TUNE Partner Marketing Platform: Custom Application and Tracking Domains
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TUNE Partner Marketing Platform: Custom Application and Tracking Domains

Custom domains allow ad networks to map domains
of their choosing to their HasOffers Application and tracking URLs. HasOffers requires you to set up a CNAME with
your domain provider to point to your network domain or your default tracking domain. Before adding custom domains to your HasOffers
network, make sure they are propagated correctly using a DNS look up service. This will ensure access to your HasOffers
application and tracking links continue to function. Access your network-wide domain settings under
“Company” tab in the “Customize Application” section. Click on “Domains”. On this page, add your Application domain,
Tracking domain, and Custom SMTP settings. Once this is all entered, click “Save”. Your application is now accessible from the
domain you entered, and your tracking links and conversion URLs will reflect the domain
change once the system updates. If you wish to add additional tracking domains,
navigate back to the domain settings page. Once there, Enable the “Multiple Tracking
domains” setting. Click save to save your changes. Click the domain settings link, and then scroll
down and click Manage Additional Tracking Domains. Click Add Tracking Domain. Enter your custom tracking domain, and then
click “Create”.

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