Ultimate Guide To Translate A WordPress Website And Make Multilingual
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Ultimate Guide To Translate A WordPress Website And Make Multilingual


  • Alan Ramirez

    Hello, I am using Polylang to make my website bilingual and everything is working fine but I am having issues when I publish posts. After publishing my posts both the English and the Spanish posts will appear on my "blog" section in my English menu even though I have a Spanish translation for that Page… When I go to my Spanish menu and then check on my Blog section, both the English and the Spanish content appears there… Any Idea what am I doing wrong that is making my posts not organize in their determined language menus?

  • Manuel Valdes

    quick question, I have installed the polylang plugin and everything is fine, when i add the language and i open my homepage it says "page not found" could you please see if you can help me. thank you very much

  • Andres Arango

    Hey Adam! I was manually translating the LifterLMS page with Loco Translate, but when I updated LifterLMS to the newest version it erased everything. Is there a way to save the manual translation, or do I simply leave the current version of Lifter forever? Thanks a lot!

  • Jeanne

    Hi Adam, perfect video, was able to fallow and set up my homepage with polylang!
    But at 31:34min …. I do not have this Language switcher! I did every thing like you said (but with 4languages) but I definitely don't find that Language switcher. Can you imagine how that could be?

  • Giuliano Cavallo

    Thank you sir, very easy to understand video , really like the research and tutorial over all and used it to figure out my template , the slider crashed and i'm not 100% sure if this Polylang plugin will work perfectly with avada by themeforrest. my site under construction at a1a-studios.com (i clicked like and im following you for future videos)

  • Southeart

    Thank you so much, this is a very simple explanation and so handy! But I'm experiencing a problem with the Polylang plugin. I'd like to ask for your opinion, what could be done to fix that. When I activate the plugin, the website visitor can't visit the site, because they see an error which says that there are too many redirects. This happens only with this plugin, any ideas how to resolve that?

  • Kreg Kaleva

    Hello Please can you do a tutorial on how to create a front-end table using mySQL and then move values from a row in the table to another row in the same table using Php enabled buttons.

  • Sebastian Kopalek

    HI Adam! Excellent! Do you prefer Polylang over WPML? Is more light than WPLM in order to have more speed in my web?

  • Raheel ahmed Zafar

    sir i want to translate in Russian language to whole my e-store. so please which low price plugin you prefer me. please reply me

  • Svetlana Sotirova

    hello, thank you for your tutorial it was very helpful 🙂 i just have a few question like how to translate the main home slide pages. I am using Sydney theme and these few slides i just don't know how to translate. Please can you help me, thank you!

  • M v.Schouten

    Hi Adam.
    Great video !
    Nevertheless an additional question.
    On my site there sometimes is my mother language and some English additonal text (because it origines in English) ; so 2 languages on 1 page are needed. How can I prevent that the translator Polylang changes both to my mother language ?

  • Stavros Michailidis

    Great video with good explanation. One quick question

    I have created like you did one page on another language which is linked with the English page. I create the Menus and as soon as i click the flag to switch from English to Greek it gives me a 404 page.

    Any thoughts about it? Thanks a lot in advance!

  • Martin

    Hey, you do great tutorial. Thank you very much.
    May I ask few questions:
    1. If I am fine with the back-end in English, but I need the front-end in another language, is it OK to keep the back-end in English? 2. If I keep the back-end in English, while the front end is on another language, will some areas (which you said affect the the front-end) show up for the users in English?
    3. If I use Polylang or WPML, do I need to use Loco at all or Polylang and WPML provide the back-end translation, too?
    Thank you!

  • Marcel Wiel

    Thanks (again !) for your (another) great video thanks to which I made my site bilingual.

    Can you help with this issue though?
    The Polylang switcher by default is in either the menu and/or the blog sidebar. Because the menu becomes a hamburger menu on mobile devices, I’d like the language switcher to be in the header so all users can see it.
    The documentation says:

    "1.3 Add a language switcher anywhere
    You can include a language switcher anywhere in your site by using the PHP template tag pll_the_languages()."

    I'm sure I just need to put a bit of code in a file of my 2017 theme … not certain which file though or where in the file. My site is https://mw-com.fr.
    Hope you can help.

