Unblock Mag 254   250  256 and Mag 322
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Unblock Mag 254 250 256 and Mag 322

okay mag box is blocked and it’s driving you up the wall we will unblock it but the first thing I’m now asking is be patient okay watch the entire video double check what you’re doing and you will unblock only if you follow all the instructions now this might sound like it’s a bit of a pain in the butt but let’s remember you probably bought the box from somebody looks a bit like this now you need to follow various procedures to unblock your box you need to use the correct USB stick you need to format it correctly you need to download the correct files you need to copy them off correctly you don’t need to flash the firmware on the box you then need to factory reset your box you need to upload the software okay now I’m gonna show you in this video step-by-step how to do each process I’m gonna put links in the description so you can go through this step-by-step this isn’t a short video okay however you will unblock your box so be patient watch the whole video make notes you cannot deviate from the instructions if you think oh I’ll just use the USB stick I’ve got lying around oh I don’t need to format it it’s not going to work you’re gonna get more frustrated so be patient watch the video and the first thing I’m going to show you is how to format your USB stick okay so we need to format our USB Drive and the first thing is pick a good one I’ll only recommend SanDisk and Kingston it always works with them doesn’t always work with cheap ons so if you’ve got a cheap one upgrade okay I’m going to show you how to format it on a Mac so we go into applications we go into utilities and then we go to Disk Utility I’m also going to show you how to do it on a PC in a link below there’s a link below unblock and PC Mag boxes click on that if you want to follow the PC version so we’ll choose a raise here okay and we need to be fat so we’re going to choose the fat and then we erase that up and that’s formatted our disk on a PC you just right-click on the disk and choose format choose fat32 it said there’s the link to do the PC video but I’m gonna show it you all in a Mac here you can follow this video and translate it into PC it’s fairly simple ok so now we have a formatted disk we no need to get the files now to get files you need to go as a link coming up on the screen here now but there’s also a link in the description below once you’ve got here these guys will also give you a free trial so UK service but they’ll give you a free trial this is good to test when you’ve finished ok you need to send them your email address and they’ll send you an email with the files on I’ve spoken to them wouldn’t believe the amount of people who put fake email addresses in here and then come back later and say I didn’t get the files you did you’re gonna get emailed the file so I put your email in but it’s an instant email ok so as soon as you get this message it comes up on the screen here that’s you’ve now got the files now basically again they always mention this STV blocked sometimes your portal URLs just been blocked not your box but anyway you get this email now very importantly there’s three links there’s one from Mac 250 there’s one from AG to 5 for this one from mega to 5 6 they are different files for each box so therefore obviously you choose to mag 250 for the Box your if you’re using a mag 250 now we need to copy the faster USB Drive once that’s downloaded and a Mac it will unzip ok so you see in our downloads I’ve got a folder that says mag 250 now this couldn’t be simpler but you wouldn’t believe him at people who get this wrong we’re just gonna drag that over to USB Drive that’s it we’ve now got the files on the USB Drive now why do I say people get this wrong because inside the mag 250 folder a bootstrap an image update and you need the image update so people think I’ll put the image update over there don’t pop the folder the mag 250 folder biggest issue people have is not doing that okay that’s the biggest email I get now we’re going to work reject this stick corrector by the way if you want to email me just subscribe to the channel send me a private message I’m more than happy to help I can’t always get back quickly in the comments yeah but I can get back if you subscribe to the channel send me a private message because I get them straight away and I can answer them quickly on my phone now we eject the USB Drive because we eject it correctly we don’t want any corruption on this it’s a sensitive thing I’m blocking the box okay so take the USB Drive over to mag box switch your mag box off and power it up and press the menu button this screen will arrive okay so we now need to go into upgrade tools use the arrow on your remote control to get across and we’re using a USB bootstrap upgrade to use the arrow again to select that on your remote now we put the USB flash drive in and we press ok and if we followed all our instructions correctly we’ve formatted the USB drive correctly and we’ve cocked the files correctly then we will start to see this screen if you see image update not found it means you haven’t followed the instructions and what people have often done is they didn’t bother to format the USB Drive they didn’t format it correctly they used a cheap USB Drive ok or when they downloaded the files they downloaded the files directly to the USB Drive they unzipped them on the USB Drive all these things are wrong you follow the instructions you’ve just seen your box will start doing this ok and as your box is flashing its way and I’m gonna let this run in real time so you can see what what to expect so it’s now looking for the files now we know it’s not I’ve got a problem because if it had a problem it would have come up with image update so it’s now actually finding these files and it’s running them through I