UC Berkeley Transfer, Anton Tsypko, Global Engagement Center
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UC Berkeley Transfer, Anton Tsypko, Global Engagement Center

I’m Anton Tsypko, I’m from a small Ukrainian village called …
in the central Ukraine. I’m an OCC student majoring in computer science.
I decided that I need to go to a community college first because my
English did not allow me to apply to any four-year universities. So I decided to
improve my skills in a community college. Orange Coast College offered all the
classes that I needed to take in order to transfer. It offered many ESL courses
which helped me to improve my English skills. I think it’s the main reason why
I transferred to UC Berkeley. OCC has many well prepared teachers. Some of them
also teach in four-year universities, for example my physics teacher Arnold Guerra
is also teaching in UCI as a full time and is full time here. When I came here I
found an algorithm club, it’s the club that helps students to improve the
knowledge of algorithms and data structures.
It can help students to write a better code, to be a better computer scientist.
Personally for me is the first semester was pretty challenging I came to the new
country. The most important thing in my opinion is to find friends that you can
talk to and that has the same problems as you. Then you will support each other.

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