  • kokodrift travel blog

    i try use polylang in my generationpress theme and didn´t work, after i update say CAN'T FOUND PAGE for my website. Why? =(

  • Johanna Viklund

    Great video! Thanks! I have a problem I can't find the solution to, I want the back end in English and front end in another language (ES). My pages is only Spanish and if I change WP language to Spanish it works ok, However then I get the back end in Spanish as well, and I would prefer to keep it in English but then I get some parts of the plug ins like LifterLMS front end in English… Anyone knows how to solve this?? I could maybe do it with Polylang but it seems a overkill as I don't wanna have to create two versions of every page. Thanks!

  • Naser Hassanzadeh

    I have translated all pages and categories to three languages, Fa, Az and En. I do not want the post of one  language-En- to be translated to another language.
    I want to have posts in three languages which are not related to each other. For example, I have posts in Fa, En and Az languages in their own front pages or post pages and different caterries for each of them.
    T put in different words, I have one website with three totally different posts which are not translation of each others.

    For this to happen, I have used Poylang.
    But when in front page, with hitting on the flag,
    I change the language,-say from En to Fa-, the menu changes but the content does not. 
    In dashboard customize-menu, If I set the menu on English, with hitting on US flag, it goes to English language. The url also goes to English language. But when I hit to Fa flag, the menu changes to Fa language, the URL also changes to Fa language, but the content of front page is still in English, (((because the menu in dashboard customized-menu is set to English language))). If I change the menu in dashboard customized-menu to Fa language, this time with hitting on the Fa flag, it goes to Fa url and Fa content. But again, if, at this time, I hit on the English language flag, the URL and menu change, but the English content does not appear. (((because the menu in dashboard customized-menu is set to Fa language))). The same story for the third language. 
    In other words, the front page sticks to the menu that has been set to that language in dashboard customized-menu and with change the flags, only the menu changes not the content of that language.
    What should I do to solve this problem?

     Thank you

  • Juan Carlos Ballín Mejía

    Excelent. Polylang its good but is uncomfortable in the case of individual post isneed to do 2 post and need it 2 categories too.

  • Lorrisa Roberts

    Thank you for this video, can you direct me to how to change the footer in astra between English and another language please?

  • kamil adam

    Hi Adam thanks for this great job, i would like to ask if it is possible to use polylong in listingpro for arabic languages?

  • Ali Hidden

    Hi Adam
    I have an emergency question!
    Is polylang compatible with astra sites!?
    I copied the text and paste it in to the new page but when I visit the site its all messed up!

  • İran Gerçekleri

    Hi, I have done all the steps using polylang, but when I hit the flag, the menu and the url change, however, the content from one language to another does not. Starting from English to Turkish, the menu and url change from English to Turkish, but the English front page is still there. It does not go to Turkish front page??!!!! What could be the problem????Thanks

  • orkusmg

    Excellent video – I have one question though. I find it really paintfull that basically I have to build and format each an every page and menu ground up! Is there a way for polylang to sort of download/inport structurre from original content and than only the translation is done by me?

  • Ana Fernandez

    Thanks for the video Adam. So basically what I got from this is that if we use the Polylang plugin, the plugin itself is not actively doing any translations at all. It is simply a “switch” of sorts that takes you from one page to another. We still need to create the pages, etc. from scratch in each language. Am I on the right track or did I miss something?

  • Сергије Симић

    Thank you, Adam for this another fantastic video! And also thanks for the very useful free course! Your work is great, your help is priceless! I don't know if you will be reading this message, but I just had to say this here.
    God bless!

  • Equator Initiative

    Thank you for this amazing video. I have one question, I'm using LearnDash and the Social Learner theme (I purchased both after watching your AMAZING video, and of course I used the links on your website as referral) and now I'm wondering if I can translate the theme buttons and pre-defined text when users switch from one language to another from the front-end. I'm using Polygram and so far the only translation I can control is the content of the website and the menus, but I'm not sure how to change the predefined text that comes with the Social Learner theme, for example the button "Take this course" or the tags on the cover of the courses "Completed", "Enrolled", "Free", etc… would you advise?

  • Patricia Bolanos Vera

    Great video, thanks for your work. Dear, i have this issue and can't fix it, tried everything, at least i don't know enough in wordpress to fix it. The issue is that my theme has options and these options are inserted by admin, i mean you have to introduce the text you want to show it in the front, so these options Polylang doesn't give me the option to translate. So i googled and found out that i have to use wpm-config.xml file. Great, now i know this is the solution, but here we go again i don't know what to code inside it and where to put this file, i mean in database. So please please please, if you have an idea, please could you help with it? Appreciate your help.