cannot stress that the first part of this video is by far the most important this bit it’s just happening yeah but if you don’t follow the instructions to begin with if you don’t format properly if you don’t use the USB Drive properly don’t download the files correctly you copy them correctly it won’t work but as you can see this is happily going along and we are writing the image to flash now I said be patient don’t fast forward this you’re not actually gonna miss anything but I wanted to see it in real time that it’s working because a lot of people on previous videos come back and said it didn’t work and then you say to them how did you format the USB Drive I don’t know how to format my USB Drive okay that’s why you had a problem it’s not that there’s a problem this works so as I said if you sit and come play and you’re being patient this is the time because that’s what you want writing image to flash successful now we can do the next steps so the next step is we’re going to factory reset now there is a difference between a factory reset and flashing the firmware as you’re about to see and you do need to do both if your box has been completely blocked so we start our box up with menu press down ok and again we go into settings and this is a default setting we look and we’re going to change the default settings factory settings so we just press ok that’s it don’t worry about the wrong image what you do need to worry about is that it doesn’t always work first time this is more of an art and a science so we go into the upgrade menu and we go down to default settings here and now that’s going to reset again you’ll see the wrong image don’t worry about that that’s perfectly normal ok ok but we’re resetting boot mode and now what I tend to do is try boot mode known to as well then do the default setting and then I’ll do it with DHCP so I’ll change the boot mode again now sometimes you have to go backwards and forwards because obviously once you’re going in to put your new portal URL in sometimes you can’t see the option to put the portal URL in and this is what fixes that but you need to do the flash firmware first but this is what fixes that so now we’ve done that we’ll put it back tuned and because that’s where we boot from and we’re going to exit and save please confirm Save Changes now what we’re hoping for is that as the Box reboots it’s going to go into the inner portal and then in system settings firmly in a portal what we’re going to see is the the portals is available as a server option and we’re not just seeing general and we’re not just seeing more so that is when your box is actually blocked then you can’t get into that now if we followed everything to this stage correctly there should be no issues and when we get to the system settings we should see all our options are there and we can add a portal URL of our choice now again there’s a link in the description below the guys that host these files will give you a free trial of our service so you can test it out ok now what I’m also going to say to you here is if when we get to the system settings page you can’t see it try it again exit and save after a known – setting exit and save after a DHCP setting then go back into those settings change it back to a non setting and go forward but what you should see is me walking around in the background around professional apologies there but you should see now when we load up once you’ve done all these things you flash the box and you factory reset it and you’ve changed portal URLs your load time can be quite slow that’s normal ok so it’s not always the year a normal load that you’ve been used to so okay so now a moment of truth so we go oh auto updates on yeah my auto update has come on because this box wasn’t blocked but if you also update hasn’t come on we can go into the software update and do a software update because you do want to do that but as this is going now I’m just gonna pause this and I’ll come back to you in a moment as if by magic updates completed we’ll take it a little bit longer in the real and so now the box is going to reboot as you will see in a moment now if you’ve got any questions subscribe to the channel send me a message I’m more than happy to help but if you just sit through this video slowly but surely you will unblock your box as I said private messages I can answer pretty much straight away any issues with files etc so the box is gonna bake and here we go because we remembered to reset the box to boot from land back in the factory reset days during the war seems a long time ago as I said earlier and I hope I’m not repeating myself too many times just to emphasize the box will load up slowly the first time it’s you’ve changed the firmware on the box you’ve updated the software you factory reset it it’s completely refiguring itself once you put your new portal URL in it’ll load as quickly as before but during this process things can take that a little bit longer so as it’s loading in there’s no nothing loaded on this box now it’s factory reset and so it should load to the inner portal which will be our first good sign obviously we are looking for the situation that general Moore and the one in the middle is missing well we’re not on in the middle to be there so as this boots up and we eventually get to our in a portal which is coming up now eventually and here’s the moment of truth so let’s go over to our settings let’s go to system settings and if we go to servers and if portals there promise me you’re going to subscribe please subscribe to the channel like and share links below to get portal URLs free trials etc and links to the files so don’t forget to Like subscribe and share if you want to get hold of me subscribe to the channel private message me thank you very much


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  • Keir Menace

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