos & guide the people like us.Thank you.

  • Gaurav Shukla

    hi , sir i really happy to see your vedio abt that server, but i want to ask one question i am engineer working a call center so we want to plan 100 agents login so this server can be perfect option for me before i m using ml10 for 50 agents….

  • Gordon302

    The one thing that I'm surprised that you didn't mention, are the blue (C-13) power connectors on the power supplies. These indicate support for HP Power Discovery Services. This would require a PLC cable, which utilizes the Power Line Communication Port (05 gold pins.) inside the connector. This feature enables each server to communicate identification, location, & power-related data to the Intelligent Power Distribution Unit in the rack which can then be shared with HP Insight Control to manage power usage & efficiency in the data center.

  • Jack Calloway

    If you dont mind me asking, what is your profession? ive watched loads of your vids but i still dont understand, do you host servers/ websites or do you work at a server company?

  • ITServerTech

    Hello Morten,

    I’m looking to change out the way my SAN is connected to my Hypervisor. At the moment I have 2 CAT5E cables directly attached from one another, setup in multipath ISCSI. Which is not very effective.

    I’m wanting to move to fibre, my initial plan was to do direct attach SFP+, but If I was to get two dual 4GB or 8GB Fibre HBA's with modules. Would I need a specific fibre cable? Or will OM3 50/125 work?

  • jtech0

    Interesting how things change. I have a unisys Aquanta ES tower at home from like 1999/2000 it has dual 450 watt PSU and each PSU is probably about the size of 4 or 6 of the new PSUs. And they put out a good bit of heat too which is why I usually just run one PSU. Although I expect having like 8 SCSI ultra 2 HDD also makes a good bit of heat. A pIII Xeon at 550MHZ don't make much heat and 1GB ram and 4 sticks is nothing. The entire system weights like 95LBs too.

    Almost been tempted to scrap the server since external HDD are so much simpler, but sometimes you want SCSI (although if PC takes PCI could just use a SCSI card). Was my first server though and a challenge to find the issues in the old SCSI setup so it's sort of a trophy. I could find no info on it either so seems was some custom built system (although maybe was just never documented well). Also hardly see Unisys systems anymore so is kind of cool to have.

  • DogtorC

    Have HP servers no SD card redundancy? I wonder. They fail sometimes when vmware constantly writes logs on it. We had one SD card failure on a dell server, not long time ago, but it was redundant.

  • Eduard Quintana

    My question is… Well, you're always saying you're buying refurbished machines from another companies, but… Where do you buy this fantastic machines? I'm realy impressed that you're always affortunated with these.

  • Wheel333

    Lovely piece of kit. Can you recommend any classic old blade servers from 2011 that can be bought for a reasonable price ??

  • Thomas Dodd

    I have a request, I own a dl580 g7, but dont have a warranty or service contract with HP, can you send me the latest bios for this server?

  • Nick Gardner

    Nice Gen8! I'm a fan of the Proliant Series, and I'm starting out with a HP Proliant DL 380 Gen6 with 2x Xeon E5-5545 Quad Core 2.63GHz accompanied by 72GB of DDR3 RAM. I currently have 2x 300GB 2.5" SAS drives in RAID 1 for a small virtualization server.

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