Two domains, same keywords, same hosting, will Google  penalize us?
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Two domains, same keywords, same hosting, will Google penalize us?

This is John Locke, I’ve got a question coming
to us from Facebook. The questions goes like this, “We have a business,
we have two different domain names on the same hosting. But they are competing for the same keywords. So the same subject matter, on two different
domains. They are on the same hosting account. Is Google going to penalize one of those domains,
or both of those domains?” The answer is, NO. Now, what’s going to happen is, they are both
going to compete for the same keywords. I know a lot of businesses that actually do
this in a strategic fashion. They will have two or three or four different
domain names with different websites that will compete for the same keywords. With the idea being, they will get more of
the Search Engine Results Page (SERPs) — more of the actual Google results. Usually one site out of these will do better
than the others, and be the one that ranks higher than the rest. But Google is not going to penalize you for
having them both on the same server. Now, related to this, is the reason why Google
became a domain registrar, like they can register and sell domains a few years ago, was to be
able to get access to the WHOIS records of domain names. Part of the reason that people believe that
they did this was to be able to track PBNs, which are Private Blog Networks, which many
people still use to this day to try and manipulate the search rankings. So basically, a Private Blog Network, a PBN,
is where you have a whole bunch of domains — usually dropped domains, expired domains,
somebody let their domain name expire, and people will recreate a website for the express
purpose of — publishing new blog articles on there, and each one will link to a different
service. Like, one [article] will link to Joe’s HVAC
company in Cleveland, and one link to Ted’s Plumbing service in Texarkana, and a third
one will link to Sam’s Electrical service over in Aberdeen, Washington. Those types of things. But, if you are a legit business, and you
basically have a couple of domain names and they are both on the same hosting, and you
are not doing of the shady link building that I just described, you should be fine. You are basically just trying to compete for
the same keywords. Like I said, usually one domain is going to
be a little bit better than the rest. But I do see this happen quite a lot with
big businesses that are multi-million dollar businesses that do things exactly like what
you are describing. So you won’t get penalized. Hope that answers your question. This is John Locke for Lockedown Design and
SEO. We help industrial and manufacturing companies
with their SEO, so they get more RFQs. If you have a SEO question, leave it in the
comments below. We’ll answer it out in a future video. We’re putting out videos every week.

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