Types of  Business Registration in India | Requirements for Business Setup
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Types of Business Registration in India | Requirements for Business Setup

Subscribe To our Channel and Click on the Bell button to watch our eCommerce related videos Hi Friends How are you all? Hope you all are fine Today We will discuss about How many types of business Registration are available in India and For your business Which business registration you should do So Watch this video till the End Hi Friends, I am Moumita and welcome to our channel This is a common question often asked by a new entrepreneur Which type of Business should be registered? So In our country basically there are 5 types of Business registration So today lets talk about every Business Registration, Advantages,Disadvanages, What will be the requirements and expense or Set Up Cost Hope you will get help to decide Which type of business registration you require to do Lets go to the screen So Friends basically There are 5 types of Legal Business Registration available 1.Private Limited Company 2. Limited Liability Partnership (LLP) 3.One Person Company 4.Partnership Firm Registration And Sole Proprietorship Firm Lets Talk about Private Limited Company First Pvt Ltd Company Registration is popular We all know whenever it calls Company registration first name comes on mind is Private Limited company Private Limited is called Proper Legal entity Now lets talk about advantages of Private Limited Company Like I said Private Limited company is popular and even trustworthy I have used “Trustworthy” word means Private Limited is having so many compliances there are so many processes as well So easily Private Limited could not be able to involve any fraud activity 2. You can easily raise funds from Angel Invenstor,Venture Capitalist If you are registering Private Limited On Share basis you can raise fund from angel investor from Venture capitalist and even from Banks Angel Investor & VC always invest funds in exchange of company shares If you are thinking for getting investment in your Start Up If you think your business ideas will need enough fund to run later on Then you should register Private Limited Company for your business So that means you can easily get the funds in your business through Private Limited Company 3. If you want to expand your business within States or Globally like you want to open Branch offices in different states Then you can register private limited company and expand to different places 4. Company Directors liability are limited Limited Liability means If you have taken any loans If you have raised funds in company name so at the time of recovery liability always will be on company and company assets and your personal assets will remain untouched Next advantage is 5.Business name whichever you want to register that should be unique and nobody can take the same business name for their respective company So your business name will be remain protected with business registrar of MCA Now lets talk about Disadvantages of Private Limited Company First, is set up cost means registration cost will be higher than compare to other Business registration Secondly,Private Limited Company should follow many Annual compliance Annual compliance includes Annual General Meeting Board Meeting required Company secretary & CA also will be required for company audit Even to close private limited company ,there are many compliance need to be followed even closing costing for private limited company is also near to Same amount of Registration These all are disadvantages of Private Limited Company now the Requirement of Private Limited: Minimum 2 persons are required to start Private Limited Company You can include your family member as well You may include your wife, you may include your father or mother anybody so minimum 2 persons who can be anybody to start And set up cost will be approx Rs.14000 Somewhere cost can be Rs.12000 or somewhere cost can be 13000 So within Rs.14000 you can register your Private Limited company 1 Important fact is you may start your private limited company with 2 persons only but later you may add more Directors to your company Now Lets talk about Limited Liability Partnership Advantage 1. Like Private Limited company here is also you can get the feature of limited liability like I told before in Private Limited company Liability part In LLP there are no Directors term instead of Directors in LLP Business Registration everybody called Partners like partnership firm In LLP, set up cost will be less as compare to Private Limited and in LLP additionally there will be some features of Private Limited also like Limited liability,business name protection these all features will be add on in LLP Annual compliance will also be less unlike Private Limited Company compliance Like in the time of Audit,Taxation there will not be much compliance required such as Annual General meeting,Board Meeting etc As per Disadvantages of LLP If you want to raise fund to your company in future through Angel or VC In LLP raising fund is not possible and second disadvantage is you will not able to expand your business globally If you are thinking to expand your business in future so complications may come in LLP Due to complexity of LLP Lets talk about Requirement Like Private Limited minimum 2 persons may start LLP You may include your family member in LLP Set Up cost will be approx Rs.8000 Now Lets talk about One Person Company Advantages includes features will be same like Private Limited Company Single person has to register as a Founder of the Company It is called One Person Company means only 1 single founder will be the legal status of the company 2nd Advantage is You can raise funds from investors like private limited company And Your business name will be protected like Private Limited & LLP means whichever business name you may register for your company will be protected Now Disadvantages are In Private Limited company you can register 2 persons initially but later you can add more persons Unlike Private Limited company you can not be able to add any person once you register One person company 2nd Disadvantage is Set up means Registration cost will be higher likePrivate Limited Company Nearly same like Pvt Ltd Requirement is only 1 person Set Up cost will be near to Rs.13000 Lets talk about Partnership Firm Registration Nowadays not so popular Because Partnership Firm Registration is best for Family Traditional Business In Partnership Firm Registration terms are decided by the Partners by the Family members No rules are followed in Partnership Firm Registration only depends upon partners terms & conditions Thats why its best for Family Traditional Business where all terms are set by Family members only Now lets talk about Disadvantages Set Up cost is nearby LLP but no feature of LLP Flexibility will not be available like LLP or any other company registration You will not be able to raise funds from angel investors & VC Firms You will not be able to expand your business across country & globally as well And even there will be no Business Name Protection as all terms are conditions are set by own Same business name can be used in other’s business also even within Same Area Like example Mohanlal & Sons is one partnership Firm in one Area, Same Business Name Mohanlal & Sons can be registered by somebody else in same area Requirement is minimum 2 Persons & Family members can be included Set Up cost means Registration cost comes around Rs.7000 Now Lets talk about Sole Proprietorship Firm Advantages are like Easy to Register & easy to Shut Down Documents are required less and cost is low so in minimum cost you can start or close Sole Proprietorship Firm Annual compliance for taxation is also very less as compare to other type of business registration 1 important advantage is If you start with Sole Proprietorship Firm initially later you can convert & Register your firm to any other type of business like Private,LLP etc Now the disadvantages are Liability will be completely on Proprietor means if Proprietor is borrowing loans from Banks Or others so only proprietor will be liable for recovery of any types of Loans and if recovery can also be taken from Personal assets Many other disadvantages are You can not be able to raise funds from investors You can not expand your business Business name also can not be protected Requirement will be 1 Person to start Family member name even can be used to start Sole Proprietorship Firm For Proprietorship there is no such certificate available from government So No charges applied for Set up of Sole Proprietorship firm But how you can register Sole Proprietorship Firm? First of all to register your business name for sole proprietorship Firm there are 3 Ways of Register 1. You can apply for local license or Shop Act License 2. You can go to any CA and get Certificate on your business name 3. You can register under MSME For Online selling you can register Sole Proprietorship Firm Then you can apply for GST How To register under MSME, We will give you the information in our next video If you want to register Sole Proprietorship Firm from CA or Legal Business Provider Cost will be approx Rs.2000 to 3000 These are the types of Business Registration So Friends I hope you got the clear idea how many types of business registration are available In our next video I’ll discuss how you can register Sole Proprietorship by your own under MSME So see you on next video If you get helpful information from this video then Like & Share this video If you are new to our Chanel Then Subscribe our Channel Be Happy always


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