  • Ceclia De Oliveira

    My WordPress does NOT have English (United States) do you know what is that problem:.. is the the reason why my plugin is not working?

  • M Khan

    i installed polylang. my website got displaced and the content went to the left (including images gone behind the left side of the screen and became hidden). is there any solution for that? thanks

  • Iguana

    glot comes from the ancient greek word "γλώττα" (glota), in modern greek "γλώσσα" (glosa), that means tongue and language

  • Julien

    Adam, could you help me fix a little problem I have with Polylang please ?

    My problem is the following one :
    I can switch between languages without any problem (page changes, flag changes). However, when I enter another page it will go back to default, which in my case is English.

    How do I prevent this from happening?

    Thank you!

  • Компьютерная Грамота

    Hi. Thank you for your videos. I've been using Loco Translate for month, but still can't find how to translate some of the phrases. For example images lightbox and sign "Close" or js tabs selection and sign "All". Is it possible via Loco Translate or there are some other options to do so?

  • Theodora Farah

    Great Video Adam ,
    I have a question :
    I am using Polylang plugin and all works great except for a button text in the site. I downloaded loco translate to do it . and I found that text and changed it but still not fixed .

  • arpit tandon

    Hi Adam, Thanks for such an informative video. Please suggest can I use Ocean WP, Elementor Pro and Polylang together. Also, is it necessary to use Loco Translate along with Polylang.

  • Ayush O' Lee

    Hey man great video. But I needed help on making my website only on one language that would be Indian. I don't need any other language. Just the post, title, menu, quick links, pages should be in Indian language. Is that possible???? Help would be appreciated.

  • Mu jib

    I have a language switcher. i need to see the translated contents while clicking the language other than the site language. How can I do that with Loco translate

  • Mariana Aceves

    Thanks so much for your video!!! However I have 2 quick questions:

    1) would it be better to have a new language for your website created in a subdomain, for example "www.es.mydomain.com"? or as you say using a plugin so that the website ends up bein "www.mydomain.com/es/?

    2) I tried using polylang plugin but the language option (flags) seems to not be appearing in the new compressed menu when I view my website in tablet or phone.. Is there a reason for this or am I missing something?

    A appreciate if you could guide me, thanks in advanvce!

  • Mad Marc

    I tried to follow this step by step and it did not work for me, my site translate to french, but now when you go to the site, it automatically displays in french, and when i click the english flag, nothing happens

  • Mirza Abdul Rehman

    hello sir, Is there was any free plugin to translate woocommerce products in different language and later i could send it to ebay .. polylang and wpml are good but they are not free.. thanks

  • Maiite Gallesco

    Hi, I have a question: I do use polylang alreadzy, for my multi language website (french – main, english and spanish). I think I manage the plug in pretty well, but I still find bits and pieces of english (coming from the theme – salient – I guess) and I'm not sure how to change that… :/
    it seems like Loco Translate wouldn't help either… not for several languages…
    Any chance I could get some help?
    Thanks !!!

  • Rania ben othmen

    ! Thanks for great step to step tutorial, I'm facing an issues so I was wondering if u could help me with 🙂
    I have both Language icon
    after installing polygon plugin in main menu but when i switch the language, it dosen't send me to the home page ( the homepage's translated page in the second language)… I even translated whatever was in project section but i couldnt bring it back to front page 🙁 Any chance I could get some help?

  • self-education

    hello , i have a problem . I want to translate the checkout page and my account but it still in English !

  • Joey Greco

    I'm using beaver builder and polylang. Is there a way to simply translate the content of each page without having to duplicate templates and changing the content through the page builder?

  • Joey Greco

    Is polylang compatible with beaver themer? It doesnt appear to be. It looks like I have to exclude my english footer template from appearing on all french pages, and vise versa. Is there an easier way to do this?

  • Eliza Ti

    Hello! Literally step 2 was useless to me and thats why I clicked on the video. I wanted to translate my whole site to Bulgarian and all you said was "Well just translate it!". My problem is that with LifterLMS there are pre made achievements and stuff on english and i want to translate them, but i dont know how to access them and "Well just translate it!" didnt help at all. And i coudnt translate my plugins or i didnt manage to understand where to put the .mo and .po files. Thanks!


    Please make a video on how to save Loco translate "File" in WooCommerce own safe location at wp-content/languages/woocommerce.

    This will save the translation during update process. Otherwise the translation doesn't work.

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